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i love dogs and cats, especailly dogs. i hate people who dont know how to breed but still think its ok to breed because their dog is "cute" or "has a great personality". there are enough dogs and cats in the world w/o homes as it is. unless your animal has been shown to prove your animal is worth breeding, have all the health certs, temperment tested, mentored for two years, then you should not be breeding. if you dont know what you are doing (and if you are here on yahoo, thats a pretty good indication that you dont) then dont do it! other than that, i love fishing with my fiance, playing w/ my two lab mutts, reading, going on walks with the fuzzy butts, shooting my bow, being lazy, and vegging out playing harvest moon. i work in a power equipment (mowers, chainsaws etc) shop as the store manager/counter girl.

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