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Hello I live in the good ole USA. I am an avid football and baseball fan, and I enjoy the history of the sports as well as the present events. I like to hunt and fish as well.

  • Playoff setup question?

    Why are the Yankees playing the Tigers in the divisional round when it seems as if they should be playing the Rays? 1 seeds play 4 seeds and the Yankees are obviously the 1 seed. As for the 4th seed, I'm not sure if it's determined by wild card team or by the worst record of the playoff teams, but either way, the Rays would be 4. So if the Yankees are 1 and the Rays 4, why aren't they playing each other. It sets up the way you would expect in the NL, where the 1 seeded Phils take on the Cards, who are the wild card team as well as the team with the worst playoff record in the NL. What is different about the AL?

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  • Complete the following sentences?

    If Albert Pujols ends up with the Yankees...

    If Dallas Braden and Alex Rodriguez face each other again...

    If the Nationals win the NL East...

    If another fan gets tasered...

    If Ichiro is caught using steroids...

    If my team wins our upcoming softball tounament...

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  • Complete the following sentences?

    If the SEC wins another title in football next season...

    If Tim Tebow is the opening day starter for the Broncos...

    If the Cowboys miss the playoffs...

    If Brett Favre doesn't come back...

    If Terrell Owens signs with the Redskins...

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  • Good NFL draft sites?

    What are some good NFL draft websites that aren't affiliated with the NFL, or any major sports network.

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  • Help! We're all doomed!?

    Help! The calender on my phone ends on December 31, 2069. I am still young, and might still be alive when doomsday strikes. What should I do, where should I go? Hopefully space or time travel will be perfected by then.

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  • What do you know about the Veoh Web Player?

    Does anyone out there know anything about the Veoh Web Player? Is it reliable and safe, or is it just a way to get unwanted stuff on your computer? Reviews appreciated.

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  • Any ideas for sore muscles?

    I've been working out for the first time in a few years, and my arms and legs are getting really sore, achy, and stiff. Does anyone have any idea on something I could eat or drink to soothe them.

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  • NFL playoff seedings?

    I can't figure out what the seedings are in the AFC side of the playoffs. Who's 3 and who's 4 between the Patriots and the Bengals. They have identical records and never played each other. On the other hand who's 5 and 6 between the Jets and Ravens. They also have the same records and did not play each other this year. If I knew one seed I would obviously know them all, but I don't know any of these four. Does anybody out there know?

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  • What is the point of the Rooney Rule?

    I saw that the Seahawks had to interview a minority coach such as Vikings defense coordinator Leslie Frazier, before they could hire Pete Carrol. Why are NFL teams required to do this?

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  • College Football Pick Em

    Does anyone have a yahoo College Football Pick Em group I could join? I just need the ID number and password.

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  • PAC-10 Tourney pt. 3

    1. USC vs. 3. California

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  • PAC-10 Tourney pt. 2

    1. USC vs. 4.Oregon St.

    2. Arizona St. vs. 3. California

    1. Georgia swept 4. LSU in SEC championship.

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  • PAC-10 Football Tourney

    I've nearly finished my SEC tournament and have decided to do a few other conferences as well. I've picked who I believe will be the top eight teams in these conferences and setup these tournaments. When they are over the conference champions will have a tournament.

    1.USC vs. 8.Wash. St.

    2. Arizona St. vs. 7. Arizona

    3. California vs. 6, Oregon

    4. Oregon St. vs. 5. UCLA

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  • SEC Football Tourney pt. 3

    2. Florida vs. 4. LSU

    Details: 2. Florida received every vote over 6. Alabama and 4. LSU defeated 1. Georgia by 1 vote.

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  • SEC Football Tourney pt. 2?

    1. Georgia vs. 4. LSU

    2. Florida vs. 6. Alabama

    In case your interested, 1. Georgia swept 8. Kentucky, 7. South Carolina managed only one vote against 2. Florida, and 4. LSU and 6. Alabama defeated 5. Tennesse and 3. Auburn respectively, by one vote.

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  • SEC football tourney?

    Ok, I've picked who I think will be the 8 best teams of the SEC and arranged this tournament accordingly. The higher seeds get the tiebreaker if necessary. Predict away.

    1.Georgia vs. 8.Kentucky

    2. Florida vs. 7. South Carolina

    3. Auburn vs. 6. Alabama

    4. LSU vs. 5. Tennesse

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  • Would the Mets still have gotten hot if Willie Randolph hadn't been fired.?

    Personally, I did not agree with his firing.

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  • Should Rod Smith go to the Hall of Fame?

    If any undrafted player deserves it he sure does.

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  • Who is the tallest player ever?

    I saw today that Jon Rauch, who was just traded to the Diamondbacks, is the tallest pitcher in Major League history at 6'11". Has there ever been any nonpitchers that tall or taller?

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