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DIRECTOR Clearpoint Residencies (Pvt) Ltd. (in collaboration with MAGA Engineering) Luxury High-rise condominium PAST SECRETARY GENERAL./CEO Ceylon National Chamber of Industries Ranking Industrial Chamber in Sri Lanka CEO Alpha Centauri Associates. Entrepreneurship development and Management Consultants CHAIRMAN Century 21(Pvt) Ltd, SRI LANKA (General importers of consumer utilities .Suppliers of dental and medical equipment). CHAIRMAN Gilt Edge (Pvt) Ltd, SRI LANKA, (Garment Buying Office/US buyers) BOOKS River God, the Seventh Scroll, Warlock, the Quest, ‘Assegai’ and ‘A Time to Die’ by Wilbur Smith. The Age of Reason, Nausea, the Reprieve, the Roads to Freedom, Troubled Sleep by Jean-Paul Sartre. OTHER INTERESTS Archaeology, Egyptology and paranormal phenomena and Building scale models of World War 2 battleships.

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