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  • How do I hook up 2 computers to use same printer and U.S. Cellular Network Card?

    I have a US Cellular network card because I live in the country and DSL is not an option. I would like to be able to set up this card to access the internet and get a router of some sort to have a wireless connection for our laptop, desktop and Wii. I used to use my Netgear WPNT 834 Rangemax Router when we lived in town and had dsl, but I can't seem to get it to work with the internet card not being hooked up to the router itself (unless I'm doing something wrong).

    I would also like to able to use the wireless system to allow our laptop accessibility to connect to the printer that's hooked up to the desktop. It's really a pain to disconnect the printer and connect it to the laptop to print each time.

    I know I only have 5 GB with the card and it doesn't go very far, so if that's what you are going to reply I'm not interested. Using the card on one computer only puts us at 1.5 GB per month usage now, so I adding another computer will only double it, still putting us under the 5 GB.

    What do I need to buy and what set up do I need to get my "home wireless network" to work like I want it? Can I get the Rangemax to do this saving myself money? The desktop is running Windows 7, the laptop is Windows XP.

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  • How and when did you know what career you wanted?

    When did you know what you wanted to do? Is there a significant thing that happened to lead you down that path? What is your career?

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  • How and when did you know what career you wanted to do for the rest of your life?

    I'm 30 yrs old and still trying to figure it out. When did you know what you wanted to do? Is there a significant thing that happened to lead you down that path? What is your career?

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  • Can you help me make a decision with my horse and daughter?

    My daughter is 7 and has only been led around on a horse, never been turned loose on one. My horse is 4. My mare is a quarter horse. Very gentle, but just needs some more training (neck reining/quicker stopping) before I'd call her "well broke", but she's been ridden since she was 2. I've tried for the last 4 months to have enough time to ride her to get her to that "well broke" status before turning my daughter loose in the paddock riding her. However, because of a severe lack of time (I also have a 3 yr old to watch) the training is not getting finished any time soon.

    Would you just turn your daughter loose on a horse that's not "well broke"?

    On the other hand, I've also thought about trading the horse for a pony that's already broke to ride and drive so my daughter can ride now but that leaves me with out a horse to ride, if the opportunity arises. But I love my beautiful sweet horse. What would you do in this situation?

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  • How many portable DVD players do you take on vacation with your kids?

    We're going on a week-long road trip with our 3 yo and a 7 yo. We're planning on buying a portable DVD player to take with us, and we have one available that we can borrow from a friend, if we'd like. I'm trying to determine whether it would be better to borrow the other player plus the one we're buying, then both kids can watch what they want, when they want to, and there's no fighting over what movie they are watching. Or would it be ok to just take the one we're going to buy and have one kid choose the movie, then when it's over have the other choose the next movie.

    What would you do?

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  • I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and I am gaining weight, help?

    I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia. My doctor told me to treat it, eat more often, with smaller portions. I've been trying, but I noticed I gained 20 lbs since doing this. I tried weight watchers to lose the weight, I did lose 15 lbs following their program, but got tired of feeling sick, weak and hungry the whole time, so increased my intake to the point I feel better. Now I've gained it all back with 5 extra pounds. Tried it again, lost 10 lbs, but felt the same way again. I'm tired of the rubber band effect.

    Is there a book or cheap online dietician that will tell me step by step what I should eat? I'm lost in a sea of too much information.

    3 AnswersDiabetes1 decade ago
  • Can you revive a Christmas Cactus that has burnt leaves?

    I received a Christmas Cactus for Christmas last year. I set it in my window in direct light for a week and burned the leaves because I didn't know better. My mom told me to move it back out of the light, so I did. Noticed a few weeks later it was getting some new leaves, so I thought it was ok. It still hasn't changed back to the nice green it used to be, though. It's still yellow-ish/brown in spots and a greenish-red on the areas with the new growth, but looks weak over-all. I trimmed off most of the burned areas. I water it every other week, when it's dry. Am I watering too much? It's still in a room with bright light, but out of direct sunlight, is it too much sunlight?

