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  • Anyone catch that cute little article on Yahoo this morning?

    About how you'll be expected to repay your tax cuts next Spring??

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  • Why Won't Barack Obama appear on the O'Reilley Factor?

    Bill O'Reilley has asked B.O. to appear on his show countless times but the great POTUS will not do it...nor will he appear on any Fox News show.

    Hmm, very interesting, indeed. Can anyone speculate as to why??

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  • Interrogations- what do people really think?

    So, I'm curious to know what all of you out there think about the recent declassification of 'negative' Interrogation reports and the President's ban on all torture. We have heard him cite the fact water boarding is not in line with our values. And when asked whether he would turn to such tactics as a last resort, his common answer was "No, because I believe we could get it another way."

    Here are some quick facts for you all to think about before posting an answer:

    Water boarding was done with a physician present. The terrorists were only submitted to it as a last ditch effort- basically all other methods did not work on them. The terrorists were only submitted to water boarding every 115 days (roughly- don't quote me there). Water boarding provided intelligence that saved American lives (of course, this is only documented in the 'classified' documents that were conveniently not released by the Pres).

    What do you think? In the midst of war, in a time when our country is in danger of terrorist attacks, do you think that enhanced interrogations are a necessary tool to help protect the American people??

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