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  • looking for PS3 JRPGs to play?

    I haven't really played the PS3 as I've spent most of my time on the Xbox 360 of last generation. What are some games would you recommend?

    games I'm interested in/already own:

    Ni No Kuni

    Kingdom Hearts 1.5 and 2.5 HD

    A Guided Time Paradox

    Drakengard 3

    Atelier Escha and Logy

    2 AnswersPlayStation6 years ago
  • What can I do if I haven't received my order from eBay?

    I ordered a tablet almost a month ago from China and the estimated delivery was by the 9th of December at the latest. The seller sold the tablet for AU$70 and other sellers sold the same exact tablet for about AU$200 and over. I thought I got a good deal but now I'm thinking if I've been scammed. How long should I wait until I do something about it and what can I do?

    (My brother ordered the item for me on eBay through PayPal and I'm pretty sure the payment went through already).

    1 AnswerSmall Business6 years ago
  • Has the web browser improved on the NEW 3DS handheld systems?

    Since the NEW 3DSs are slightly more powerful and faster, has the browser improved? I'm hoping it's at least as good as the Wii U's web browser.

    5 AnswersVideo & Online Games6 years ago
  • Is the Dolphin (GameCube) emulator capable of running at full speed?

    I'm considering to purchase or build my own gaming desktop computer and I was just wondering if the Dolphin emulator is already capable of running at full speed with the recommended PC specifications of course (with little to none frame drops at a high resolution). I haven't been up to date with emulators. And what would be the recommended PC specs to have?

    It would be nice to play a few of my childhood GameCube games like Pokémon Collesseum and Super Mario Sunshine at a higher resolution.

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  • Does the Wacom Bamboo Fineline stylus for iPad work with Windows tablets?

    Thinking of purchasing one so I can draw on my Windows 8 tablet instead of using my Note 3 because I want a bigger screen.

    (I don't want to get a Note 10.1 or something like that because it's too expensive)

    1 AnswerAdd-ons6 years ago
  • Is there a way to password protect my Micro SD card (without encrypting)?

    I want to password protect my micro SD card because my Windows 8 tablet has only 32GB of internal storage and I want to preserve that for other things like installing software while keeping my personal/private documents and other data stored on a micro SD card but the problem is that there are other accounts on the tablet which means that they can access my micro SD easily. So I want to password protect it without encrypting the data, is that possible? and how can I?

    (I don't want to have to remove the micro SD every time someone else uses my tablet plus the size of the card can make it really easy to lose).

    1 AnswerSecurity6 years ago
  • should I be concerned about app permissions in the Google play store?

    There's one thing that bothers me a lot ever since I moved to Android and that's the permissions that apps want access to. Lets say I want to download a free app like a flashlight utility and it wants access to the camera/microphone, photos/media/files and device ID and call information etc. Would that seem suspicious to you especially since the app is free?

    1 AnswerGoogle6 years ago
  • If a tablet says it supports up to 64GB micro SD can it actually support 128GB also?

    Every 64GB Micro SD card says SDXC on them and same with the 128GB cards. Would 128GB actually be compatible?

    2 AnswersAdd-ons6 years ago
  • I need narrative ideas relating to journey?

    I really suck at coming up with ideas for a narrative. I need to write a story that's related to journey and my mind is completely blank. Can anyone give me some examples of what I can write about that are quite unique or interesting? Or ways that can help me generate some ideas?

    This is for my English subject.

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  • What type/form of poem is this (PLEASE HELP)!?

    North Coast Town by Robert Gray

    Out beside the highway, first thing in the morning,

    nothing much in my pockets but sand

    from the beach. A Shell station (eith their Men's locked)

    a closed hamburger stand.

    I washed at a tap down beside the changing sheds,

    stepping about on mud. Through the wall

    smell of the vandels' lavatory,

    and an automatic chill flushing in the urinal.

    Eat a floury apple, and stand about. At this kerb

    sand crawls by, and palm fronds here

    scrape dryky. Car after car now - it's like a boxer

    warming-up with the heavy bag, spitting air.

    A car slows and I chase it. Two hoods

    going shooting. Tattoos and greasy fifties pompadour.

    Rev in High Street, drop their first can.

    Plastic pennants on the distilled morning, everywhere;

    a dog trotting and someone hoses down a pavement;

    our image flaps in shop fronts; smoking on

    past the pink 'Tropicana' motel (stucco, with sea shells);

    the RSL, like a fancy-dress Inca; the 'Corination',

    a warehouse picture show. We pass

    bulldozed acres. The place is becoming chrome,

    tile-facing, and plate-glass: they're making California.

    Pass an ***, not attempting to hitch, outside town.

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  • What does fish taste like?

    Is it quite similar to meat or chicken? I haven't tried fish since I was about 3 years old when I found out I was allergic to seafood so I forgot.

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  • What were arcades like in the 1980s?

    I'm creating an artwork related to video games, society/pop culture and I want to capture the atmosphere of the time where going to arcades was a thing.

    What sort of people would you find at the arcade other than the obvious (children). Did many adults play as well? Were arcades popular amongst girls as they were to boys?

    Thank you to everyone who answers :)

    This is only for 1 part of my artwork by the way.

    2 AnswersHistory6 years ago
  • How can I overcome social anxiety?

    I've always been like this ever since I was young as 3 when back then it started off as being shy. I'm 17 now and I still can't get over thinking that people are secretly judging my every move. I tend to avoid conversations and not talk much in fear that I might say something stupid or awkward that will make the person feel uncomfortable or let them down and it gets overwhelming for me when its a girl I'm talking to. I try to tell myself not to care what other people think of me but it never seems to help. I'm sick and tired of being this kind of person and it has resulted in me losing my friends, a potential relationship with a girl (never made the first move and left it hanging for too long) and my confidence.

    I know I'm a pretty good guy and at the least average looking (even a guy said that to me) but I don't know what part of me makes me feel like I have to be accepted or approved by everyone. There hasn't even been cases of bullying at my school and my peers still say a simple greeting "hello, how are you?" to me once in a while or along the lines of that like "what's up?".

    Have any of you reading this overcome social anxiety? And if so, how did you do it? I would really like to enjoy my last year of high school with confidence instead of feeling isolated and sad every day at school :(

    3 AnswersPsychology6 years ago