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  • best digital camera for about $500?

    Ok, I'm looking to get a new camera. Something that is more the less a "bridge" camera. Low light performance and speed are critical. HD video as well.

    My list of wants:

    1) CMOS sensor.

    2) Speedy performance

    3) Low light performance

    4) HD Video 720p

    5) Optical stabilization

    6) 10X+ optical zoom

    7) Good full auto mode (my fiancee will be using it the most)

    I'm currently looking into the Canon G12, Canon S95, Panasonic FZ100, and Sony HX1

    Any other suggestions or opinions are very welcome. Thanks!!

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  • Half Brother and Sister?

    I usually don't ask many questions. but I've been thinking of family alot recently.

    My back story: I'm 31. Living a pretty nice life. My only immediate family, outside of my house, is my mother and sister. I have a Uncle, and his family, but that's about it.

    I have never seen or talked to my father. Never. But I do talk a few times a year to my grandmother, his mother. She's always respected my wishes not to know him.

    The last time she visited me, she showed me a picture of my father (Strange moment in my life), and another of my half brother and sister (even stranger).

    I sometimes wonder if it would be a good or bad thing to see if they might want to talk. They're both in their late teens or early 20s. But my father is active in their lives. This makes me not want to talk to them. Not because I have anything against them. But I don't want them to lose respect for their father, once they realize how his past was with my mother.

    I am a great father to my kids. I have learned form his mistakes, and will never do to them, what was done to me. I have a great life, but sometimes I do wonder. My family is pretty small, and I have a whole other family that I have never met. Some might not even know I exist.

    Any thoughts?

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  • Question for the women?


    Why do so many women concern themselves so much with finding a guy? Why do they try to form to what they, or a concensus feels is "ideal" in the interrest of finding a guy?

    Why, when they finally have a guy, do so many of them complain about their guy, and feel the need to degrade them?

    Why, when their guy becomes abusive (mentally, physically or emotionally), do so many women have so little self worth, that they stay with him, and not ACTUALLY do something about it (A.K.A. call police or leave)?

    These are just my reflections from reading questions here. I can easily say me and my fiancee have a great relationship. built on love, trust and respect. I just wonder why so many people, both men and women settle for anything less.

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  • Which MP3 Player?

    I'm in a mental stalemate on which MP3 player to get next. It's between the Cowon D2 (8GB) and Archos 605 (30GB). I will never own an ipod, so please don't suggest those.

    I would prefer to hear from people's own experiences with either of these. In all of my research, the only 2 I would like are these, but each has it's own pros and cons, and they are almost completely different.

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  • Have you ever...?

    Have you ever taken a step or 2 back from your life to look at it from a 3rd person perspective?

    Did you look at your mate, family, social and career choices to see where you are now, and ask yourself if that is where you want to be, and that you're going where you want to go?

    I will be honest, I did, and I am where I want to be, my future is lining up as I want it. But I KNOW I take it all for granted at times. It was a good reality check.

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  • Superficial World?

    Just a basic opinion vote. Why do 50% of people seem so completely over-the-top obsessed with asthetics, while the other 50% are down to earth and understanding/accepting?

    I know when it comes to "natural selection" it's normal to touch on looks, but has most of our society become so obssesed with looks that natural selection no longer applies, and that some are potentially destroying their own futures by no longer looking for the best mate, but rather the best looking mate?

    Food for thought...

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  • Which chip for the DS?

    I'm looking to get a modchip for the DS. I mainly want to make sure it does good with NES and SNES emulation. Any suggestions for which chip is good and where to get one is greatly appreciated.

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  • The Divine Comedy?

    I am looking for a good translation of Dante's Divine Comedy. Does anyone have a recommendation of one that's a little easier to read? I'm currently looking at was translated by Henry Francis Cary, and to say the least, it's a bit much at times.


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  • Am I wrong here?

    Ok, My fiancee has been prone to arguing alot lately. She says she feels like a maid.

    When I get home, she feels like I demand dinner (which I don't, she is the cook, because I truly don't do well in a kitchen). She also has issues when I don't immediately pick up after myself. I'm usually holding our youngest while she does whatever she wants. If she chooses to clean, it's her choice, if she goes to the gym, that's ok. If whe wants to go shopping...go ahead.

