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Im 23 yrs old and living in Texas trying to complete my schooling here. I enjoy outdoor sports such as basketball and sand volleyball, watching sporting events both live on person and on TV be it at home or at a bar, and love watchin other events live like comedy shows or theater shows. Youd probably find me most in the Wrestling section and Sports Section. Im a huge Wrestling fan as well as a Football, Basketball, and Boxing fan. When it comes to wrestling, i mostly watch the WWE with Edge being my favorite superstar. When it comes to Basketball, I'm a huge LA Lakers fan. As for football, im into both the NFL and College Football with the Dallas Cowboys being my team in the NFL and the Texas Longhorns being my team in teh NCAA. Boxing, well i enjoy watching any mexican boxer fight as they know how to get down, from Eric Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera, Oscar De La Hoya, Jose Luis Castillo, etc. Other boxers I enjoy watchin are Bernard Hopkins, Winky Right, and Jermaine Taylor.

  • Was HHH really the Best Person to Induct Flair???

    Personally, I think "The Enforcer" Arn Anderson should of been the guy to induct Flair.

    I know I wasn't old enough to see the Original Four Horsemen, but I did first follow the Four Horsemen when it was Flair, Anderson, Benoit, and McMichaels in WCW and they were interesting enough for me to try to learn its stable history. But after reading the history, it seems that Arn Anderson would of been the perfect guy to induct Flair.

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  • Sorry but I think tonight's RAW ending sucked?

    This is just my opinion, I know many are not gonna agree with it but anyway...

    Seriously, we all know HHH is gonna win at Wrestlemania, but does he have to be more than often be the last guy standing on Raw...Oh yeah I forgot, he is sleeping with the boss's daughter. besides he already had this backstage power before hooking up with Stephanie. Its stuff like this is why I overlook at the fact that he has wrestled for years, does deserves the spot he has but at the cost of others who also deserve the same spot,

    Personally, when HHH came out, I was hoping that somehow Orton and Cena (even though I hate Cena) would somehow work together and actually beat down HHH. It would of been ironic and kind of a 'holy sh*t' moment for me. It would probably set me up to want to watch all of RAW next week instead of flipping the channel every so often to something else.

    Anyway just my 2 cents

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  • After watching Benoit-Edge match-who else thinks Benoit&Edge would put up a better match than Batista-Edge?

    Since tonight it was announced that Batista would (once again) get a world title shot against Edge at Vengeance, but after watching Smackdown match between Edge and Benoit, I thought that match was better match that the 2 previous Batista-Edge matches and even the 3 previous Batista-Undertaker matches (no disrespect to the Undertaker, he is a legend, but he did carry Batista throughout).

    I just think Edge and Benoit both have superb in ring skills to put up trio of 5 star matches against one another...

    What is your opinion???

    After seeing Benoit-Edge match, would it be a more entertaining match to have Benoit battling Edge at Vengeance, or should Batista (once again) get another shot at the title at Vengeance...

    ***Some have speculated that Benoit is moving to Raw, if this the case, then do you think anyone else other than Batista would put up a good match against Edge like Benoit did??? if so who???

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  • Do you think the actual backstage politics that occur behind close doors is deteriorating the WWE???

    For example,

    Stephanie McMahon's real life hatred for some of the WWE talent, plus her new position of being responsible of firing and rehiring people (latest victim being Ariel,a diva Stephanie personally didnt like, who was fired for an altercation with Batista, who of course is a good friend of her husband Triple H)...

    Triple H's backstage power (in RAW) to push those he likes and hold back wrestlers he dislikes (latest victim Edge jobbing to HBK on RAW)...

    Vince McMahon continuing John Cena to be champ because of the cashcow he is and constant mockery he makes of ECW...

    These are just a few, but I'm sure there is more....

    Do you think all the backstage politics are causing WWE to go downhill??? If no, are there other reasons you think the WWE is going downhill or do you think all is well with the WWE???

    (Beware of POP-UPS)

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