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  • Do doctors HAVE to remove your IUD if you get an infection?

    Oh, it's the Paraguard (copper) IUD

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  • Any good places left to go camping in Iowa for 4th of July weekend?

    I've checked with both the Iowa DNR website and the Army Corps of Engineer's websites. Are there any good county ran parks that are near a lake that might still have a couple of openings for that weekend? I would prefer something near the center of Iowa. Do you know of any great "hole in the wall" place that very few people know about?

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  • Which Will and Grace episode is this (what season)?

    I went to Taco Time today and I remembered there was an episode of "Will and Grace" that Grace's company gets turned down for a major job by some rich snob that Karen hates. Then Karen takes Grace to a Taco Time to make her feel better and they find that snob with her little dog scarfing down tacos. What season is that from??

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  • How does your animal adoption center handle more than one person wanting to adopt a certain pet?

    I went to our animal shelter to adopt a cat. Saw three possibilities, but wanted to play with each one first. Waited an hour before the socialization room was available and took our first one in, notifying the control officer which ones we're looking at seriously. The first one wouldn't suit our house (I have 2 little kids), then had the second one brought in and again it was a personality clash. Then brought in the third one. While my kids and I were socializing with the second one, someone else spotted (but did no socializing with) the one I had chose as the third one. They were still looking at all the cats in the shelter while I was socializing with the third one. We then decided this is definately the cat for us, so I went out to get the adoption paperwork for it, and found out the other people were already starting paperwork just as I was walking out of the room after playing with the cat. The lady at the counter told me sorry, he was no longer available, so I had to go back and tell my 6 and 3 year old that we can't get that cat. My kids of course start crying their eyes out because they really wanted THAT kitty. I listened to it for over 2 weeks afterwards how they want to go back to the pound and get that kitty.

    How would your shelter handle that situation?

    In my eyes, the person at the counter should have told the other couple that he was unavailable to them, since I was in the socialization room with that cat when they decided they wanted him. Am I in the wrong?

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  • Ok, so I lost 10 lbs by eating less calories, but...?

    But now I noticed my pants still fit as tight as ever, but my bras are loose. What gives? How can I lose the weight from my pants, but keep my bras full?

    (I'm on my way to losing 40 lbs.)

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  • Should I adopt a kitten now or wait til spring and get one out of a litter destined for the pound anyway?

    My kids want a kitten to play with feathers and jingly balls with. Should I just adopt one out of a pound now (avg 5-8 months old), or should I just wait until spring and get a younger kitten from someone intending to take their litter to the pound anyway? I refuse to buy one at a pet store when I can save a life by getting it from the pound or saving it from going to the pound.

    How safe is getting one from the pound? Do they have problems (like ear mites, fleas, etc?

    9 AnswersCats1 decade ago
  • Small business owners, when do you say enough is enough?

    My hubby and i own a small auto repair shop. We bought it from the old owner for $300,000. We put $75,000 down to buy it, which we borrowed against our house to get it. We probably have about $100,000 equity in the company, but we're more than that down against the house because of having a tough time making it go. We've been advised by a lawyer that we can walk away from the old owner with no reprocussions (he'd just get everything back he sold us). However, we'd still owe the $125,000 we now owe the bank against our house. We lost lots of money last year (over $10,000). My hubby hasn't taken home a paycheck in 3 years! We're struggling trying to stay afloat. My husband is not working very hard in the shop, I think he's tired of being here, but has now started working on cars in his spare time at our house (trying to make a little money for himself), which makes him work even less at our shop! I'm tired of pushing him and now, because he doesn't work hard, I'm not working hard. I fill the day with cars which a tech of his caliber should have no problem with, and he chews me out because I've "overbooked" him! I'm ready to say enough is enough. He refuses to quit fighting because of all the equity we have in this place, but he won't fix cars fast enough to make it go. He's too busy on the internet, or on the phone with friends or talking with people for our deal at the house. We can't sell it because of how much we owe the old owner (we can't sell it for that much like it is now). We keep borrowing money to pay our bills, which puts us even further behind. We also can't afford to find any better help (the avg good technician in this town makes around $80-100,000 a year).

