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I'm a very practical, all about the basic nesessities. No need for the glamor nor the material things. I try my best to be good to myself. And try to see the truth in everything. A lot of things don't make sense in this world. But i try to focus only on what I can control and change. And forget about the rest.

  • My girlfriend says she loves me. I believe her, but she is mean to me..?

    I love my girlfriend. I don't want anyone else but her. Lately though she has been a real jerk. I let her go on for about three weeks. I finally snapped and kicked her out of the house. We are still communicating, I have explained to her that it's because she is treating me real bad and doesn't appear to want me anymore. She is hanging out with a group of new friends. Because of our bills I have to work alot of hours. I seemed to be losing her. My question is should I even bother to try to work things out with her? She says she wants me and she says she loves me. But her behavior says something different.

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  • I worry too, much. I'm stressed out.I am an overachiever. What can I do to relax.?

    I have set some agressive goals for myself. How can I relax. My job forces me to work hard. My debt forces me to control spending. My girlfreind is completely opposite. How can I relax, without slacking at work, and while still being responsible.

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  • Are energy drinks bad for your heart...I drink Full Throttle made by Coca Cola.?

    My question is: Is my heart going to get larger? I drink at least one energy drink every day. I get so much done and stay in a happy mood. Is this bad? Are there side affects? I figure, at least I'm not doing some other people.

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  • My dog is sick.....what is wrong with her?

    My Whippett is 6 six years old. I love that dog dearly, but last night she started throwing up and she had diahrea. And this morning again she threw up and pooped herself. What should I do? I'v considered put in her down, because she is suffering, but Also I want to give her a chance to fight off whatever she has. Does anyone know what kind of medicine I could giver her?

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  • I'm certain my brother is gay......should I pretend he's not?

    I'm very certain my little brother is gay. He's 18 and his best friend is 18 also. They are always together and disappear for hours at a time. My brother doesn't act like a fairy, but his best friend is very feminine and smiles and stares at me alot. It's really odd. I love my little brother, no matter what. My question is.....should I pretend he's not gay? I'm concerned because, I want him to know that I care about him and love him no matter what. I would never dis-own him.

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  • Should I date woment 13 years younger than me? I'm 32 she's19.?

    A much younger women, has shown very strong interests in me. We talk and talk and talk. She is my neighbors daugther. They just moved to town about a year ago. There is no fence between the properties and when she sees me outside she comes over and we talk forever. She thinks I'm cool, cause I act mature and make her laugh. At first I didn't really think a whole lot of it. But now she is making it very clear, that she wants a relationship. I feel awkward about it. She is attractive and nice. But so young. I feel bad about it. She's just so young. I wouldn't imagine anything long lasting would come out of it. I don't know it's really confusing. Most of the ladies I have dated have been slightly older than me or same age as me. Should I date her? She lives with her mom, and her dad is over 700 miles away. Her mother sees us talking all the time and she comes over to hang out sometimes, so does her step dad. They all seem to be ok with it.

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  • My mom giving my brother my money.....what should I do?

    I love my mom dearly. She's a great person. My little brother takes advantage of her kindness and runs over her. I used to give my mom money, in an effort to show her my love and also so she could buy herself something nice. Unfortunatly, my little brother would end up with something nice. He plays her and ends up taking my money away from her. So I stopped giving her money. I don't know what to buy her, cause she seems to have everything. I have been sending her emails, reminding her of how she has been such a positive influence on my life and to let her know that she's the best. My question is.....are the emails enough? Should I also try to buy her a gift? I don't want my brother to benefit. I love my brother dearly, as well. But my hard earned money is not meant to go to him.

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  • Psycho sister.....upsetting my girlfriend.....why does she do it?

    My older sister is upsetting my girlfriend. My girlfriend and I have been together six years. For some reason, my older sister insists on playing mental games with her. I warned my girlfriend from the beggining about her, but she thought my sister was reaching out, but she pissed her off on purpose. My girlfriends day was ruined by my sister and I was a bit distracted also. My question is.....why does my sister continue to interfere.....after so many years? Does she enjoy watching me suffer.....when a girl breaks up with me? I don't know how I would react if my sister ran off my girlfriend. I want to tell my girlfriend....I told your so....but nobody wants to hear that. So I just supported her and reminded her that nothing nor nobody will tear us apart. This morning I could still see she was upset and hurt. I'm starting to really hate my sister.

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  • Co-worker stabbing me in the back....what should I do?

