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  • Was this a small seizure or Tourette's?

    I work at a grocery store up front. Earlier today I was returning to the front of the store after I ran an errand toward the back. Iwas walking down an aisle when a gentleman stopped beside me looking like he wanted to ask me something. He jerked his head back SHARPLY and kind of weird. I calmly asked "May I help you?". He asked for customer service. I pointed and said it's there under the clock which we could clearly see from where we were standing. I'm asking about that jerking back of his head. PLEASE DON'T judge I've only seen seizures and toruette's symptoms on movies and TV. First time I seen whatever that was in front of me

  • How do you die from drinking soy sauce?

    I just watched a show where some kid drank a WHOLE BOTTLE of soy sauce. YES I know that's a hell of a  lot. that's not what I'm asking. I'm asking what it did to his system for it to kill him. PLEASE help me understand cause the show didn't help me understand

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  • What do they mean by crimes against nature?

    I am watching a TV show the episode came out in the '90s called Unsolved Mysteries. It was a segment on modern Vampires (their term not mine). One of the so called was convicted of crimes against nature. But they didn't explain even in a general way what it meant. considering the other crimes against him I'm thinking they were sexual in nature but I don't know

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  • Are you diabetic? Advise needed for newbie PLEASE?

    In the first week in February 2020 I was diagnosed with diabetes. I don t remember the ACTUAL number but I know my blood sugar level was OVER 600 at the time. I was put in hospital with that but MOSTLY for an infection I was fighting at the time. I keep getting mixed messages of what to do and what not to do. So you know I am giving myself injections as well as pills for this. I need no help with that kind of thing. What I need most help with is. When I m working how do I know the difference of reactions I m having (light headedness for example) as to whether it s that I m working really hard and/or overheating or if it s the diabetes. That s the one I M REALLY WORRIED ABOUT the most. When this happens I have to wait at least an hour for my break. What I m asking is when should that light headed feeling should be a worry. YES I DID ask this while I was still at the hospital in February. Cause they asked me if I had this or that symptom. I said I DID but it s usually at work and I work so hard it could be that. SO WHAT DO I DO? PLEASE no judgement if I was asking your question like this I wouldn t judge. REMEMBER I said I JUST got diagnosed with this. THANK YOU for your answers ahead of time

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  • Another problem I'm having with my kitten?

    I was newly diagnosed with diabetes early part of February. I have to give myself insulin shots. The needle that goes on my pens comes covered with 2 caps. a smaller inner grey one and a bigger one that goes over the top. SOMETIMES I drop one or the other of those caps. NO THEY DO NOT have the needle in them when they are dropped. I try to pick them up quickly but sometimes my kitten is just a little bit faster. So far she hasn't swallowed one. But I'm worried. Should I worry about her swallowing ESPECIALLY the smaller grey cap? It's more then small enough to get down her throat with out her choking. But I'm worried it could get caught in her intestant or something

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  • I need help with my kitten?

    She's been crying on and off during the day lately. It's ALMOST like she's missing something or someone. I've had her for 4 months but this behavior has started in the last month. I'll admit the way she flings her toys around SHE MAY be missing her favorite toy or something. But unfortunately when I clean and move thing I pull any of her toys out from under the furniture and she's still doing it. My older cat is still around and kicking. So as far as I can tell she's not missing that. AND she'll cry a few times then act like her usual self running around and raising hell with me and/or the older cat. ANY IDEAS? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated THANK YOU

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  • Aren't hemp and marijuana the same thing?

    Where I came from those words were interchangable. They meant the same thing. I just seen a commercial for a news story that said THEY AREN'T. Hemp is cousin to marijuana is what the clip said. So which is true? This question is PURELY out of curiosity

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  • Do you have a recipe for ole ballins?

    This is a strange name for a TASTY TREAT. I think it's either Dutch or possibly Bohemian. They look like donut holes with raisins in them. Unfortunately for me the only two people in my family who would have had the recipe have passed. I WAS LUCKY to find out the name of this.

