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  • Just when you thought YOUR name was bad?

    Edmonton Swastikas?

    Granted...they weren't Nazis....they used it before it was a terrible symbol. But imagine some of those people wearing that symbol later fighting/having family fighting that same exact symbol. Wow.

    1. If you could change your favorite team's name what would it be? [Keep the city the same]

    2. What would be the mst offensive name a hockey team could have?

    3. What is the worst hockey team name (any league/level) ever?

    4. Favorite hockey team name ever (any league/level)? [Please don't pick your favorite team either]

    BQ: Jose Theodore took some time off for "family issues". We all know he's been having a few issues in his family and I'm happy he finally took a game or two off. Do you think he should have taken some time off earlier? After is his job. If you were having family issues going on no one would be mad at you for taking time off your job.

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  • Is there a player for you?

    that at certain times you love. I mean you like the guy so much that he could be considered in your top, but then at other times you can't stand him. He does one little thing that pisses you off and you hate. So anyone have one of those players? (The player doesn't have to play for your favorite team. Any team) A love-hate relationship is what we're looking for here. (And the hate doesn't have to come when you're playing that guy)

    I call it my Dany Heatley syndrome. At times I consider him one of my favorites and then there are times I absolutely hate him...kind of like this summer. But I suppose now I'm back to that really liking him point...

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  • How many current NHL veterans?

    have been playing with their respected team their whole career?

    (Since I just gave the term veteran and it can kind of become a loose term...let's say player's over the age of 30)

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  • Anyone....anyone....anyone....homer?

    So today while buying my copy of 'The Odyssey' written by Homer....the first thing I thought of was 'homer' like as in sports. (Hockey fans can relate everything to hockey I suppose. :P)

    And that got me wondering....where the hell did the term 'homer' come from? Homer makes me think of A) The Greek poet or B) Homer Simpson. But 'homer' -- 'home team'? I don't know.

    It may be a silly question, but anyone know where the origin of 'homer' came from? I hear the term in other sports too. When did the term come about?

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  • Your favorite John Steinbeck book?

    So recently I've been in a Steinbeck mood. Reading and rereading everything of his.

    I personally can't choose a would either have to be 'Of mice and Men', 'Grapes of Wrath' or 'East of Eden'

    So what's your favorite?

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  • What's the answer to one of the biggest issues?

    Hands down injuries have been one of the leagues biggest issues this season.

    How many big names are out? There's too many for me to even count. As a Pens fan I can count atleast 6: Malkin, Gonchar, Kennedy, Letang, Orpik, Talbot........

    Saku Koivu

    Kari Lehtonen

    Marc Savard

    Milan Lucic

    Cam Ward

    Eric Staal

    Marian Hossa

    Johan Franzen

    David Booth

    Petr Sykora

    Rob Niedermayer

    Rick DiPietro

    Chris Drury

    Doug Weight

    Brandon Dubinsky

    Simon Gagne

    Rob Blake

    Daniel Sedin

    Alex Ovechkin

    ...Now that's nowhere near everybody. I think I emphasized the point enough now. What's to be done? Injuries always happen, I know. It's's a physical game, I KNOW. BUT...

    In your opinion what little things can be done to help make the league a little safer?

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  • Electric Blankets???

    Today I purchased a Biddeford Electric Blanket. About 20 minutes ago I turned it up to the highest setting 'H' just so it could warmup for me. Well when I came up it was just as cold as when I took it out of the newly opened bag....what gives? It wasn't exactly cheap.

    Do all eletric blankets take a while to heat up or is this just garbage? I suppose if it never heats up I'll be taking it back tomorrow.

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  • Will you be watching the Canucks/Isles game tonight?

    I know a lot of people who won't watch just because it's preseason. I say hockey is hockey no matter how important the game is. It's been a long summer and I'm thirsty for anything (even if it means staying up until 12:45 pm EST and having to wake up at 5 am EST)! lol.

    So how about you? Will you be catching any of the game tonight on the NHL Network? Will you be watching ANY preseason games?

