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  • Am I ready to face the Elite Four? (Pokemon Emerald)?

    Rayquaza: Level 70





    Azumarill: Level 64





    Exploud: Level 52




    Rock Smash

    Blaziken: Level 63


    Rock Smash

    Sky Uppercut

    Blaze Kick

    Linoone Level 51





    Altaria: Level 50




    Also, what items should each pokemon hold?

    What should I take into battle?

    What moves should I use? Should I replace any Pokemon? Learn new moves? If so, how?


    Dragon Dance

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  • Earth Science Help! I need help with these things for my project. If you could answer at least one?

    1) Describe how major volcanic eruptions, change in sunlight received by the Earth, and meteorite impacts could result in significant changes in climate.

    2) Analyze the relationship between the emissions of carbon dioxide, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, and the average global temperature over the past 150 years.

    3) Identify differences in the origin and use of renewable (e.g., solar, wind, water, biomass) and nonrenewable (e.g., fossil fuels, nuclear [U-235]) sources of energy.

    4) Explain how elements exist in different compounds and states as they move from one reservoir to another.

    5) Explain how energy changes form through Earth’s systems.

    6) Describe the life cycle of a product, including the resources, production, packaging, transportation, disposal , and pollution. (Preferably plastic bag) Please include cost and detail please!

    7) Compare the evolution paths of low-, moderate-, and high-mass (1, 10 & 40 mass) stars using the H-R diagram.

    8 Describe conditions associated with frontal boundaries that result in severe weather

    Thanks in advance! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

    Please include your sources.

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  • Can someone tell me the lyrics to this song?

    I learned this song when I was in 2nd Grade. I think it's called HOMES. It was a way to remember the Great Lakes. It was to the tune of Three Blind Mice. It went something like this.

    5 Great Lakes. 5 Great Lakes

    (The something)

    Huron-Ontario-Michigan-Erie's Next and Superior's Grand.

    Can you give me the rest of the lyrics. It's not really a song. Thanks in advance!

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  • There are bumps on my upper thigh!?

    Okay, so I'm a 13 year old girl.

    You know where you scratch something really hard it puffs up and becomes red. That's what the bumps look like. They're really thin. It looks like sprinkles almost. It's been there for about a month. They're starting to form on my other leg. There's also brown ovals on my neck. They look like scabs. But I didn't scratch or hurt my neck in any way. I don't know if this is a coincidence or not...

    Please tell me what this is and what I should do! Thanks!

    Oh. And it's not STD's or anything!

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  • What are the layers of a 10 mass star? 10 Points!?

    Do they have certain names or what? I tried to Google it, but got nothing. Please help! I need it for a Science PowerPoint we have to make. I asked all my friends but they don't know! Oh...and do you know what Galileo said when he put his middle finger up to the heavens? It wasn't English though. Thanks!

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