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  • My terabyte comes up as almost full, but the file sizes don't add up?

    I have a Philips external hard drive, which has the ability to hold 931GB of space.

    I've checked (and double checked) the properties of the folders and files which show up on the drive, and they add up to a total size of almost 350GB. However, the disk properties tells me I have filled 885GB of space.

    I can't see any duplicates hiding, and the disk isn't fragmented. I've tried disk clean up and there is nothing to clear. There don't seem to be any hidden files, although I can't work out how to show them if there were.

    Does anybody know what could be causing this problem? And preferably have advice on how to fix it?

    Thanks :)

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  • Does anybody know any cinemas showing 'Third Star' when it's released on Friday?

    "Third Star" with Benedict Cumberbatch, Hugh Bonneville, Tom Burke and JJ Feild is due to be released this Friday (20th May 2011) but I can't find any cinema which has even heard of it, never mind seen it. Does anybody know anything about what's happened to this amazing sounding film? It's not on megavideo but it's on IMDb... Help if you can! x

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  • I used to visit a site which had a new lent challenge daily - has anybody heard of it?

    I remember in around 2008 or 2009 at lent I was stuck on what to give up and I stumbled upon a site which came up with a new 'good' activity daily. Whether it be write a letter to a relative, help someone with bags or whatever, it provided a regime to stick to. It was a really good thing to do for the whole of lent... However. I've lost the site. Has anybody heard of anything similar? Thanks. Sandy xx

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  • Caterham Barracks... anyone know anything about the history?

    I'm doing a project on Caterham Barracks and I'm looking for as much (useful) information as possible. There seem to be no photos on google and if anyone has any links I would really appreciate it.

    We need some key dates other than the opening, bombing and shutting down. There must be something?

    Any old stories would also be appreciated.

    Thanks to anyone who can help.


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  • Going to Marrakesh - Need some advise!?

    Ok, so my mum and I have just booked a spontaneous flight out to Marrakesh for a week in May :) I am obviously really exited, but neither of us know anything about Morocco.

    We want to know :

    1) How far is it (taxi price? distance?) from Marrakesh to the beach?

    2) What are the best hotels you've stayed in there?

    3) What kind of thing do you wear?

    4) Best restaurants that are easy to get to? - We have no car for the week

    5) Any other important things we should know?

    Thanks to anyone who can answer any of my questions! xxx

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  • Has anyone got any ideas for fundraisers?

    I'm sorry, I know there are alot of similar questions but I do have some different specifics!

    Im 15 and in 2011 Im going to Borneo for a month with the school. Unfortunately, the trip alone is £3500 and extras like clothes and sleeping bags etc will probably come to about £500, meaning I would like to raise £4000. My parents have said they'll help with what I cant raise but I dont want to let them down so I was hoping for some inspiration.

    A friend and I are holding a disco for 12 year olds next Saturday which should raise about £200 hopefully. At some point I would like to do a quiz night... any good ideas or experiences which would help me with that?

    My age restricts me from getting a part time job, and my school goes from 7.30am to 8.30pm, meaning I dont have much time for after school car washes and bag packing.

    Anyway, I was just hoping for some ideas that you think I could do?




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  • DVDs are not playing properly on my laptop? Help?...?

    Ok so I have a Sony Vaio with Windows Vista.

    I've had this problem for a while now but I always thought it was something I was doing wrong, but I give up now.

    Every time I play a DVD (or try to) it plays a very stuttery version, like when you are trying to watch a video on youtube and it doesn't load fully. The audio carries on but the video has to speed to catch up, or it just stops for a while and then starts again. I thought I might have had too many applications open so I shut everything. I tried playing on Windows Media Player 11 and WinDVD for windows, the two that I have. CDs work perfectly, as does watching clips on itunes, BBC iplayer and youtube.

    I have tried many different DVDs, shutting down and restarting the computer and also the DVDs on other devices or computers to check they work (which they do).

    Has anyone got any ideas what could be wrong or how I can fix this?

