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  • Why doesn't anyone say "you're welcome"?

    I work in a hospital, interacting with patients directly. Many times I need assistance from other staff members because the patients are unable to move by themselves, and a great majority of our patients are quite large. I always remember to sincerely thank each person who helps me, because I know they are busy and that I have had to pull them away from another task in a lot of cases. However, very few, if any, ever say "you're welcome" or "no problem" or "anytime". Most of them have a scowl on their face, in fact. Like they're mad at me for even saying "thank you". Any input on this?

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  • Why do people treat me differently because I'm 25 and don't yet have children?

    When people find out that I don't have children yet (I've been married 4 years), I often get reactions like "Didn't you all want any children!?". The truth is, I want children more badly than anyone knows. It's just that I just graduated college and am just now getting started in my career. If I had no cares in the world and everything just fell into place, my husband and I would have immediately started trying for a child when we got married. But that's not the way life works for everyone. Even when I do mention that yes, we do in fact want children, I've had someone say "Oh, yeah, I guess you still have time" in the most unenthusiastic tone of voice. No one realizes how hurtful they are being. They don't even try to understand my situation. Has the world gone crazy? Must everyone have children by the time they're 20? Any tips for what I can say or do when someone brings up this topic?

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  • WDYT of these names? Rate Please?

    I asked this a few months ago, but I've changed some of my options. Let me know what you think of these names I've come up with for a future child. My husband and I are hoping to conceive in 2012 :D Please rate these names 1-10 and give me details.


    Tristan Brice

    Tristan Timothy Daniel

    Tristan Bradley

    Alden Alexander

    Alden Brice

    Landon Zane

    Landon Brice

    Landon James

    Landon Alexander

    Matthew Landon

    Kenton William

    Kenton Lee


    Mila Katherine (pronounced Mee-lah)

    Aubrey Elise

    Rachel Elizabeth

    Tenley Estelle

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  • What baby names are you sick of hearing?

    For me, it would be Brayden, Jayden, Bentley, Kayden/Caedyn, Addy, Maddie, Makenna, McKayla. It seems like every other person I know is using at least one of those names.

    I'm also sick of trendy spellings, especially replacing every vowel with a "y". It's especially gross when people make a boys name into a girls name like Dawsyn, Collyn, Gracyn, etc.

    What names do you think are overdone and/or getting on your nerves?

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  • Tell Me What You Think Of These Names?

    I'm not expecting yet, but these are names my husband and I have thought about using in the future for our children. I thought it would be fun to have them rated.


    Rachel Aubrey

    Aubrey Alyse (that's pronounced ah-leese)

    Savannah Janine (it's pronounced ja-neen)

    Grace Caroline

    Tenley June


    Tristan Brody

    Tristan Bradley (I'm fully aware of the Legends of the Fall association. That's where it came from)

    Alden Laurence (Laurence in honor of my father and sister)

    Alden Brice

    Landon James

    Landon Alexander

    Spencer Owen

    Sean Parker (yep, I've seen the Social Network. Keep in mind that most people don't use both their first and middle names)

    A little background on me: I like names where I would be equally happy to call my child by their first or middle name. I also don't like any of the "Aiden" names so no Brayden, Cayden, Jayden, Hayden, etc suggestions please! :D

    Feel free to suggest ways to switch up some of these combinations or suggest others!


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  • Why do people make fun of those who are in love?

    I am a grown woman who has been married for 3 years, and am absolutely in love with my husband. I believe that our love is one of the most treasured things that I have. However, other adults (coworkers, friends, etc) make fun of us for believing that we are truly and forever in love. It's like they think that nothing is ever true love and that there's always reason to have doubts. It really kills me that this world has come to not believe in love. I know they may have had some bad experiences, but why are people like this?

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  • Coworker is treating me like a child, suggestions?

    Ok, so I've been working a new job for a little over a week now. I'm still getting the hang of it, and I'm gaining a lot of confidence. Most everyone is easy to get along with, and very helpful, with the exception of one coworker who talks to me like I'm a baby. Even the tone of voice she uses with me sounds like she's talking to a 3 year old! Like she'll say "you need to do this, sweetie, because blah blah blah etc, etc". She treats me like I'm dense or something by telling stuff over and over again, even if I'm already doing what she stops to tell me! They want me to work quickly, but her doing that not only slows me down, I also fear that it will cripple me in the long run. I don't want to be mean to her, but does anyone have any suggestions for how to handle this situation? She is a good worker, I do respect her and want to get along with her (and I realize she's much more experienced than me) but she's just taking it way too far.

    P.S. she's not my boss, she's simply a coworker.

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  • Question about the new Healthcare Bill?

