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I like Kpop :D

  • Is there any way to raise a 3.33gpa in Sophomore year in time for college applications?

    My freshman year along with the first semester of my sophomore year wasn't the best for me, but I believe I am able to do better.

    I aim to attend a UC, and I'm aware it may be difficult for me to apply with my GPA without a high SAT/ACT score.

    Is there any way I'm able to raise it to 3.75 or higher through AP or extra college classes before senior year?

  • How bad is having instant noodles twice a week for your health?

    I m aware that having them often is very bad, but I just can t resist having instant noodles of some sort at least once a week.

    I have them maybe once or twice, at most three times, a week but I only use 1/3rd of the flavor packet and do add my own meats/veggies. (Just for the past few months, I barely had them before that)

    I have been able to cut down, but I m still slightly worried as I m trying to stay as healthy as I can.

    3 AnswersDiet & Fitness4 years ago
  • How long should I rinse after dying my hair with SPLAT?

    The first time I used this brand to dye my hair, the color nearly completely washed off after my first rinse, even after leaving the color in for nearly two hours beforehand.

    I decided to give it a try again because of the reviews I've seen, and how long should I rinse my hair for? Am I supposed to use shampoo/conditioner, or should I just rinse it? And should I not use shampoo/conditioner for the whole week?

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

    3 AnswersHair4 years ago
  • How bad of a condition will my hair be bleaching it for the third time (over a period of a year)?

    I first bleached my hair around August of last year (professionally), and again a month ago (through a kit from Walgreens) . I had my color redone which might have included a retouch of bleach (I'm not so sure what the salon lady did) back a few months ago as well.

    It currently is now dyed black, the tips of my hair become dry without conditioning every few days, but they still seem fine. If I was to bleach it back to a brown-ish color, would my hair be able to handle it?

    Thanks for any help (:

    1 AnswerHair4 years ago
  • Is it possible to transfer photos over to my laptop from a phone with a broken screen?

    My phone's screen is completely cracked and the screen no longer works, but I can still hear vibrations and see the menu/notification light blink.

    However, all the programs I dried downloading require me to go in to settings in order to be able to transfer photos. Is there any way at all to transfer photos without doing all this?

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans5 years ago
  • Is it bad to leave temporary hair dye on overnight?

    Brand: Beware Halloween Spray

    Color: Silver

    3 AnswersHair5 years ago
  • What s the best way to tell my mom I have depression?

    I don t even know if this is depression, but from what I read online I think it is. I don t know, but I need help...

    I feel like my mom s part of the problem, and she s not the type to understand things like this, so I don t know how to tell her without her continuing to yell at me.

    Every time I gather up the courage to tell her, I just get scared and feel like crying more.

    Any help would be appreciated, thanks >.<

    4 AnswersMental Health6 years ago
  • Is the Samsung Galaxy 2 camera a DSLR or SLR camera?

    I read a bit about DSLR and SLR, but I still don't understand it well.

    Can somebody please tell me if the Samsung Galaxy 2 camera is DSLR or SLR please?

    Extra info on DSLR and SLR would be great too.

    Camera Link:

    Thank you!

    5 AnswersCameras6 years ago
  • Is it unhealthy to eat cup noodles dry?

    I prefer to eat my cup noodles by just crushing it without cooking/microwaving it. Is it unhealthier than eating it cooked?

    I know cup noodles are already unhealthy, but what I'm asking is that is it even more unhealthier?

    2 AnswersDiet & Fitness7 years ago
  • Which k-pop online store ships the fastest to he USA?

    Does anybody know any trustable online K-Pop album shop that ships to the USA in under 3 weeks? Or any shop that offers a faster shipping option for under $15?

    It would be great if the shop counted on Hanteo charts too!


    1 AnswerOther - Music7 years ago
  • How long does ticketmaster block your IP address?

    I recently got blocked from ticketmaster by trying to get tickets. I did some searching and found that if you request tickets too much without buying, they block your IP address. I was only trying to find a good seat, but I think I overdid it. I really need to buy the tickets soon though, before it sells out. Sites said that it could take 24 hours, but one said never. It's been over 24 hours and I still don't have any access. Does anybody know how long they could block you? And if I could email them to ask them or anything?

    Please let me know as soon as possible >.< I'm really nervous that the tickets are sold out!

    2 AnswersSecurity7 years ago
  • Can you bring outside food on to an airplane?

    I'm going on a trip tomorrow, and I wanted to bring a few snacks so I can save some money when I arrive at my destination. I'm going to another part of the USA, so it's still part of the country. Am I allowed to bring snacks? Also, does the chocolate syrup inside a filled marshmallow count as liquid? I heard that you can't bring liquid on to airplanes.

    3 AnswersPacking & Preparation8 years ago
  • Can you bring outside food on to an airplane?

    I'm going on a trip tomorrow, and I wanted to bring a few snacks so I can save some money when I arrive at my destination. I'm going to another part of the USA, so it's still part of the country. Am I allowed to bring snacks?

    4 AnswersPacking & Preparation8 years ago
  • How can I win student council when I'm not popular?

    I'm running for treasurer for the second time. Last year, there was only 3 people running for treasurer at my school, and I still lost. I am determined to make it in this year, but I'm not popular. Any help?

    1 AnswerCivic Participation8 years ago
  • What website do you use to look for crafts?

    I'm bored, and I can't seem to find any good,simple,cute crafts. I would like a website full of cute crafts please! (Cute as in Japanese or Sanrio stuff) Thanks!

    5 AnswersHobbies & Crafts8 years ago
  • Why is my voice always cracky?

    Whenever I try to sing, it always sounds wierdish. I stop too much to breathe.

    Any advice?

    Thanks :)

    2 AnswersSinging8 years ago
  • Yg Entertainment Audition?

    Well, I LOVE K-Pop, and YG. I really want to audition, but I have a few questions. Thanks!

    1)My friend and I really really want to audition, but we both want to do it together. I researched online a bit, and some say that you have to audition alone, but some say that you can do it in teams.

    2)Can we audition by singing a Korean song? Or does it have to be in English? (Most audition videos are English, not Korea)

    3) I heard that one of Super Junior's members just graduated from Stanford, how did he do that? I thought that they would have to go to school in Korea. Are we allowed to go to school here? I really want to go to Yale, or a good school like that.

    4)How long will a singer stay in YG before leaving?

    5)And last question,

    Will the schools they send you to be good? (I really want to be a doctor,dentist, or something like that, but I also love Kpop! :D

    1 AnswerSinging8 years ago