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  • Selling my hair? How? Who? Where?

    Hey there! I am in a time of need for money, I was considering growing my hair longer and selling it. Is there any stores or places I can sell my hair to? I currently have a pixie cut but I am willing to wait however long it takes to grow my hair out? How long should it take? Any suggestions or ways to make my hair grow a little bit faster? Is there a certain person I can sell my hair to? I am definitely willing to cut my hair short again once I grow it out long enough. Will they take thicker hair? Also this is a bit more a personal question and it's dumb but if I grow my hair long enough will it be more tame and less frizzy? Is there home remedies to treat hair such as mine? Will they accept thick hair like mine? Thank you for the help! :)

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  • How to work with a pixie cut?

    Hey there! So I had gotten my pixie and lately I noticed that with most of the clothes I own, they make me look like a boy so I was hoping if you guys could leave some good ideas and or brands of what to wear and/or accessories, shoes? Thank you very much! I am short so any clothes that could help with my height or something of that sort? Thanks! :)

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  • How to prevent and/or hide tears?

    So I remember that one time I got hit really hard across the face and even when I didn't want to...I cried and couldn't stop until like a few seconds later but my friend felt guilty when I told her it wasn't her fault and I couldn't control my tears. It happened a few other times but I would try to get attention away from me so incase I did cry, in cases people saw me cry. I don't know why I cry when I get a lot of pain, it's embarrassing. I am not crying anymore as much but I was wondering if it happened again, how could I prevent or hide them? I don't want to tear up, I don't know why and I DEFINITELY don't want to make my friends feel guilty or anything, I'd feel awful for doing that. I know, I know, I sound pathetic but really, I need to know this for the next time if it happens again and I really can't control myself. Thank you! :)

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  • Is it ok not to rinse when using mouth wash?

    So recently I went to the dentist and he instructed me to use the ACT mouth wash with fluoride, the catch is that he tells me to use it twice a day at morning and night without rinsing it. Is this really ok to do? Do I have to wait longer till I can eat and drink again after using the mouth wash?

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  • Who else thinks Trayvon Martin is innocent?

    I believe Trayvon Martin is innocent. Do you agree with me? If so what is your evidence?

    If you think Zimmerman is innocent...well I don't mean to be rude but I don't need your answers.

    It's true I was not there but really look at the case and think again (I mean come on, how would you feel if some guy was following you with a gun while you were walking alone...and he questions you just for looking suspicious?! Who cares about appearance, if Trayvon isn't doing something wrong, Trayvon isn't doing anything wrong!). If you don't agree then well I guess I can't change you Zimmerman supporters.

    Right now I'm looking for Trayvon supporters.

    Thank you.

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  • How long will a scar take to heal?

    I have a lot of shaving cuts all over my legs and I had to shave so I kept going over the cuts and now that I don't need to shave, how long will it take to heal and is there anything I can do to make the cuts and scars heal faster? Thanks.

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  • What does this dream mean?

    The other day I was thinking about getting a pixie cut and it appeared in my dream. So I was at the barber shop and the guy was above me and as he was preparing to take that first snip, I woke up. Does that mean anything?

    2 AnswersDream Interpretation7 years ago
  • How many battles won and lost in the Civil War?

    Can you tell me how many battles were won and lost by the following generals? I just need a list of the names of the battles, thank you. I would prefer no paragraphs just a list, and please list all the battles they won/lost in the civil war, thanks.

    The Generals:

    General Ulysses Grant

    General Braxton Bragg

    General Robert Lee

    General John Bell Hood

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  • What are some good anime girl names?

    I know I asked a question similar to this earlier but I need names that are cute but names of let's say dessert, flowers, etc. Please help, thanks.

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  • I had the weirdest dream last night?

    Last night I had a dream that I was in class with other students watching a movie, the teacher left then one of my friends came in and all of a sudden we began to fight and we were using our bare hands. Now this was not a regular fight, it was a fight to the death, I either killed my friend or she killed me, no one was going to stop us and I don't know why we started to fight. Anyway, I finally pounced on her and grabbed her neck trying to calm her down, she was trying to kick me and punch me, she seemed so angry, I got my fist and punched her super hard and she began to bleed, I felt so horrible then we continued to fight, she pushed me off of her and knocked me into a desk, the whole time the other students are watching casually and saying stuff like, "How long are they going to take?" "Oh she's winning..." "Did you see that punch?" "Hand her your pencil...", she then threw me at the back of the room into a whiteboard and I fell onto some desk, she was running at me again so I kicked her and sent her flying back, I think she had a knife or pencil with her and she was really trying to kill me, I ducked behind a desk and for some reason I had huge sneakers on and she found me, she held me down, I looked at her face...she was smirking and seemed happy, she was bruised and bloody all over, I never intended to hurt her but it was for survival. Then she said something but I couldn't hear her, everyone is just so calm then she tries to bring the knife or pencil to kill me but I grab her hand and struggle until I begin to choke her, I accidentally smack my head against the desk but I recover quickly and slam her back to the fish tanks and just as we are running towards each other the dream changes (I think I might have won because I only had like two bruises and she was bloody and really hurt).

