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Im 25 live in yorkshire I speak what I think or how I feel so dont take offence I cant stand trolls why do they have to ruin peoples fun?

  • XF Do you think?? John and Edward?

    Am going on holiday and will miss 2 weeks worth of XF do you think John and Edward will still be in when I get back?

    16 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • XF and SCD go head to head which one are you going to watch?

    They are both on at the same time this year so which one are you watching?

    Will you be recording one as well?

    9 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • 'X Factor' stars approached by The Jeremy Kyle?

    Talk about trying to hold on to your 5 mins of fame

    How many people thought that that would happen?

    Do you thing they should go on?

    And would watch it

    9 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Hands up who is looking forward to The X Factor and are you going to watch it?

    Personally I cant wait roll on Saturday....

    17 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • BB do you Love to Hate Bea?

    As much as I don't like her I want her to stay in (not to win) the house to make more trouble

    11 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • x factor do you believe the leaks?

    Its been leaked into the press that Louis has the groups again and Simon has the over 25s

    Do think its just another publicity stunt?

    And will you be watch the new season of the X factor

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  • What do you think the Odds on 'BB' getting axed is?

    Link above to the story on Yahoo

    Do you think they will and do think it will be the right thing to do?

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  • BB Who else thinks Freddie Should Win?

    If not who do you want to win?

    28 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • BB I bet this is a right sight?

    BB houseguests forced to switch clothes

    All non-housemates have been forced to swap their clothes for distinctive items picked out by Big Brother.

    After being called into the garden and instructed to open up a crate, Charlie read out instructions for houseguests to pick out the bags with their names on.

    They were then told to swap whatever they were wearing with the clothes assigned to them by Big Brother, or they would lose their right to become a proper housemate.

    Charlie quickly changed into the small yellow vest and white Y-fronts included in his bag, but the other houseguests hesitated before following his lead.

    Sophia said: "You're making it up. They're having a laugh. This is disrespectful."

    Siavash added: "I should have shaved that bloody eyebrow off."

    Rodrigo and Noirin were free to keep wearing their own clothes, having already been named as official BB10 housemates.

    I would not like to wear some of girls to start with some of them dont wear any at all.

    For a matter of fact...

    Is there anyones clothes in the house you would want to wear?

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  • BB Lisa and Kris are now ....?

    Lisa, Kris become official housemates

    By Mayer Nissim, Entertainment Reporter

    Lisa and Kris have become the third and fourth contestants to become official Big Brother 10 housemates.

    The decision was made when Big Brother telephoned the house and Lisa was the first to pick up the call.

    She was informed that she had 15 minutes to choose someone else to join her as a housemate, but was also told that she must keep her decision secret for that time.

    Big Brother then spoke to the house and announced that Lisa was the third housemate and asked her who she had picked as the fourth.

    When she announced that she had chosen Kris, the houseguests cheered and congratulated them before they were called to the Diary Room.

    Lisa and Kris join Rodrigo and Noirin, who attained full housemate status earlier in the evening.

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  • BB The 1st 2 Official Housemates Revealed?

    Noirin, Rodrigo become full BB10 housemates

    Noirin found herself with no eyebrows this evening as she agreed to let Rodrigo shave them off in order to gain full housemate status.

    Minutes after final 'non-housemate' Siavash entered the compound as part of tonight's live launch night, Big Brother called "one person" to the Diary Room.

    Willing entrant Rodrigo then found himself subject to the first challenge of the series, as Big Brother revealed that the hopefuls must each earn the right to become full housemates.

    The 23-year-old, presented with a permanent marker and a set of clippers, was told that he had four minutes to convince someone to sit in the barber's chair in the house living room.

    "They must allow you to shave off both of their eyebrows and draw a pair of glasses and a curly moustache on their face," instructed Big Brother. "If you pass, you and that person will become housemates."

    The Brazilian student ran out of the Diary Room to reveal his task to the waiting housemates. Noirin made her way over to the chair, stating: "Shave my head off! I worked hard to get here. Just go," while Angel exclaimed: "Is it real, am I sleeping?"

    The 'non-housemates' cheered as Rodrigo completed the challenge, before Big Brother declared that both he and Noirin had been granted full housemate status.

    The pair then entered the bedroom where they found buckets of champagne waiting for them.

    What do you think?

    4 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • BB10 'no housemates' twist revealed What do you think?

    Big Brother's producers have revealed that their will be no "official housemates" on the series ten launch night.

