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  • Im not sure i still love him?

    I have been dating the same guy for 3 years and he proposed to me. I said yes because i thought thats what i wanted.. and i do but im not sure with him.. we are different and a lot of things we dont see eye to eye. I love him a lot as a person, he is my best friend, he is very sweet and does a lot for me and a lot of girls would kill for a guy like that but i am missing something. I always had little doubts about us but never acted on it because i thought thats what a long term relationship is about.. not feeling the butterflies after a while, the routine, the boredom... we used to see each other everyday but now i got a different job that allows me to have more time for myself and since then i have been distant and i havent been feeling the love.. our seex life is at 0, we have seex like once a week, the same position, same routine, its boring, no passion... he doesnt give me physical attention or conpliments, we dont cuddle a lot... he loves me to death and is doing everything he can to keep me but i dont know if i can.. i wanna break up with him but i dont want to hurt him.. i truely care for him but i feel like i grew out of love and idk how to tell him.. are all relationships going to end up this way? Am i wrong for not giving it a chance? Should i stay because he loves me and wouldnt hurt me??

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  • Belly button piercing closed up?

    I got my belly pierced when i was 18 and i am 25 now. Ive since then changed my jewel many many times but never went without it.

    3 days ago i lost my jewel and decided not to replace it right away because i thought nothing would happen since ive had it for so long. I looked at my belly right now and i felt like it was closed so i rushed trying to put a jewel in and indeed it was closed..

    so i pushed and forced the jewel in and after many tries and some bleeding it finally went thru but from top to bottom not the opposite.. is that normal? I thought it would take at least a month to close.. i want it to heal properly and now i have a "ball" in the hole.. please help.. should i apply polysporin? Btw i sanitized the jewel and my skin with alcohol before forcing the jewel in

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  • i am always cold?

    i am always cold.. even when its not cold i get cold.. the little breeze that you feel when you walk makes me cold, it gives me shivers.. i feel like i constantly get goosebumps. i get cold during spring and summer, i even wear little sweaters sometimes.. its really annoying and i wanna make it go away because i feel like this ain't normal

    anyone knows what could cause this? am i just someone who gets cold easily or is this some sort of thyroid gland problem or am i missing vitamins? i feel like i wasn't this way when i was a teenager, i'm 24 now..

    i would love to see a doctor but it's hard to get to see a specialist in my area or any kind of doctor for that matter

    thank you

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  • Resorts in Jamaica?

    My boyfriend and I are planning a vacation to Jamaica. After lots of research, we narrowed it down to a few hotels that we like, but are still indecisive.

    we have a budget of about 2000$ per person and are planning on going at the beginning of August.

    We have Grand Palladium Jamaica/Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton, Riu Palace Jamaica and Iberostar Rose Hall Suites, all in Montego Bay.

    We would like a hotel that is maybe adults only, or not very family oriented. We wanna party but not intensively, we also wanna relax. Food and cleanness of the hotel are important, as well as the beaches and pool area. We would also like to do some activities.

    Is weed available in all resorts? Will weed be less available if it s a fancier hotel?


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  • Cute ideas for boyfriend s birthday?

    I want to give my boyfriend his birthday gift in a special way, either after dinner at a restaurant or something. I want it to be private... any ideas? Doing something at home right now is not possible. Each one of us is staying at our parents.

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  • Nanny housekeeper expectations and salary?

    I recently started a new nanny/housekeeping job.

    I am expected to care for a toddler and a baby, make their food, feed them, dress them, drive them to daycare then come back and cook supper, clean, do laundry in a space frame of 4 or 5 hours.

    They are offering me 12$/h. Minimum wage where I live is 10.75$/h.

    Are they expecting too much for the amount they are paying me?

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  • I found a lump in my breast?

    I found a lump in my right breast. It's been there for a while now. It is located under my boob. It doesn't hurt when I touch it on a regular day, but when my period is near, it hurts. Is this cancer? Or nothing to worry about? I am 23 years old and been on the pill for about 4 years now. I will see a doctor but could this be bad? I am super scared

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  • Am I depressed?

    Sometimes, I wake up feeling super sad or emotionless. I will either cry all day and feel like someone just died or just not feel a single emotion all day, no happiness, no sadness, no love, nothing. I start hating myself and hating my life. It even affects people around me. I become insensitive and mean and I become cold towards my boyfriend. I stop talking to him and I isolate myself completely and shut him down and I just stay in bed all day. I can't help it. When I cry it feels good but sometimes it is not enough. I can cry for hours and not feel satisfied with my cry. These symptoms can last from 1 day up to a few days and they just happen randomly. One day I will be fine, the next i will turn into an emotional wreck. What is happening to me?

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  • Gift idea for 1 year old girl?