    I work with an individual who is talking about me and has been for the past year. I have tried to be a teamplayer, but he continues to be a two faced son of a gun. I'm changing jobs soon, and have an opportunity to inform HR as too how I feel about him. Should I inform HR that he has made my job unpleasant or just move on and leave on a pleasant note.?

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  • Should I marry my girlfriend....of six years?

    I love my girlfriend dearly. I can't imagine a day without her. We've been together six years. People keep asking me why we are not married. She is divorced and I got burned real bad. So I just don't want to ever get divorced. And she says she won't marry again. We are getting by the way we are and we seem to both agree that marriage is not for us. Or should I just tell people that we are married, so they will not ask so many questions? Technically we are common law married.

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  • Should I take counter constipation caused by coffee?

    I like to drink coffee, the coffee helps me work better. I work 12 hour shifts and the caffeen boost helps me work better. But the coffee also tends to constipate me. Should I take fiber to help me counter the effects of the coffee on my digestive system? I just feel so full and bloated.

    5 AnswersDiet & Fitness1 decade ago
  • Why do I feel the medical industry is stealing from me...?

    I stopped going to the doctor, because I don't trust that they care about my health. I feel that they are only interested in making claims against my insurance company. It bothers me because they start using scare tacktics to get me to come back. I know I should get a least a yearly physical, but they just make me angy. your fat, your cholestoral is high, stop drinking so much, stop smoking. Same old story, and they can't seem to understand that I'm living my life the way I want to. I know I have some bad habits, but I just really don't care to change right now. I am who I am.

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  • Should I diet with my girlfriend...?

    My girlfriend wants to lose weight. Her and her cousin are supporting each other to lose weight. However, I feel my girlfriend will not succeed because I am always taking out for lunch and dinner. I am afraid I will be a negative influence on her diet goal. I am overweight myself, but I have no ambition of losing weight, mostly because I quit frankly gave up on dieting. It would be nice to lose 10 pounds or so, but I don't want to lie to her or to myself. Should I diet with her? Even if I don't really want to diet?

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  • Why isn't pot legal?

    I don't think is any worse than alcohol nor cigarrettes. I don't understand why pot isn't legal. It makes you laugh and eat alot. And you don't have a hangover in the morning. There are so many people smoking pot. Pretty odd, that's it's illegal, but alcohol and cigarettes are legal.

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  • I can't seem to stay motivated about going to the gym....?

    I know I should go to the gym. I know how to excercise properly. But I have gotten burnt out. I have lost my motivation. How can I stay motivated about going to the gym?

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  • I want to do standup comedy.....I love to make people laugh...?

    I have always wanted to do standup comedy. And I hope to someday. But it seems like someday is never going to get here. I consider supporting my family my highest priority. I work and always provide for us, and I am very happy to do so. Standup just keeps getting put on the back burner and gets pushed back more and more. Now I'm starting to wonder what I was thinking wanting to do something like standup. But still I don't want to ever regret not trying. My question is: Should I try standup comedy? Is it a stupid idea? Is it pointless to want to do something like that? I just enjoy making people laugh, at work, at home, when on the phone, it makes me feel good that I made them laugh.

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  • My little sister is doing meth....?

    My younger sister has a terrible drug addiction. I used to try to keep her away from the drugs and people who did drugs, but I failed to save her. Now she is doing meth. I love her so much. and when I think about how she lives I just get so sad.

    3 AnswersFamily1 decade ago
  • boss is not likeable?

    I don't like my boss too much. Reason being, is I have alot of experience and have worked for many other bosses. He is cool but I've had much better bosses. I have also had a few really bad bosses. How can I view him in a better way. He is one of the better bosses. I guess it's because I can see he is really mostly interested in looking out for himself and does not give his team more attention and his tone is not the best. He's alright but not consistent with his moods.

    2 AnswersOther - Careers & Employment1 decade ago
  • I miss my sister, but she is not very nice to me, so we don't speak much...?

    I've been with my girlfriend for six years. My older sister is very critical of her and my sister has always interfered in my relationships. It seems like my sister is a bit psycho. I love my sister and I don't want to stop talking to her. Life is short. But I can't help but to feel dislike for my sister. I'm very grateful that my girlfriend is sticking around and not allowing my sister to run her off.

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  • Should I call my grandma more often....?

    I care about my grandma dearly. I love speaking to her. But I don't always have much to say. Maybe I'll send her a card.

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