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  • Really, really scary pictures and stories?

    What is the site that looks almost/is a wikipedia page with really really scary pictures and stories?

    1 AnswerMythology & Folklore10 years ago
  • How many double bonds are in:?

    Okay, i've been trying to figure this out for forever and I really need to know how many double bonds are in:



    Stearic Acid

    Linoleic Acid


    Corn Oil


    or could you help me put them in order of their relative unsaturation (1 being least saturated, 7 being most)? Or tell me how to figure it out in a way that I can understand?

    Please, please any help would be appreciated.


    3 AnswersChemistry1 decade ago
  • Bloody stools, stomach discomfort.?

    A few days ago I had a really upset stomach (that only lasted for a little while), well..after I had used the restroom...I noticed a lot of blood. It was very red and watery and I just brushed it off as being a scratch or something. Well, today...the same thing happened (although the stools were more firm), and my stomach (on both days) has been very uncomfortable (although not constantly). I wasn't all that worried until I started self-diagnosing and now i'm freaking out because...what if its worms? or cancer? or God only knows what else.

    I'm 19, 10-15 lbs over what I should be, female...

    Any ideas? I can't really afford to go to the doctor right now, and I have the tendency to overreact to syptoms so I don't want to talk to my parents about it, although yeah yeah...I should. But I don't want to say anything if its nothing. Should I wait I few more days?

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