    My friends baby is turning 1 next week and I was wondering what i could get her for her birthday? My boyfriend and I thought about buying her 1 gift from the both of us but we have no idea what.

    Any suggestions are appreciated, thank you

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  • weed and penicillin?

    I have tonsillitis. My doctor prescribed me penicillin for 10 days.. i am a regular weed smoker but i stopped the first 2 days. i want to smoke today tho. will marijuana have any side effects with the antibiotics or no? or will it worsen my tonsillitis?

    thank you!

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  • My boyfriend has no manners?

    Weve been dating for a while and i love him. he treats me well and everything but his manners bother me.

    he is sloppy and messy when he eats. he doesnt use utensils. we would be sitting at a nice restaurant and he will be slurping and chewing his food like its the first time hes eaten in a long time.

    he also dresses like he just woke up. always in grey sweat pants and dirty sneakers and a wrinkled t shirt. no matter where we go he never dresses up. it makes me feel like i put effort for nothing since im always trying to look nice for him but he never does the same for me.

    how do i approach him on this subject without hurting his feelings?

    i am 23 and he will be turning 27 soon. we are not teenagers. we are adults and i feel like he should be taking care of himself a little more.

    opinions? suggestions? please and thanks

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  • Dating someone short?

    I have been with my boyfriend for a few months now and i love him. But hes only 5'5 or 5'6 and i am 5'2 . i usually date guys that are 6' + because i always wear heels and i like to still be shorter. now whenever i wear heels i become same height as him or even taller. i am not used to it. is it weird to be taller than him in heels or its fine? is this height considered short for men or normal?

    Please no need for the '' youre shallow'' comments. i am not shallow, just asking.

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  • pregnancy and birth control?

    i have been on the pill for quite some time now. i took it for 2 years and then stopped for a few months and started again 3 months ago.. i had sex 2 weeks ago and he came inside of me. i am now on my sugar pills and was supposed to get my period today, like every other tuesday. but i didnt. could i possibly be pregnant? i would also like to mention that i traveled this month and i dont always take the pill at the same exact time. sometimes i take it 1 hour late... is this a problem? when would be the best time to take a pregnancy test?

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  • How to dry wet weed?

    I left all my weed on my bed and went to do the dishes. My window was open and it started raining a lot. I came back, all my bed is wet, including my weed. How can i dry it out? is it still okay to smoke? Thanks!

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  • weed makes me poop and pee?

    its been around 2 months i started smoking weed pretty regularly and a few times a day. since, i realized i started going to the bathroom a lot more than what i used to. I get gassy a lot and poop and pee several times a day, which wasn't the case before. is this related to the weed or its another problem?

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  • What could i get my boyfriend?

    My boyfriend surprised me with a big bouquet of roses today for no reason. Also, he bought me a swarovski bracelet for our 1 month anniversary. I still haven't got him anything since we started dating. The only thing i did is pay for some of our dates but that's no big deal. I would like to buy him a gift but i have nothing in mind. I will get him a ps4 for his birthday but that's only in a few months. Any ideas please? He is 26 years old.

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  • Should I stop fasting during Ramadan?

    My boyfriend and I come from muslim families but we both are not religious. Our parents fast, and we do too but we don t think our fasting counts since we kiss and hold hands during the day, and have sex at night. Also we smoke weed and drink after iftar. My boyfriend prays 5 times a day but I don t, since I don t know how to pray. Should I just stop doing it or continue since I am doing the effort of not eating and drinking until sunset? Is my fasting accepted or not?

    For all of you who are going to judge, remember this isn t your job. This is between God and I. I am well aware of everything I do and it is my decision. I am an adult who is capable of making my own decisions. All i want is an answer to my question.

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  • my cat has poop stuck on the fur of her butt?

    i have a himalayan and it looks like her stool was a bit soft and now its stuck all over her butt and fur. it stinks and i cant get it out.. she wont let me. my mom wont let her back in the house because she sits on furniture and counters. its about to rain and i feel bad for her because shes been scratching at the door for an hour help!

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  • dry orgasms. please help?

    i am a 22 yr old woman. i reach the point when i cant take it anymore but i dont ***. like nothing comes out of me. i cant squirt and my vagina stays dry even when i climax. i heard its because im used to holding my pee and cannot let go. it bothers me a lot.. how to change that?

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  • I slept with my boss. Now what?

    I slept with my boss. We have been flirting at work for the past few months and it finally happened. We went out to eat, then headed to his place, we smoked a joint and did it. It was amazing. We are planning on seeing each other again outside of work. Is this bad? I like him and he likes me. We are not planning on telling anyone at work anytime soon. Any tips on how to keep things from heating up at work? Any tips on dating your boss? Pros and cons?

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