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  • My boss smokes in the workplace...advice on how to handle this?

    I really need some advice. I've been working at my current job for about a half a year. It's a really small business, and the only people who work here are my boss, who's an older lady and owns the business, her son, and me. The problem is, she smokes inside the building. I was hard pressed to say anything in the beginning because I was just out of college and I was having trouble finding a job before I got this one. Plus I really like the job and it pays a decent amount.

    I've tried different ways to try to alleviate the problem, such as closing the doors to the main area where she smokes, and getting an air purifier. It helps but the building is small and it's old (practically no windows), so it circulates around to me no matter what. And it's starting to affect my health. My lungs sometimes hurt and I'm getting a cough.

    How do I handle a situation like this? I know I should bring it up, but my boss has a temper and I'm afraid I'll lose my job as a result, plus knowing that, she might give me a bad reference if I have to look for another job.

    Any advice on how to handle this or how to bring it up to her so that I won't get on her bad side?


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  • What's up with this guy avoiding me?

    So I've gone to school with this guy for a while, and we've never talked until recently, mostly cause I'm shy and quiet. But recently he started to talk to me out of the blue, but me being the shy person I am it was a little awkward :/

    I've begun to develop a liking for him (in a friendly way), but now he ignores me, like he's giving me the cold shoulder, and I don't get why. He avoids eye contact altogether, and it's almost like he acts completely different in my presence.

    Any clues???

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  • Do you like iced coffee?

    For some reason, I'm really craving it right now, even though I've only had it once or twice before :/

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  • I don't know how to tell my parents I need help?

    I'm 18, and I just started college (still live at home.) I've had depression for a while now, but I could deal with it, because I was home-schooled. I thought I could deal with it once I started college, but I just can't. I'm trying, I really am, but it's too much. I'm WAY too overwhelmed. On the second hand, I'd feel really guilty if I left, because my parents have been really excited about me starting, and I don't want to let them down...I'd feel useless.

    I'm also 100% positive I have Avoidant personality disorder (a severe form of social anxiety)'s hell, and I won't go into details about it, but I'm desperate at this point. I just can't deal with it anymore.

    AND I'm afraid I have a medical condition. I've had mild problems since I was 15, from episodes of double vision, to getting worse at talking (word finding.) And my memory is just atrocious. This might be do to depression, or a combo of both, but I have a really hard time processing information. I get deja vu all the time (I'm positive I've had seizures in the past, but this could also be due to depression.) AND many other things.

    MY SECOND QUESTION IS....Should I leave school? I'd feel like a failure if I did...I got a really good scholarship, that I'd never be able to get again. But the school I'm in is REALLY fast paced, and I just can't process it all. I'm already way behind, and if I fail, I'll lose my scholarship anyways....I'm just so conflicted :( Advice would be great...

    Note: I want to get better, I just don't know how to go about it.

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  • I sat through the wrong class, and am SO embarrassed..?

    So today I started school at a Technical school (which is sorta like college, but smaller)...So my first class was in room 208A, which is a HUGE computer lab. Three different classes meet up in that room at the same time, and they were broken up into groups.

    To make this short, I ended up in the wrong group, sitting through the wrong class the whole time. I didn't even raliseze it until I got home -_-

    What I'm REALLY embarrassed about though, is the fact that the names were written on seperate boards, and all I had to was look at my schedule to realize i was in the wrong class. It was a really careless mistake, and I'm incredibly embarrased by my error.

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  • How can I find my biological dad?

    My mom won't tell me anything about him, so I'm going to have to go off of the little information I know (I'm 17 btw)...

    So I know his last name (which is common) and I think I know his first name (also common). I checked my birth certifcate, and his name wasn't on there, but I found my baby book and under the gifts part it says some woman's name with the same last name as my dads (maybe my grandmother)

    I also found a bunch of pictures of him ( or I'm like, 98% positive it's him)

    Also, I think my grandma once told me that he was an archeologist...but I might have heard her wrong, it was a really long time ago, and I can't ask her (she's passed). Nobody else in my family would know anything about him.

    That's all I got though....

    I've searched ALL over the internet and I can't seem to find a match. I've checked facebook and myspace and found nothing. I checked the phonebook for my area, and he's not listed, and I also checked a state phonebook, and I didn't find any matches, so he might not even live in the same state.

    It's not just my dad I'm looking for, but apparently I have 6 half brothers from him and I really want to find them too, but I don't have any names or anything on them.

    I need some help here, I've hit a dead end and I REALLY want to find him.

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  • My mom's mad at me because i told my doctor i might be having seizures?!?

    My mom has a thing against doctors, i think b/c my bro. had cancer...

    But i've had a few episodes that resemble seizures, which i first told to my mom, and she told me not to tell my doctor when i went in today to get my drivers form signed, because she knew i'd need to get a test...

    Well, i told the doctor anyways and now she wants me to get a eeg (since i can't get my driver's form signed otherwise)

    AND NOW my mom is really mad at me and I'm crying, feeling super guilty i ever mentioned anything to the doctor, and my dad, who is super understanding, is trying to calm her down, but i don't know what to do...

    SHould i not have mentioned anything to my doctor?

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  • Have I eaten enough today?

    Breakfast: Vegetable egg roll, a few whole wheat crackers with salsa, and some cherries

    I did 30 mins. of dancing before lunch

    Lunch: fish (grilled tilapia), a piece of cheese, and some carrots with salsa and fat free cream cheese

    I did 25 mins. of jogging before dinner

    Dinner: A salad w/ grilled chicken, blueberries, strawberries, cheese, almonds (2 tbsp.), and a blueberry dressing I made myself :)

    Snack: Cherries and a square of 80% dark chocolate

    It SEEMS like I'm eating enough, but I weighed myself recently and I lost a few pounds, and I'm not trying to (I'm 5'6 130 pounds) and I haven't really changed my diet, but I have been exercising a bit more

    I'm not inclined to gain the weight back, but I'm wondering if I should up my calorie intake a bit more as to not lose any more weight...???

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  • Do you like things that are out of the ordinary?!?

    like aliens or flying cats! OR how about unicorns with horns coming out of there butts!


    (ignore the weirdness btw, I think I've had a little too much medicine today)

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  • How long have you been on Y!A?

    I'm sick so I've been on and off all day...

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  • If you were an item of food, what would you be?

    I think I'd be a banana...

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