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  • Is it normal that I want to cuddle my mom sometimes?

    I'm a 16 years old teenage girl. I know that I have to become an adult and stop being my mom's little girl, but sometimes I just want to be able to snuggle and cuddle my mom. Whenever I hug her I wish I didn't have to let go, ever! It pains me, on an almost physical level, to end the hug. When I was a child, I used to crawl into my mom's bed and snuggle with her for hours. I miss that so much! Do I REALLY have to give that up in order to become an adult? If yes, I wish I didn't have to. My Mom is the most important person in my life. How easy it was to show her a few years ago! Sometimes, I just want to throw myself into her arms and say "Screw being an adult, I AM you child and I always will be.

    What am I supposed to do? Is it normal to feel this way?

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  • Parents: What would you do if your teen son/daughter purposefully endangered him/herself my climbing a crane or large building?

    There is something called buildering/roofing in which people (mostly young people) climb cranes, large buildings and bridges (like the golden gate bridge). My question is: How would you react if your teen was caught doing that? What would you say/do? What punishment/consequences would you give them (I guess no TV is not cutting it, considering the dangerous nature of these "hobbies")

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  • Why do some americans (or native english speaking people in general) use "Yes, Ma'am" when they are scolded by their Mom?

    I'm not native in english, but love to use the language. I recently watched a movie in which a teenage girl was scolded by her mom. When her mother asked "Do you understand?" the daughter said "Yes Ma'am". Is that normal in a modern family? What does it symbolize? Submission? Did you ever use it with your Mom in a non-sarcastic (serious) way? If yes, why?

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  • Aunt is younger than niece. Who is the "elder"?

    My friend is 18 and her niece is 20 years old. They recently started a friendly debate about who is the elder in their relationship and should get "respect". That got me thinking. The aunt is younger but the niece's mother's sister so she is her aunt. But the niece is actually older... in my opinion they both qualify to be the elder. Your opinion on this? Who is the elder?

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  • My Mother hurts me with adopting stranger kids. How do I survive emotionally until I can move out?

    I'm 16 years old and live in CA. In the past two years my mother fostered and adopted 5 kids. I've never complained because these kids have no one and I feel for them and their past. Before the adoptions though, I've always thought that the parent-child relationship was something special, that you could never love ANYONE as much as your own children. Now, the whole thing lost it's meaning. If you can adopt anyone who spent his formative years without you and you can love them as much as your bio child whom you have raised from the very beginning, it's not something special anymore. I feel as if I'm insignificant. I've tried to distance myself from everything, not wanting to hurt anybody by voicing my true feelings but it HURTS. I know that these kids went through horrible things but I feel what I feel: I don't want to share my mom! How do I get over these feelings and survive the time until I move out?

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