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  • how come my sisters phone capasity is higher?

    We both have the iphone 5s .

    She has more photos! Like 2 thousend ( not being sarcastic) i have like 400

    She had waaay more apps than me LIKE alot more! We have the same company and everything . She has 4.4 GB left and i have 2.0GB . Why?? We have an equel amout of GB waisted 12.8 .

    Why does she have more space??

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans6 years ago
  • how to put your voice memos as a ringtones for iphone??

    I have a voice memo with a song. Id like that to be my ring tones but idk how to do it HELP

    2 AnswersCell Phones & Plans6 years ago
  • I need to cut a song!?

    Well I have a dance song , but it's to long and I needs cut it but idk how to cut it . HELP

    1 AnswerOther - Music7 years ago
  • I need a jazz song for a duet?

    Me and my friend have a duet and we don't have a song we don't know what to choose! we want a happy upbeat song that's fast , and it has to be jazz pls help

    2 AnswersJazz7 years ago

    We'll in trying out for a drill team officer , and I need a solo but I can't find a song! I want a song that jazz and happy and peppy! Something fast and upbeat but I can't find one ... Can some one help

    2 AnswersDancing7 years ago

    Okay .. We'll me and my friend (Meagan) need a jazz song ! We haven't decided what it will be yet cause we're clue less . We'll we both wanted jazz and we need it to be really preppy and happy ! Problem is we can't find one . And we're 13 but we have technique that's amazing ! So please help us look for a peppy and happy jazz dance song!

    3 AnswersDancing7 years ago
  • can my UPS package come earlier?

    well i ordered this package at march,15, 2014 (friday) well it says in the tracker that it will arrive on march, 19 , 2014 (wensday). it is currently sunday (march 16, 2014) and i was hopping it could come tomorrow on monday (by the end of the day) i did the research my package AKA my phone has arrived in the 'fort worth airport' in 18:03 << (i think its 6)? i did the re-search and found out it is 7 hours away (traffic is 8 hours) so i was hpping it could come at least tuesday at the most HELP ME I DONT WANNA WAIT .

    2 AnswersOther - Business & Finance7 years ago