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  • How can the Bible instill faith in some whereby others do not find any sense in the Bible?

    I asked a few questions earlier about How does someone get inspired to be an Atheist? or What is their understanding for Religion and God.

    There were two different answers when it comes to belief.

    Some said that they read the Bible and found that it did not make any sense to them. Some said if we really want to understand Religion and God read the Bible. Thus indicating that it does make sense when you read it in a different way.

    I would like to know what really makes one see sense in the Bible where others are not able to make any sense out of the Bible?

    Please I have a small request: only talk for yourself and not against those who share a different opinion. I would like to know your own personal experience and not your opinion about others.


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  • What is your understanding of Religion?

    We see many people talking about this Religion or that Religion, they are all considered to be different. I personally believe that no matter which religion we talk about, it is all based on the same principles. What is your own definition of Religion?

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  • What is your definition of God?

    There are people who believe in God.

    Others do not. It seems that those who do not believe in God simply wants evidence that God exist.

    What do you really understand by God? What makes you believe or not to believe in God?

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  • What really inspires someone to become an Atheist?

    We can see many reasons people stop believing in God and Religions. Does it mean that just by saying that God does not exist makes you and atheist? Why makes people become an atheist?

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