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  • hat do you kno about smart TVs?

    i recently bought a Samsung series 5 5250. I have found it's e-manual. But STILL can't find answer to a problem I am having. It will play videos on & facebook. But not on other sites I go to. For example I subscribe to CBS access and it doesn't work. HELP & TY

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  • How DO YOU ask your doctor about pain?

    This may sound like stupid question. But let me explain. It seems like every time I bring up the subject I get the feeling they think I want pain pills. I DO NOT want pain pills. The pain I m in would have to be MUCH WORSE and/or involve my head (my rotten teeth and/or migraines) for me to want to resort to that. My pain is in the left shoulder, my feet and legs (especially the hips). I no longer with anyone. So I worry about taking pain pills. So I take acetminophen or ibuprofen which for now is good enough. WHAT I WANT from doctor is advise about stretching exercises OR SOMETHING. But I don t know how to ask without getting one of THOSE looks. AND YES I do get them

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  • What do they call these kitchen gadgets?

    My boss has been hand dipping carmel apples lately. One day I noticed she was using this thing. I THOUGHT it was a thing that she would dip the apples and then tip the apple onto this thing then use it to hold the apple while she put the other toppings on. She's putting peanuts cinnamon sugar and other things BESIDES caramel on them. Kind of like the stand cake decorators use to be able to turn the cake around as they decorate. NO she showed me how it worked. She takes the stem out. Puts the apple on it. And it punches the stick into the apple. I THOUGHT HOW COOL. We have Halloween parties around here and I thought that thing would come in handy. SO can you help?

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  • would you stick up for a child you DON'T KNOW that's being bullied?

    This is JUST an opinion poll. Would you stick up TO THE HILT for a child who's being bullied. EVEN IF you don't know them. I WOULD

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  • Is there anything you can do RIGHT AWAY for the child if you should happen to find one left in a car?

    I was watching a recreation of something like this. JUST BEFORE the man who found the child found him he had placed some bottled water in the trunk of his car. I was thinking. Could he may have taken some of that water and maybe sprinkled some of the water on the baby after unclothing child down to diaper for example? I'm thinking maybe to help with the cooling down process before help came. OR would it do more harm then good?

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  • Do you remember the M*AS*H episode where they held their own Olympics for a 3 day pass? Who were those MPs that turned the ambulance over?

    I tried looking it up and I found the episode I mean. But they weren't even mentioned. I want to know how they were able to do that. Was it camera trickery? Or were they weight lifters? or WHAT?

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  • Can you tell me the name of these books?

    I was reading these books about an older woman. It starts out with her being bored with retirement. She is a widow. With at least 2 grown children. She decides to apply to either the FBI or the CIA can't remember which and SHE GETS ACCEPTED MOSTLY because of a case of mistaken identity. The rest of the book series is her going on assignments for whichever organization it was. BY THE BY I HIGHLY RECOMMEND if you haven't read it already. I want to know the name of the books and/or the author PLEASE and THANK YOU

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  • They really can't do anything to Bruce Sawhill for what he did to Katie can they?

    I was just watching a rerun of John Walsh's new show about this case. Bruce is a pedophile who molested a girl named Katie. They are after him. BUT she has now passed from a huffing incident. Now that there is no longer an accuser and there was not trial because him and his wife disappeared before the trial there's really nothing they can do, right? I'm thinking about that law where if they can't face their accuser? DON'T GET ME WRONG I don't think he should get away with it. I was just wondering what the law is about this.

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  • I was diagnosed this morning with stasis dermatitis. Advise to relieve this condition?

    This started when I got a new job 2 months ago.I DON'T want to quit I JUST got it and the pay is GREAT. So any advise on to help ease pain while working would be greatly appreciated. Doctor gave me prescription for a cream for my legs and said I should get some compression socks. But is there anything else I can do? I have started already before I got the diagnosis. When the legs cause me pain I tell my coworkers I need to take a walk and DO JUST THAT. Can you think of anything else. Just so you know I work 8 hours a day ALL standing on my feet except for 1/2 hour break.

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