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Since you clicked in this area. I worked for the U.S. government for nearly 25 years and managed to spend nearly 23 of those abroad in one capacity or another. The government gave me the ability to live in 7 foreign countries and travel officially, or for pleasure, to another 70 countries. I speak 5 languages and have an advanced degree in Business. I've since retired and work full time and call the great state of New York home. That's in the USA part of North America. I'm not a big fan of ignorance, and will most likely tell you so. Especially if you can't string a sentence together logically or butcher the English Language grammatically. I really like the ability to help others based on my life's experiences but grammar is the window to the brain so do yourself a favor and take your time, spell check and use the correct There/They're/Their and You're/Your. How hard is it?

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