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  • age prejudice in to kill a mockingbird?

    age prejudice is shown with atticus and Scout. Scout thinks that Atticus is too old and not feeble to play with Scout and jem, so this is what i wrote and im confused

    In To Kill A Mockingbird, they showed how people categorized others by their age. Scout thinks Atticus is too old and unfit to play around with Jem and her anymore. Scout compares his age to her friend’s father’s age since they are much younger. They also think Atticus is very boring and is not like other fathers. “Everybody in town’s father was playing, it seemed, except Atticus.” (TKAM, p95), Scout kept comparing her father with others..

    ^^ like scout thinks atticus is too old and feeble to play, and then she says everyone one town is playing exept for Atticus :S

    can someone help me PLEASE :(

    and fix whatever i did wrong or got mistaken

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  • i need help on Apartheid South Africa?

    can someone tel some intresting facts about the apartheid, and some information. like details on the law and everything like briefly

    and i also need some pictures

    and if you have any other ideas that i can do for my presentation, feel free to give me some advice

    right now im doing a powerpoint presentation

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  • what cell should i get?

    i need to get a cell for grade 9, what should i get?

    i want to get something like the lg neon but i can't get that anymore since my friend has it

    and i want something that i can connect the internet with..

    and nothing that expensive..

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  • i want to buy nikes..?

    where can you find the cheapest nike shoes in toronto?

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