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  • I just got an really old medical bill and no longer have the same insurance. Can the insurance company be made to pay?

    I just received a medical bill from October of 2014. The health insurance I had at the time was with the job I had. The company I worked for no longer exists and I have long since switched insurance providers. Is the old insurance company still on the hook for their part of the bill since it was incurred while I was still a member?

    I don't know if the billing department screwed up. As there is no listing of adjustments for insurance nor who my insurance provider was.

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  • Can I cancel my health insurance at any time?

    To elaborate I just enrolled in a new marketplace plan through since my old policy's rate is tripling this January. My old policy states the 15th is my last day to make changes. However, I do not want to cancel until I get a confirmation letter from the new insurer that I am actually enrolled in my new marketplace policy. Due to last years reports I read where people thought they were enrolled then actually weren't insured.

    As I am not familiar with the thousands of pages of the Affordable Care Act. Do I still have the right to cancel my old policy at any time without penalty?

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  • Do men's briefs brand matter for comfort?

    I don't buy underwear to impress anyone. I like classic cut briefs (tidy whities). Anyways I normally buy Fruit of a Loom or Jockey. Will it make any difference buying say Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Hugo Boss, &c? Do they use better fabric that's more comfortable or is it just paying extra for a name? I bought CK's once a long time ago and can't remember if they were any better.

    I know for socks it can make a difference. My Nike Dri Fit are way better than any Golden Toe I ever owned.

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  • Can you keep your Bellsouth e-mail if you cancel AT&T DSL but keep your AT&T smartphone and wireless plan?

    As the question states. I'm trying to figure out if you currently have a Bellsouth e-mail account (tied to Yahoo), an AT&T DSL account and an AT&T wireless plan with data. If you cancel your DSL plan but keep your cell phone plan and data. Will you then get to keep your e-mail address?

    If you can. Please link a source. I'd like to know either way if you have direct experience.

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  • Georgia Tax Code?

    I'm trying to find the complete Georgia Tax Code for 2012 in book form. So far all I can find are small guides for different activities and the limited resources of the GADOR website. Can anyone link be to where i can purchase the complete state of Georgia Tax Code for 2012 in book or at least PDF/ebook form.

    I'm not looking for critiques or summaries, but the complete code. I suppose guides would be okay (for personal and foreign income). But they would need to be comprehensive and cite GA Code.

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  • Attachment image

    Trying to find specialty capacitor for preamp.?

    I'm trying to find this specialty audio grade capacitor for my venerable Yamaha Pre-Amp (C-80 as I recall). When in use for an hour or so audio in the right channel will get static or cut out. I've gone over everything on the board. I can't find any cracked solder joints. The pots all seem fine. All I could find were these two slightly bulged capacitors. So I think they are the problem.

    The problem is I can find ones which match their voltage and uf ratings. But they are all two pin and appear to be rather small. While the capacitors I need are four pin and rather large.

    Since I can only post one picture. The other side reads Nippon Chemi-Con. Audio Neg. Black 85 (degree symbol) C. It appears the part number on top is 58GAH. They are rated (B) 35v4700uf(M), (A)(C) Blank, (-).

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  • DMV keeps sending notices on vehicle sold.?

    I have a truck I sold somewhere around 10 years ago. I've sent multiple "Notice of Transfer and Release of Liability" forms to the DMV. However, they keep sending me Nonoperated Vehicle Notice's.

    What forms do I have to fill out for the California DMV to remove my name from this vehicle?

    I do not know the name of the person who bought it. The year it was sold nor the odometer reading. The person who bought it was just looking for a parts vehicle. Their plan was to gut it and scrap the rest so I doubt it exists anymore. The engine and tranny where left open to the elements and rusted out so I doubt it was ever rebuilt especially when all the good parts where gutted.

    Just because there is the chance that it could still be out there I want it removed from my name.

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