    Eight men and eight women will enter the compound at 9pm tonight on Channel 4 to compete for the £100,000 prize. However, their first challenge will be to become official housemates.

    On arrival the hopefuls will be informed that they are not fully fledged contestants and that they have not been granted full access to the Big Brother house.

    All 16 will have to earn the right to remain on the show. Each applicant will be given specially designed tasks to challenge their "fear and pride".

    They will not be given access to a bedroom, kitchen or bathroom and will have to survive without their suitcases. Big Brother will provide the contestants with porridge and cold water to survive on.

    The group's only cleaning facilities are a bath and a tap providing cold water. The only way to get the water in the bath is via a bucket, which has holes at the bottom

    "Every year on Big Brother, we try to come up with new ideas that will shock and surprise people. So this year, there is literally no furniture. They have crates and barrels to sit on and they will have to sleep on the floor.

    "Over the course of the first few days, all the hopefuls will have to earn the right to be housemates. There will be various tasks that individuals have to go through. They will range from testing their fears and seeing how stupid they are willing to let themselves look - all the usual Big Brother fun and games. If they fail the task, they will no longer be a housemate."

    The insider added: "From the very word go, the contestants will have to work. They think they've done the hard bit at auditions, but they will get here and from the very start, try to earn their right to be here. This will hopefully move the goalposts a little bit, because no one will be expecting this on launch night."

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  • BGT Did you feel sorry for Brit Chicks?

    If the Judges didn't think they were good enough why put them through?

    Do you think the 3 buzzers where fair?

    24 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • The Apprentice Who do you think will go tonight?

    I hope Debra but I think she may just make it to the final I hope not

    17 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • As much as I liked Jade Goody don't you think this going a little bit to far?

    They are talking about making a musical of here life

    Link below if you haven't seen the story

    What do you think?

    20 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • Finally Easterenders Spoiler?

    Finally Danielle tells Ronnie is on Thursday 2nd April Both inside soaps and Digital Spy say the same thing yeah

    Who is glad its over


    One-hour special

    The day of Peggy and Archie's wedding has finally dawned and the bride is extremely nervous about her impending nuptials - she especially hates the dress she's had made. With Ronnie's support, Peggy decides to change it back to the one she originally chose. When she arrives at the church, she worries about wearing a dress that Archie won't like, but Phil reassures her that everything will be fine and she finally plucks up the courage to enter the church. As she walks down the aisle, Archie can't believe that she's switched outfits and is stunned by her insistence that he should take her as she is.

    Meanwhile, with everyone at the wedding, Danielle sneaks into The Vic and drops her locket into Ronnie's champagne glass. Afterwards, she hides upstairs and waits in anticipation for the wedding party to return from the church. On their return, Ronnie heads upstairs to find Danielle holding baby Amy. When Ronnie tells her to leave, Danielle snaps and finally breaks her seven-month silence, dropping the bombshell that she's her daughter.

    Archie appears and admits that he knew about Danielle's crazy claims, but insists that she's making them all up. Danielle, though, tells Ronnie that the proof she needs is downstairs in her champagne flute. In the bar, Archie makes out to everyone that Danielle's mentally ill, resulting in her leaving. Once she's gone, the proceedings continue and during the speeches, Ronnie raises a glass to her father.

    Just as she does, she spots Danielle's locket and is forced to come to terms with the gut-wrenching news that she's been living on the same Square as her daughter for over half a year.

    As those at the wedding struggle to come to terms with the revelation, Archie's world begins to crumble at his feet. Visibly shaken, Ronnie heads to the Slaters' in search of Danielle, who's nowhere to be found. Rushing to the tube station with Stacey in tow, the events which unfold in front of Ronnie's eyes leave her with an eclipsing darkness inside.

    Elsewhere during the day, Max and Tanya seek solace in each other as they discuss their daughter Lauren's situation and the pair find themselves kissing; Roxy slaps Ronnie at the reception; Janine makes an unwelcome appearance at the wedding party; Max asks Stacey to change her statement to help Lauren before her trial, prompting Stacey makes a pass at Max; and Jack admits to Ronnie that he loves her, not Roxy, before begging her for another chance.

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  • If you got to pick who went into the CBB House?

    Who would you chose they can be dead or alive

    7 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago
  • What reality show would go on and why?

    I would go on Strictly so I could learn the tango with Vincent

    8 AnswersReality Television1 decade ago