    Oh and an extra question I have is that I had this one dream about six times (or from what I can remember) all occurring at different times from maybe months to years, the first time I had it was when I was about five or six, it's just kind of strange it pops up out of nowhere and it is so mysterious yet so familiar. The first time it appeared I was six, I saw this white house, pure white and it was just view I didn't see myself and I just saw the outside of it, the next appearance was when I was maybe nine, my view of the house got closer to it, it appeared again about five months later, my view was able to be look through the window and I saw nothing because the dream ended, about at age 11, the house appeared again and I was in it and I was looking from the bottom of the stairs and I was just placed there and couldn't move but it was just my view, I am sure that I saw my birth parents there or someone so familiar. The fifth appearance actually occurred the next night, I could look up the stairs and my view went up there and I saw a hallway and my brother who is no longer with me actually I never even met him but I did see a picture, anyway he just disappeared a second later and I looked out the window, also I got back to the stair case and my sister came up to me and smiled, the dream ended there. Last time I saw this dream was at age twelve, maybe two months before my birthday, it mainly focused on the first floor and I could move my field of vision more controllable and I saw some cleaning supplies sitting there in front of me, I sat down and stared at it then the dream ended.

    I have some of the craziest dreams and the first one occurred last night, the second one I see every now and then. It's strange and I want to know the meaning, my friend is super sweet so I don't know why she would attack me all of a sudden and my birth family I don't live with, my brother is gone. The white house I don't remember seeing before it just appeared in my dream.

    3 AnswersDream Interpretation8 years ago
  • Should I get a pixie haircut?

    I have short hair and I've been thinking about cutting it similar to Anne Hathaway's hair style and length. Should I cut it like hers, longer, shorter? Please help here is some pics, I know I look ugly but I really want to know if I should cut my hair. Thanks. No useless comments please.

    Here are some links to my picture:

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  • How do I solve for significant figures?

    Solve the following problems with the correct number of significant figures, Show your work.

    1.) 2.34 x 5

    2.) 12.65 x 34.1

    3.) 0.025 x 26.7

    Please help! I need the way to these problems quick, I don't do well with significant figures.

    2 AnswersMathematics8 years ago
  • There is a snake in my garage, what should I do?

    Today my mom found a coachwhip snake but we didn't know at the time and beat the snake, it's bleeding now and we smashed it is dying, what should we do? Should we let it off in the wild, take it to a vet or something, kill it off? Please answer soon, I don't know what to do.

    5 AnswersReptiles8 years ago
  • How should I deal with my friend?

    My friend is a very nice girl but she'll constantly brag about her boyfriend, practically rubbing it in my face. When they break up with her, she cries and says she'll commit suicide. She also talks behind people's backs, makes rude remarks like calling them fat or bossy or something. Another one of my friends was hanging out with her when her mom walked in and checked on them, she asked to get her hair dyed but her mom refused and then she kind of threatened her and said "well, I know how to do it anyways..." etc. When she gets something like her hair dyed or make up, she'll show off and make horrible comments to other people and try to persuade them and make them feel bad. I've been her friend for many years but for the past three years she's been slowly coming down to this and all this stuff happened in the past two years, I'm worried about her and how she'll affect other people. I know I sound weak, but she'll hurt my feelings and make me look bad to other people and when I want to talk to a a friend mainly guys, she'll butt right in and make me look bad. It's starting to drive me insane and people will ask me about her but I don't want to talk about it. Am I overreacting? She has friends that I wouldn't really approve of but I am NOT her mom and I do not wish to act that way, I just want to help her, should I leave her alone or something? What should I do, I don't want anyone to think bad of her, I am trying not to look at her negative side because no one is perfect. What should I do? Please help. No useless or rude comments, please. Thanks!

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  • What would happen if someone were to go through a black hole?

    If someone were to go through a black hole, how long would they survive? Will their atoms be pulled apart, will it be painful or you won't feel it at all? What if someone observes the person going through black hole, what would they see? Is there anything inside a black hole, right before you die, could you see somethings? I have really random questions but I was wondering, no useless comments please.

    8 AnswersAstronomy & Space8 years ago