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  • Montreal, Canada????????

    So, I'll be headed up to Montreal this hockey season to see the Canadiens play the Canucks, and I'm extremely excited. I've been to Canada countless times....but only Ontario! Quebec seems like a whole different story!

    So obviously I'll be visiting the Bell Centre, but is there any place else you recommend? Have you ever been to Montreal? (This is mainly directed towards Canadians who have lived there/visited, but if you're an american who's visited..feel free to answer) I don't know much French besides 'Bonjour!' but I think I'll learn some!

    To keep this hockey related: Do you think many big names will be moved at the 2010 trade deadline?

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  • Do you wear jerseys in the offseason?

    Ralph - hahaha I'm a Pittsburgh Penguin fan living in Pittsburgh area, but I have to admit my love for Ovechkin and Avery! I wear Ovechkin shirts all the time and get punished for it. :P

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  • Heatley, Coyotes, Heatley, Coyotes, Heatley, Coyotes, Kane?

    It seems like the only news this entire offseason has either been on Dany Heatley or the Phoenix Coyotes. Now within recent weeks every other article that is not about Dany or the Yotes is about Kane and his cab driver punch out antics.

    It's not only the hockey world but the world in general.....'unhappy' topics are the ones most discussed.

    But there have been many heartwarming stories in the NHL past and present.

    Some nice examples:

    So what is your favorite 'heart warming' or 'touching' story either involving a NHL team or a certain player? Stories can be old or new.

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  • Long time no see, eh?

    I don't know why I keep doing this. I leave this site for a loooong time and then swear I'll never come back and then come back for no reason whatsoever. Baah.

    I don't even know if any of the old regulars are still here, but if you are hey...uh, I'm back? :P

    But anyways....I just realized NHL Preseason is about 2 weeks away. Hard to believe, I know. Where did this summer go?

    Anyways... what team (BESIDES YOUR OWN) are you most excited to see how they do in the up and coming season?

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  • Akward pain in chest area?

    So about a year ago I went to the doctor complaining about some uncomfortable chest pain (it's not really painful just uncomfortable), the feeling of having to burp, and some acidy taste in my mouth, and a constant sighing feeling. My doctor took an xray of my chest and said everything looked fine, but said I may have a slight case of acid reflux and just take heartburn medicine when it bothers me. Well soon after that it went away and didn' come back until 6 months ago. It came for a day and then left again. Well, last week I was about to leave for home from vacation and while laying in bed the feeling hit me again. And it's been with me since. The odd thing is it only happens at night.....It didn't bother me tonight until just now (I'm late for my period and was having weird cramps and when I breathed in real deep it started bothering me)

    People have been telling me it's probably 50% mental. When the feeling starts creeping up on me I start getting all worried acting like I'm going to die, lol. When I had a physical a couple months ago I told my other doctor and she said it was just "normal for girls under 18 to have chest pain occasionally" but the random acid taste isn't too normal....

    I'm about 17, thin/average weight....I recently changed my diet before the chest pain, acid taste, and constant sighing hit again. I had been eating a a huge meal every mealtime, and last week I recently went back to my 1 small meal, snacking on fruits and then 1 normal sized meal. Also recently I've excercised more than anyone can imagine, so could this change cause this to start happening?

    Should I maybe go back to the doctor and ask about it again? I mean I feel I can live with it, but I'm being a worry-wort that it may be something huge even though it isnt as bad.

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  • Beauchemin to Toronto?

    IMO this deal DOES make the Leafs a much more intimidating team, but they're still missing things up front.


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  • Happy 4th of July....!?

    Can you answer these hockey question having to deal with America?

