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  • How do I restore my "Favorites"?

    My current "Favorites" tab on a web site, no longer functions correctly, all the saved Favorites was lost. Now I am also unable to use a newly saved site to try and repopulate it.

    I was trying to save my Favorites to a memory stick in case my computer ever crashed. Unfortunately somehow I lost all my Favorites. Now when I draw down my “Favorites” tab on a web site it is blank. When I try to add a new site to my Favorites it allows me to, but later when I try to click on the saved site later I get an error message that says, “The Target “” of this internet Shortcut is not valid. Go to the Internet Shortcut Property Sheet and make sure the target is correct”.

    But I did find all my original “Favorites” in the “Owners” icon on the desktop. How do I make the “Favorites” tab on a internet page draw from the “Favorites File Folder” in the “Owners” file? Does this seem like something that you can correct?

    I tried doing a “Restore”, but that did not bring back the Favorites to where it was before. I tried repopulating the new Favorites, but I get the error message I mentioned above.

    This is a Toshiba Lap Top with a Vista Operating System.

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  • Favorites went blank... How do I get my Favorites back?

    This sounds unbelievable and Time Warner, Microsoft, and Toshiba were all unable to answer this question, can you?

    I was trying to save my Favorites to a memory stick in case my computer ever crashed. Unfortunately somehow I lost all my Favorites. Then I found two “Favorite File Folders”, in my “Owners” icon on the desk top. One of the Favorite File Folders is blank; the other Favorite File Folder contains all my original favorites. For some reason my “Favorite” tab on the internet pages is drawing the information from the blank Favorite File Folder which then shows that I have no Favorites, instead of the full Favorite File Folder that has all my original Favorites in it.

    How do I get rid of the Blank Favorite File Folder, and have the internet site Favorite Tab draw from the Favorite File folder containing my original Favorites?

    Thank You...

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  • I just lost all my "Favorites" trying to export, how do I get them back?

    I was trying to export my "Favorites" to a memory stick just so I wouldn't los them if my computer ever crashed. And Ironically I somehow deleted them all when I tried to drag the Favorite File to my desk top. How do I restore my computer to a time so that my "Favorites", will come back.

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  • Where is Alfred Caiazza now?

    The Kid could sing... What's he up to now?

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  • How do I make the Yahoo chess board larger?

    How do I make the Yahoo Chess Board larger? All of a sudden it is a lot smaller than it always used to be.

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