    So I just found out that Obama's healthcare bill got passed, and by 2014 everyone will be required to get health insurance or be fined. I know there are also supposed to be provisions within the bill for people who cannot afford to pay for health insurance. Currently, my husband is the only one working, and his employer does not offer health insurance. Things are really tight for us right now financially. My question is, now that this bill has been passed, what are the steps that we take in order to get health insurance (and be able to get assistance paying for it?). I want to get health insurance, but I want to make sure that we take the most affordable route for our financial situation. We're both very young, and this is the first time for both of us ever dealing with having to get insurance, so being required to have it is a little scary. I'm just afraid of getting duped into buying it at a way more expensive price than necessary, and getting into real financial trouble. If anyone can tell me where we need to start it would be very helpful.

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  • Legends of the Fall question...?

    For anyone who has actually read the book, does it ever mention what the middle name of Tristan Ludlow (Brad Pitt's character in the movie) is?

    Note: I've seen the movie numerous times, and i know it doesn't mention his middle name.

    2 AnswersBooks & Authors1 decade ago
  • Computer audio question...?

    Is there any way to just mute the sounds on your browser and not your entire computer? (As in if you wanted to listen to your media player while you played a game online, were on myspace, etc)

    2 AnswersOther - Computers1 decade ago
  • Confused about Digital TV switch...?

    I'm subscribed to dishnetwork (its on a tv that doesn't have rabbit ears, but i'm not sure whether or not its digital compatible), and my question is do I need a converter box and/or to sign up for HDTV?

    Note: Please don't post links to sites. I've tried to read those but am even more confused by the information on them at this point.

    5 AnswersTVs1 decade ago
  • Issue with Memory Card in Kodak Camera...?

    I just got a new Kodak Easyshare C813 camera. I have tried 3 memory cards in it, one which never would read in the camera, and 2 that were great when first inserted, but then wouldn't work after the next time the camera was turned on. Any suggestions? The camera works fine on internal memory.

    Note: I know all the things that can corrupt a memory card, I've read over them several times online, and I assure you, I didn't do any of them. Please do not list them. That won't be of any help whatsoever.

    2 AnswersCameras1 decade ago
  • Question about Rockband for Playstation 2?

    How do you download new tracks for Rockband on a Playstation 2. (On XBox and PS3 you download them directly onto the hardrive, but I don't know how to do it on a PS2) I'm new to this type of gaming, and am not really sure where to even look for info on it. If anyone could give me a direct answer, that would be fantastic, but if not, could you recommend some sites that might have this information?

    1 AnswerPlayStation1 decade ago
  • After upgrading to a new version of software.....?

    I have upgraded to newer versions of some of the software on my computer, namely Adobe Acrobat Reader. In my registry, I still have the installer for the older version, plus some temporary files in other locations on the computer. My question is, do I still need the registry key, temp files, or installer for the older version for the new one to work properly?

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  • What's best in the long run?

    I'm a 21 year old woman, and I have a demanding mother. I have not been living with her since July, and I'm getting married in August of next year. While she adores the man I chose to marry, she doesn't like that I have a different way of doing things than her, in all areas of life. To her, even if it works, if she doesn't do it that way, its wrong. She's verbally very critical of me. She's been wanting me to grow up for the last 4 years (I was mentally unstable at the time). Now that I have matured, she wants to rule over me like I'm a child. She's been this way most of my life, it got worse after my father died. Even though I have moved out on my own, I'm still abiding by the morals I was taught as a child. And it goes unnoticed. The littlest things seem to make her not recognize that. I really wish I could have a good bond with her. And I've asked her what I can do, and she always gets offended, like she wants to deny there's a problem, even though I blame myself. Any advice?

    2 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • Can anyone tell me a brand of jeans good for women with small hips?

    I'm 20 years old, and I'm looking for jeans that fit well on a person with small hips. Preferably inexpensive ones, but even if you know a more expensive brand go ahead and suggest it. Thanks!

    7 AnswersFashion & Accessories1 decade ago
  • What would a real Christian look like to you?

    Be serious please, and remember the community guidelines (meaning we don't have to agree, but please be respectful).

    33 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago
  • If you receive a call from a number that's been listed as fraudulent..?

    I didnt talk to anyone, but this number showed up twice. I did a search on google, and its been listed as fraudulent on several sites. Other people have gotten calls from this number. Its in New Jersey, and I dont even know anyone in New Jersey. At any rate, I changed all my passwords on accounts I have. I'm not aware of any fraudulent charges to my accounts at this time. I know that if they have your number, it also means they have your address as well, or at least have access to it. I asked around, and everyone says its nothing to worry about at this point as long as I dont actually talk to anyone on that number. Are there any other steps I should take? I tried the FTC and SS, but it sounds like you have to have a lot of info to report anything. All I know is the number and what city and state its in.

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  • Has anyone studied or read the apocrypha that could tell me about it?

    I'm just interested to see what's contained in it, and why its not included in most Bibles. Has it changed much since it was originally published?

    11 AnswersReligion & Spirituality1 decade ago