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  • What can i do to stop my ear aching?

    For the past few days my ear has been hurting really badly and yesterday my face puffed up and i cant sleep at all i have got tablets from the doctors which make me tired but the pain is to bad i cant it feels like my face is on fire what can i do to stop the pain?

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  • Who would you like to win big brother 2009?

    I would Absolutely love CHARLIE to win i hate lisa so much stuck up cow and do you think that Siovash and bea should get together ?

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    I am 13 and haven't had my first kiss yet how will i know when its rite

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  • I don't know whether i like this boy or not?

    I feel really embarrassed if my hair is messy and he sees me

    I think about him all the time it all started when we were having a camp out and we were all messing around and i was kinda flirting with him and when he asked me out i said no because i likes kissing and i haven't even had my first kiss yet because im only 13 and then he wanted to kiss me and i felt very sick and i told him i didn't like him because i wasn't shore if i did or didn't. That was in april and ever since i cant stop thinking about him and when ever i see him with his girlfriend i get annoyed kind of jealous people say that he isn't that good looking but i think he looks kinda cute he always has new girlfriends because his relationships don't seen to last i don't know whether he finishes then or they finish him i am best friends with his sister and they live next door to my dad. I never used to have trouble talking to him but ever since i feel embarrassed to talk to him Do i like him or not? I cant get him off of my mind!!!!! Please help me

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  • I dont know weather i like this boy or not?

    I feel embarred when i look kinda messy and dont want him to see me and when he has girlfriends it really annoys me and i kinda feel gelous i think But before he asked me out and i said no because he really likes kissing and i havent had my first kiss before but i kinda think about him all the time but i turned him down when he wanted to kiss me i felt sick People say he is not the best looking in the world but i think he looks ok he has billions of girlfriends but not at the same time ,his relationships dont seem to last i dont know if he finishes them or they finish him i hate seeing him with his girlfriends and kinda feel embaressed when i have to tlk to him when his girlfriends are there he lives next door to my dad and i am best friends with his sister i am 13 years old do i fancie him or not is it just my hormoins This has been going on since april Help me plz

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  • I have eating problems i eat loads but am very skinny?

    I dnt have worms or anything but am constantly eating and not putting on any weight at all i have been the same weight for nearly 2 years what might this be or what can i do?

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  • I need to know everything about being an avon rep and is it quite easy?

    I applyed to be an avon rep online 2 days ago will they call me or just turn up and i need to know all the details about it and the costs please i am very exited about this and need to know all the details from reps and ppl who sell avon please I am gratefull for any information i get. How much of my time will this rufley take up? Once again thank you

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  • Is fiesta sahara in magaluf a nice holiday resort?

    I have booked my holiday for me and my 2 daughters aged 14 and 9 will this holiday resort be nice for my young children as i have herd so many bad comments about this place and i would like nice and honest answers please Thank you very much

    2 AnswersGreece1 decade ago
  • How can i stop being addicted to my laptop?

    Ever since i got my new pink laptop i have been glued to it taking it everywhere with me i hate getting up to do stuff but am now suffering bad head aches what can i do to stop me wanting to be on from the moment i wake up I have internet at home but i needed to buy wirless so...

    I even bought a dongal so i can play if we have to go to the park plz help me * a dongal is a devise you put into the side of laptop to get internet

    4 AnswersLaptops & Notebooks1 decade ago
  • How Long doese it take avon to get back with me?

    i applyed to be an avon rep online and was wondering how long it will take them to get back with me??? Thankyou

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