    What should we do??

    4 AnswersSmall Business1 decade ago
  • My furnace guy hooked up a natural gas furnace to propane, now it keeps shutting off?

    We didn't know how hook up our new furnace to propane, so we hired a professional who owns his own company to hook it up for us. He asked us prior to hooking it up if we ordered a propane furnace, and we told him yes. It came with a box of stuff (I assume the orifices were in there), but at the time he came we didn't know where the box was. He hooked it up anyway and fired it up and then left and charged us a bunch of money. Then when we came home that night we noticed it smelled funny so we called him. He just said that it's because it was new and the smell will go away after a few days. Four days later, the smell still hadn't gone away and we used about 20% of our 500 gal tank! He asked us if we'd gotten a box with the furnace, and we told him yes, but we didn't know where it was. We finally found it and found out that yes, it did have the propane orifices in it, so it had run on the natural gas orifices those days. He came back the next day and installed the orifices and charged us again! Then the furnace started tripping the overheat switches, so we had him back again and he found a mouse nest in the furnace. He charged us again. Then it tripped again, he came back yet again and said the valve was off a little bit and charged us again. Then it tripped again and so he came down and didn't find anything wrong other than our plenum on top the furnace is too small (yet another charge). So now it is still tripping so we called another guy, who told us our entire problem is because there is so much soot inside the furnace due to it running propane with the natural gas orifices now it needs removed and cleaned out (which will be around $500!) My question is, shouldn't have the original furnace guy noticed the wrong orifices were not in the system in the first place? Is this second guy right? And are we out of line to ask the original guy to pay the other guy to fix our furnace (cleaning it out)? Also, this second guy also said that the first guy didn't hook it up to code anyway!

    6 AnswersMaintenance & Repairs1 decade ago
  • What color curtains should i get?

    I just moved into a different house. The master bedroom is painted Benjamin Moore's Amethyst Cream (a medium purple.) My bed sheets are mint green. They look good together, but the curtains definately do not match. What color curtains would look best with this combination?

    10 AnswersDecorating & Remodeling1 decade ago
  • Has anyone used that new Scrubbing Bubbles Max Shower cleaner?

    I've seen it advertised on TV, it's supposed to spray a wider path of foam around your shower and then you just rinse clean without needing to scrub. Has anyone here tried it yet? I'm trying to decide if it's worth the money. My box of baking soda (which I normally clean with) is only $0.50, is the Max worth the couple of bucks?

    4 AnswersCleaning & Laundry1 decade ago
  • How do I clean the flex hose on my Dyson?

    We had a major problem this year with the asian lady beetles. The best way I found to dispose of them is to suck them up with the vacuum cleaner. However, now my vacuum really stinks when I use it. :( I am going to dismantle it completely and give it a good cleaning (on the areas I can clean) I know the flexible hose can come off, and I want to wash it too, but do you have any suggestions on what to use on the inside of it to scrub it?

    4 AnswersCleaning & Laundry1 decade ago
  • Can you help settle my hubby and I's argument regarding horse feed?

    My hubby and I are "discussing" how much hay to feed our 2 horses over this winter (avg temp is around 0-32 deg Farenheit). We are feeding small square 50 lb alfalfa/orchard grass bales. He thinks they will be fine with a 1/4 of a bale twice a day per horse (one full bale per day for both). I say 1/3 of a bale twice a day per horse (or 1 1/3 bale per day for both). Who is right? One horse is 3, the other 22.


    8 AnswersHorses1 decade ago
  • How do I measure the girth of an Austrailian stock saddle?

    I just purchased a new horse, but my girth on my hornless austrailian stock saddle is too big for her. However, the saddle fits her like a glove. How do I measure the girth I currently have? Do I measure including the buckles? Do I measure the strap too?

    3 AnswersHorses1 decade ago