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  • does anyone know this song? please help, it was amazing?

    it was this really complicated acoustic guitar part, the guys voice reminded me of like a surfer or something, it was kinda high.....I remember he kept saying "no ones gonna fool around with us, no ones gonna fool around with us, so glad to meet you (he said something here but I couldn't understand it)"

    1 AnswerLyrics7 years ago
  • just need some help figuring this out...?

    I like my girl friend, but I don't know if she likes me back or if I should make a move. she talks to me a lot but idk if she's like that to everybody or just me, and she laughs at pretty much everything I say but maybe it's not flirting.....and likes knowing if I'm going to be places but maybe she just likes me as a friend. any thoughts or advice?

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  • favorite song you've never heard on the radio?

    I'm just seeing what people like lol mine is probably Apartment by Young the Giant, Reptilia by The Strokes or Truce by twenty one pilots

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  • always wondered this.....?

    do girls think guy-on-guy is as hot as guys think girl-on-girl is? or is that just cuz guys love sex so much? lol

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • sexuality issues?

    I've always thought I was straight but like every once in a while I'd catch myself think "wow that guy is cute" and be like "wait, no I'm straight, what the ****" but now I think I might be bi, cuz I've been attracted to guys and girls but only ever had strong sexual and strong emotional feelings towards girls. guys can be sexy or cute or whatever but I don't feel any emotion towards them, so am I bicurious or something? and should I tell my gf or keep it a secret?

  • crush help, anyone?

    so we've known each other for a while and we got pretty close, like good friends or best friends and I like her and I've picked up (what I think are) signs that she likes me, but idk, like she talks to me a lot without really talking to anyone else and we always hang out whenever we see each other, pretty exclusively. but she had this sleepover party and invited me and said she's "pretty much inviting anyone who can go" and when I got there, it was me and her...and she's super religious so nothing happened lol we played xbox and stuff. was that on purpose? I think I have a green light here haha

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  • do you think it's cute when.....?

    do you think it's cute when a guy is shy? I'm gonna go on my first date on Friday and I have no idea what to do :p we're just gonna see a movie but idk what she's expecting cuz she had one bf before any tips or advice? or do you think it's fine/cute?

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  • ladies, question about the friendzone?

    so I was pretty deep in the friendzone for a few months after I met her and I really liked her but one day we were at a party and a whole bunch of people started singing so I started playing my guitar. and as soon as the party was over (we also hung out and talked for a while) she gave me her it that easy to escape the friendzone, or am I seriously still trapped there?

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  • help with depression?

    has anyone else had it for a really long time? like I can't remember the last time I wasn't depressed so I'm kinda known as the distant sad-ish guy.....and I don't really know who I'd be if I wasn't depressed. kinda like it's given me a character and I don't really mind it :p has anyone else had this/felt like this? and what did you do about it?

    2 AnswersMental Health7 years ago
  • good breakup songs?

    I need some breakup songs, sad and slow or upbeat or whatever, like bad religion by frank ocean or about a girl by the academy is...

    5 AnswersOther - Music7 years ago
  • anyone! just need a quick opinion on this?

    so my crush likes me back and I'm really excited but I'm bipolar and my depression will probably be back you think we should still date? girls, would it bother you even if I tried hiding it? just wondering

    1 AnswerSingles & Dating7 years ago
  • shy crush acting weird suddenly.....?

    we hang out like almost every day and we talk to each other almost every day and we hung out for a really long time Thursday and since Friday she wouldn't answer my texts and I saw her today and it was really awkward between us. did she stop liking me or something or is it just a phase kind of thing?

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  • looking for suggestions for new music!?

    lol so I kinda pride myself on being musically well rounded but I haven't found anything new I really like in a while. I'm open to everything, from city and colour to mayday parade to protohype but I haven't found any country I like haha I'll be surprised if I get good country suggestions. GO!

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  • Shy girls help, I'm totally lost, does she like me or not?

    So I'm pretty into this girl a year older than me. we're both naturally shy quiet people so we have weird ways of flirting lol but when I'm around I notice she blushes a little and she likes to talk to me first, like we'll joke around and play basketball or something. she plays with her hair sometimes but idk if she's just doing that to actually fix her hair haha and we do a lot of stuff together in groups but barely anything out of groups. when I asked to do stuff outside of groups she said yes tho, so idk if all of this is just me getting friendzoned or if she really likes me.....

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  • why do people hate hipsters so much?

    I'm kinda a hipster, idk. but as soon as people find out i prefer riding my bike or walking to places instead cars or buses (i'm from portland, so i guess it's normal) or that i like indie music and playing guitar and typical stuff like that, they're like "oh my god you're a hipster, hipsters are so annoying"...

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  • girls, do you have a preference here? (sexual question, serious answers only)?

    does it matter if a guy still has his foreskin or not? if it matters to you do you prefer with or without one?

    5 AnswersGender Studies8 years ago
  • girls, do you have a preference here? (sexual question, serious answers only)?

    does it matter to you if a guy still has his foreskin? if it does matter to you, do you prefer with or without it?

    2 AnswersSingles & Dating8 years ago
  • women, does this make a difference to you (sexual)?

    does it matter to you if a guy still has his foreskin or not? if it does, which do you prefer, with or without it?

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  • how do you build up your feet so you can stand on your toes?

    i'm in a dance crew and i wanna learn to stand on my toes like Michael Jackson and eventually learn to walk like that, it looks awesome and can win a battle. anyways how do you build up your muscles and balance to do this, cuz i always lose my balance or get pain in my arches :/

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  • how do you build up your feet so you can stand on your toes?

    so i'm in this dance crew and for a battle i wanna learn how to stand on my toes, like Michael Jackson. i can do it for about 3 seconds then i either lose balance or get severe pain in my do you build up your feet strength?

    3 AnswersDancing8 years ago