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  • Why does Obama question Palin's experience?

    Palin has been governor of Alaska for two years and before that was a 3 term mayor. When obama started his presidential campaign, he had only two years of senate experience and before that was a part of the state senate. So why exactly is Obama questioning her experience when they have almost the same resume and Obama is the one running for president.

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  • Why won't liberals in congress allow a vote on drilling?

    Drilling would bring down the price of oil today!!! The futures market by definition is determined by factors in the future. So if speculators see a jump in supply years from now, they will bid down the price of oil. Liberals fail to understand that the same problems that got us into this mess can be taken care of by drilling(speculation and supply-demand). If you think the same country that put a man on the moon in the vicinity of 10 years can't get oil out of the ground in less than you are kidding yourself. And even if what your saying was true, no effect in 10 years, well how the heck will wind power and solar power have an effect in less than that. When was the last time you drove your car on wind. The truth is we had this debate 10 years ago with Clinton and you liberals used the same excuses then, but had we drilled then we would be seeing the benefits today. I say we should learn from history. Now drilling isn't the only solution. We must conserve and must invest in renewable but drilling is the start.

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  • Anyone have a problem with Obama's socialist remark?

    He said in his Berlin speech that we must "SHARE the benefits of the world markets more equitably. " Paraphrase there.

    Translation- He wants to give people a share of the profits investors make from the market and divide it out.

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  • How is Jesus god's son?

    Christians believe all the following: Jesus is equal to god in divinity. Jesus died on the cross. God can't die.

    But if all this is true then how did someone who is equal to god die. After all, god can't die.

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