    1. America gained its indepence from England. Do you think hockey will ever catch on over there?

    2. Who is/was your favorite player from the US 1980 Olympic team?

    3. What is your favorite NHL team that is based in America?

    4. Who is the best American player currently on your favorite team?

    5. Who is/was the all time best American player to play on your favorite team?

    6. Who was the best American goaltender to ever play the game at the NHL level?

    7. Football and baseball are probably America's "favorite sport" but where would you say hockey ranks?

    8. If you were live in the US who is/was the best hockey player to come from your city. (If none just say none, if you are a Canadian resident just put a "-" symbol)

    9. The Washington Capitals, being in the country's capital, always seems to be the most patriotic. Which all time Capitals jersey is your favorite? (Please provide a link to a picture of the jersey)

    10. (This one won't be about hockey) What did you do today/will do today to celebrate the 4th of July? (For Canadians: What did you do on July 1st to celebrate Canada Day?)

    Here's to the head office of America, America's founding fathers, all you American hockey fans and to all the American hockey players.


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  • Whats with the Habs choosing our sloppy seconds?

    Habs over pay for Hal Gill? Last year Georges Laraque....hmmm...

    KIDDING. But what was Gainey thinking with that Gill contract? OVERPAID.

    What player today do you think has been the most overpaid?

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  • Been kind of a slow day, huh?

    Let's make some predictions before these players are signed. Where do you think the following players will end up?

    Mike Comrie

    Petr Sykora

    Steve Sullivan

    Radek Bonk

    Michael Peca

    Rob Scuderi

    Todd Bertuzzi

    Chris Neil

    Erik Cole

    Darryl Sydor

    Paul Mara

    Thank You!

    Oh and happy Canada Day to you Canadians!

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  • Have you ever really liked a book people told you "you shouldn't"?

    So before I can fully ask the question let me get into a story. Recently I've gotten into Brad Thor's books. I read "The Last Patriot" and couldn't put it down. Pre-ordered his newest "The Apostle" that came out today hoping it comes soon. I, myself, don't like to get into politics too much. I like keeping peace and politics only bring bickering. Though, I would consider myself a liberal someone described Thor's books as a "right-wing rant" and "how can I stand reading something that goes against what I believe"? Personally, I never really thought about it as a "right-wing rant" and to me all it was was a thriller with a main character, Scot Harvath, who was extremely likeable. And I like thrillers.

    So, my question is this: have you ever enjoyed a book or a series of books that went "against" something you believed in or felt. Something someone told you you probably shouldn't read? You can bend this question in any directions you please don't turn it into a political rant. ;)

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  • Can you answer these questions about these "Billy's"?

    Billy Mays died today at age 50. I never could stand that man, but found it kind of ironic because this morning I was watching all the Conan O'Briens I missed last week and he was on Tuesdays.

    But anyways can you answer these questions about hockey players who have had the name "Billy"?

    1. Billy Smith was the first ever goaltender to record a goal. What team were the Islanders playing when he recorded this goal?

    2. How many appearances has Billy Guerin made in the All Star Games?

    3. Billy Burch became the second man to ever win the Hart Memorial trophy. What team did he win it with?

    4. Billy Burch also became the second different man to win the Lady Byng. Which team did he win that one with?

    5. In what year did Billy Ranford win the Conn Smythe trophy?

    6. Billy Coutu is the only player to date who has been banned from the NHL for life. He was banned after punching a ref. Who was the ref he punched?

    7. Billy Carter only managed to put 16 NHL games under his belt. With what two teams did he play those 16 games with?

    8. Billy Carroll will never be remembers as a great player, but he has been remembered as being in the right place at the right time. When it was all said and done, how many Stanley Cup rings did Carroll manage to collect?

    9. Everyone knows the story of Billy Masterton, but which two Oakland Seals players checked Masterton resulting in his death?

    10. At the time of Billy White's retirement he was in the top 5 of the all time Black Hawk scoring defenseman, though he only play 6 seasons. How many goals did he collect? And how many points?

    Have a nice day!

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  • How do you feel so far?

    I missed the draft yesterday because I've been out off town for a week.

    I must say, I'm pleased with the Penguins so far. Simon Despres seems like an excellent pick right now. And I'd be lieing if I said a smile didn't creep onto my face when I saw the Pens had selected Phil Samuelsson. I hope he's just like his father. ;P

    So how has your team done so far? Trades, drafting?

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