    Thanks for any help you can give

    Sandy xxxxxxx

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  • Is my music on my laptop taking up double the space it should because I use iTunes?

    Ok, so Im low on disk space and Im wondering about my music. I

    have 112 Gb of stuff on itunes (movies, tv and music). I have a 284 Gb Cdrive (which is the only drive) and its full. Not of documents or anything, and Ive done disk cleanup. My question is, is all 112 Gb of media which is on my itunes also taking up 112 Gb on my drive (aswell)?

    ie :

    if a song is 1 Gb ( hypothetically)

    I download it to my desktop so it takes up 1 Gb of space.

    Then I add it to itunes.

    Is it now taking up 1 Gb or 2 Gb of stuff?

    Would be grateful for an answer!

    Thank you :D xxxx

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  • womany question... pill and fertility, menstruation etc?

    Odd question but in a year and a bit Im going to Borneo to help out with building site for the children and helping planting in the rainforest etc, for a month. I will be 16 by then and cant wait, but its an undeveloped part of Borneo so the loos are dreadful. I'm not fussy and pretentious but it would be pretty awkward to be on my period for that and I was wondering if anyone had any hints. I was thinking of going on the 30 day pill course, stopping my period completely. I want to make sure this doesn't affect fertility though and also how long I need to take it for before my period stops for an entire month.

    Hoping you girls can help me out with this because I am a bit worried to ask Mum to get me the pill without telling her all the facts because she would think it was for contraceptive purposes etc and would spend forever worrying about me and if it damaged my health etc.




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  • Jingle Bell Ball - What to wear / do / Help!!!?

    I've been invited by a friend to the jingle bell ball and Im 15 and a complete newbie to anything like it. I havent been to a proper concert, havent been to a club, and dont get drunk.

    I have ok fashion sense but not amazing, and was wondering if anyone could tell me what to wear or what to expect?!

    Thank you!



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  • I just bought Kaspersky but it wont download because McAfee is apparently still here? HELP!?

    I just bought the anti virus software Kaspersky and downloaded the instillation programme. My laptop came with the trial version of McAfee. I tried to install Kaspersky and it told me 3 McAfee programmes were in the way. I uninstalled all McAfee programmes and restarted the computer. I ran the installation software again but it said there was still one programme - McAfee Internet Security Suite with Site-Advisor 2008. I searched for this in the lost of programmes. It wasnt there. I then searched my entire laptop using the start menu, and it still want there! How can I make the Kaspersky download?!?!?!?!?!? HELP!!! Please! xxxxxxxxx

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  • How do I get more space on my sony vaio?

    Hey. I have had my Sony Vaio for less than a year and it wont let me download any more songs or programmes, or anything of the sort. It says my hard drive is full. I understand what this means but is there a way I can either add more space to my laptop or transfer some of the stuff onto a portable hard drive (<-- is there such thing?!) so that I can still access it all? I dont know the storage capacity (Can anyone help?!) but I have about 80GB on my itunes... and quite a few programmes like spotify, bbc iplayer and msn.

    Grateful for help!



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  • What do you think of this poem? Based on the 1996 film of Romeo and Juliette. xXxXx?

    For How could I love a sweeter love than thee,

    whilst in thy beauty my love shall be the key,

    and whilst thou sleep I lie beside your bed,

    and whilst thou die a weapon to mine head.

    Running up white marble stairs,

    Too numb to hurt, too sad to care,

    A fallen angel softly sleeping,

    The love of her life lies softly weeping

    And then that vial, so small and round

    And one half drinks without a sound.

    But then he'll watch, his love awakes,

    The potions drunk, and both blame fate,

    She cries and watches, all hope is stolen,

    Three cries echo, one half is broken

    "Drunk all, and left no drop to help me after? "

    The young Julliet once cried with laughter,

    The tears stream down soft pale skin,

    She lacks the strength to hold them in.

    A single bullet, sharp and strong,

    Two people so right, and yet, so wrong.

