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  • Movie Recommendations on Netflix Please!?

    I really love post-apocalyptic, creature-feature, psychological horror movies. I don't like in-house ghost or demon movies, but I can handle cult-based stuff. I can only use Netflix

    So far, I've watched:

    Bird Box

    A Quiet Place

    The Silence

    The Circle

    Train to Busan

    The Platform

    Due to a heart condition, I shouldn't go through jumpscares, so don't recommend any movies with jumpscares, please! 

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  • long distance sex toys?

    So basically, i am transgender and so is my long distance boyfriend, both FtM (We're both pre-op). he lives in america and i live in canada. (if you're here to talk about trans discourse go home, by the way) basically we've already got Bond Touch bracelets but we need a bit more sexy time. unfortunately, the only long distance toys ive seen on the market are for straight couples. my boyfriend is extremely dysphoric and he doesnt like anything inside of him, though i dont mind if theres anything inside of me. I cant find any sort of long distance double vibrators. help?