    While I'm holding him, I like to try to relax, which to me is NOT getting up constantly to put away every single thing. I put it all away at the end of the night. But I don't want her to do it, it's my stuff, my responsibility. I also help out, usually clean the bottles, occassionally do laundry, etc..

    I honestly think she's getting OCD on the cleaning thing. Or am I just lazy?

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  • For guys and girls?

    Ok, just to clarify a few things...

    13 is too young be over-concerned about relationships

    15 should still be considered too young for sex

    Being a virgin is ok, and shouldn't be looked down on

    Nice guys do exist

    Good women also exist

    Cheating is wrong, no matter what the situation is

    Take care of your kids then yourself

    Not all of one gender or another behave as your loser ex did.

    Sexual relations with family is mater what

    if you are 18 or over, leave the underage ones alone

    if you are underage, the 18+ guy/girl you are crushing on should know better

    if you are over 21, age doesn't matter

    Between 18-21 it's a personal POV if you can handle large age gaps.

    Yes, you will find someone perfect for you someday.

    Now my question...are there any general questions I've seen a million times on here yet that I haven't answered?

    BTW...I'm 28, male, engaged, and a nice guy. A little upfront, but honest enough to admit it.

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  • Opinions please - Guys or Girls?

    Ok, here's my lovely situation. I'm the household breadwinner. I try to keep things level and balanced at all times. Now for my dilemma. Things have been going great with my fiancee. Tonight they took a harsh turn.

    On Monday I informed her I was going to have a really hard work week. I knew I'd be under crazy stress, and figured a warning is due.

    Tonight I came home and she wanted me to grill outside. Usually not an issue, but I really didn't want to cook, not even on the grill. Then she goes telling me it's not cooking you just flip it a few times... Well sometimes she takes the easy way out of making dinner and all week (and over the weekend) she has only cooked once. We went out for almost every meal.

    Is it too much, during a hard week that I ask her to make a decent dinner, and let me rest? I let her do what she wants most nights while I watch the kids. I think I deserve the same once and again. Am I being unreasonable?

    Sorry for the long explanation.

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  • Is my son a little ahead of himself? Or am I just overly proud?

    My 2.5 year old boy has always been good with his pronounciation. Since he was 2, he's liked racing video games. Now he can place in races, and play a little bit of guitar hero. (only on practice so far, but he can time and hit notes and chords)

    And before I get flamed, no he doesn't stay indoors all day, he loves hitting the ball off the tee, and swinging on his swingset, and tormenting our dogs.

    Do you think he's a little ahead?

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  • Why is it so much harder after HS to find good friends?

    Seriously, it seems after HS and after I dropped out of the "Drink till you puke" club, it's getting harder and harder to find some good friends, guys or girls. Most of my friends are still in the club while I have a family, so I can't quite do the same and need new friends.

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  • For the girls/ladies/women...?

    I have to inform you that not all guys are as bad as what I've been seeing described here.

    1) We guys DO think...We also do feel.

    2) We also think that the ones that give us such a bad reputation are idiots.

    3) The women we face alot of times, believe it or not can also be incredible jerks.

    4) It's useless and draining for those like me to keep fighing a pre-concieved misconception of us, so sometimes, we really don't try.

    I'm not saying we don't all screw up at some time. I've had a few doozys. But they were only a few and I am only human. I've still never cheated or hit a woman. I've still always remained respectful to a woman's requests and self-respect.

    My question in the end is this:

    I'd like to know how many women understand this? How many women act as nicely to their boyfriend or husband as they do a complete stranger?

    I'll admit I can forget sometimes, too. But I know to look back occassionally, how am I treating her?

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  • Am I wrong?

    I've always done my best, but recently, I find it almost impossibe to hang out with one of my old friends.

    Problem is: I have done EVERYTHING to create a good life, family, etc... and I'm very proud of it. He, meanwhile has been unemployed for months, and is not even looking. Much worse to me, he tells me he's looking, etc...but he's being unrealistic in his expectations. I know he WANTS to hang out. But I don't want him around until he has a job and a car. I hate babysitting adults. Am I too harsh, or is it understandable?

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