    The silver gun, it bears a sign,

    A Montigue gun in a Capulet shrine, `

    With shaking hands, with fierce eyes,

    And lo behold the other half dies.

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  • Help! MSN gone wrong! Error 800700ce?

    I downloaded the newest version on windows live messenger (the 2009 version) and I haven't been able to sign in for about a month. I have removed and re-uploaded msn several times, and of course restarted the computer loads!!! I have a Windows Vista HP Pavillion dv2000. I have also tried several accounts on msn. I'm using a wireless connection, and I have uploaded msn using both internet explorer and safari. Please Help!!!! XxxX

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  • HELP!!! Should I do history or geography gcse?!?!?!?

    I'm doing Maths, Double English, RE (which are all compulsary), Spanish, dual science, Drama, Latin and then either history of geography. today is decision day :S I want 2 be in law, and at the moment thinking family or corporate law, but not definate. Please help!!!!

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  • Pre-Booked seats on Zoom airlines, want to change seat numbers... any ideas?

    We booked 3 seats on Zoom airlines, and now we'd like to change the seats we're in. There will be no price difference, and the seats we want aren't booked. Can anyone tell me where to go on the site (we have an account), to change our seats? Answer ASAP please, cause we need to change them soon!

    Luv Moi


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  • I read before I die by Jenny Downham and am scared I have cancer. I have scars on my leg and no cuts - help!?

    I'm not normally the one who gets paranoid, but I read the book called 'befor I die' about a young girl who has luekemia. I'm a complete cry baby and cry at everything, but didnt shed a tear in this book.

    Thing is, I'm really scared I have cancer. In the book it mentions that the girl 'shouldnt be this tired' - from the doctor. I have been getting plenty of sleep, and am shattered, and have been for months. I'm quite worried. Thats no my ony thing to work on btw. She mentions scars, and a while back at the top on the outside of my thigh, near my hips, where some blue scary lines. A couple of months later they just look like 6 or 7 scars, under the skin. I havent cut myself or anything like that. They are quite hard to see, you have to be at the right angle. Help?!

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    I was on an unnoficial dotor who website and the abbreivation DW/TW/SJA/EB

    Now DW = Doctor who

    TW = Torchwood

    SJA = Sarah Jane adventure (ps does anyone reading this know if that carried on after the one premier episode?)

    And EB=???????????

    Someone help, please!?

    Luv Moi


    ps no pages of copied of wiki thnx!

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  • roar, 10 points for 2 specific codes, 24 POINTS for amazing answer?

    Hi, ok all i need is the codes for the habitats that dont come autimatically. There are two. Giving me JUST these to codes, i dont want any other, will earn 12 points - best answer and 2 points for answering.

    I also need specific treats, and animals.

    Giving me these codes - with what the get, will take extra time. If you guve me that time and tell me exactly what i want to knoe, i will ask another question with your username as the title. Answer that with just nothing, and you will get this best answer, that best answer and the 4 ponts for answering both. Thanks. Ok the others that id like are below, but if u are confused just give me the two habitat codes.

    I need the 2 habitats, and if you can tell me treat codes - with the specific treat next to the code, some animals - again with labelled codes. PLEASE DONT JUST ANSWER SAYING YOUR CONFUSED. Thats what someone did to me when i asked this before and i ended up being forced to give them best answer. Please help.

    Luv Moi


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  • roar cbbc, easy 10 points.?

    Hi, I no theres loads of questions on this, but I need 2 things, one is some specific codes which I'll ask l8r, and 2 just a list of all the codes cause every question has different answers, and i need wat they do. Now I need to know the codes for :

    2 habitats that arent asian forest, african jungle and savanna.

    as many treats as you know, but the codes must have what the treats are cause i have most of them ike the water on leaves and the salt lick i only need a few more. Also missing quite a few animals so.....

    Other thing is how many enclosures do you have when you start cause I unlocked 2 new enclosures but still only have 5 which is what i thought i started with. Do u actually start with 3? Thnx, I'll give the points 2 the best answer so start typing.

    Luv Moi


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