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Hey There Y'all! Politics and government are my favorite areas, so you'll probably not see me answering any questions in too many other areas. I'm deeply involved in politics in my county of Travis here in the heart of Texas. I'm the Democratic precinct chair for my voting precinct, I've served as an election judge in prior elections, and have volunteered on numerous campaigns. Although I live in a very Red state, I'm fortunate enough to live in one of the few BLUE counties in all of Texas. We are like the island of BLUE surrounded by a sea of Red. Anyway, I guess you could say then politics and government are my lifeline and that I'm almost obsessed with them! Anyway, I have a wonderful family and have worked at The University of Texas at Austin for the last 8 years, also from where I graduated a year ago as a government major. I moved here from Houston in 1999 and have lived in Texas my entire life. Wouldn't want to be anywhere else! Hook 'em Horns!!