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  • can i still be pregnant while on my period..heres my story (: please help?

    Im taking the pill and also using back up methods (condoms) but like a week ago the condom had broke...and got around the area of my inner thigh part i was freaking out, and i had started my placebo week on the pill...

    sunday -- no period.

    monday -- no period

    tuesday -- no period

    wednesday -- no period

    thursday -- very light discharge

    friday -- also light discharge

    saturday -- heavy normal period.

    sunday -- that's tomorrow (:

    can i still be pregnant ? And no im not one of those under age girls having sex.. so please don't give me a lecture because im 17 and i have a boyfriend of one year, who are having VERY protected sex, because i am on the pill and we use a backup anyway.. pleaseee help (:

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