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Hi, I am a divorced mum of two children. I have 2 cats from a rescue centre, a horse that was rescued from being put down and 3 fish. I am an Occupational Therapist and previously worked with horses on a dressage yard and before that worked in computing.

  • Why would he act so keen if he had no feelings for me?

    My friend introduced me to a man who is a little older than me (I'm 44 an he's 52). We exchanged emails, talked on the phone and then met up. On the second date we had a kiss and cuddle on the sofa and he asked if we were now dating and I said yes ok.

    He started phoning me every night (sometimes twice if he didn't have much time the first time) and dated a couple more times. I was happy to kiss and cuddle and he fondled my breasts and made it very clear he was attracted to me. He arrange tickets for us to attend an event in March and kept telling me how beautiful I was.

    We were talking on the phone one night about something else and he said he couldn't wait to get me into bed. I told him that I would rather wait until we could spend the whole night together as I wanted it to be special. I felt a little pressured to have sex but thought it was ok as he seemed so keen on me.

    The only negative part to this time was his tendency to talk about his exes, most of which he was still in contact with, and one whom he described as his soul mate.

    He eventually stayed the night on both the Friday and Saturday and everything went well and we planned for him to meet my kids the following weekend. I next saw him on the Tuesday for a meal and afterwards we went back to bed at his house. We talked afterwards and he again mentioned his exes so I told him how uncomfortable it made me feel. He then said "Actually I think we had sex together too soon as I have no feelings for you."

    Naturally I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

    What I can't understand is, why was he dating me, phoning me every night, making future plans and having sex with me if he had no feelings for me?

    Why did he think we had sex too early when he was the one pushing for it?

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  • New companion for my cat?

    I used to have 2 tortoiseshell sisters who are 5 years old - both were rescued. One of them has been missing for over a week which is very out of character as she is always at home and comes when she is called. I have contacted petsearch, vets, local rescue organisations, put up posters and leaflets through doors. I fear the worst.... my remaining cat seems a bit lost without her sister. Should I consider getting another? And if so should I get a kitten or another rescue cat that's a bit older? Which would settle best with my remaining cat? Don't worry, if the old cat turned up, I would keep all 3.

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  • Turbulant relationship between soul-mates - any advice?

    I regard my boyfriend as my soul-mate and he feels the same way about me. A psychic I consulted also described us as soul-mates. However our relationship is really turbulent and we keep breaking up and getting back together. We seem to feel the extremes of emotion from being deeply in love to getting deeply hurt by each other. I have had 2 separate psychics say that the early relationship between 2 soul-mates can be very volatile but if you can get past that point then it can be wonderful...

    Any advice on how to get through it? I keep praying for guidance..

    Please don't bother to answer if you don't believe in this stuff cos you won't be answering my question, so what's the point?

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  • Question for men - would you turn down a woman who initiates sex?

    You are away for the weekend with your girlfriend. You have had sex a few times but not since 4pm the previous evening. It is now 7am the next morning and you are a bit tired but you only had a few drinks the previous night and were in bed by 11pm. You girlfriend makes it clear that she would like sex... what do you do?

    My boyfriend did not return my physical advances and said nothing other than telling me to have a shower so we could have breakfast.

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  • How old does a child have to be to be left at home in the UK during the holidays?

    I know there is no legal age limit in the UK but what age would you leave a child home alone? The child would be left from approximately 8am till 4.30pm every week day. They would have the mother's and father's mobile numbers (both work locally). They also know all the immediate neighbours and have their contact numbers. It would be particularly helpful to know what age people have left their own children alone during the holidays. Thanks very much

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  • Psychic/clairvoyant reading that was so accurate and yet so wrong?

    About a month ago I had a reading which accurately described the person I was with (very tall, eats too many carbohydrates especially sugary drinks, needs dental attention, appears insensitive but is actually very sensitive) and also accurately described my job situation and my marriage which ended 2 years ago.

    She then predicted that I would receive roses within 4 days (I did although my man had only bought me flowers twice in 9 months) and that he would buy me a white gold necklace to replace one that I no longer wore - this also came true....

    However she also said that we were soulmates, had a really strong relationship, I would have a ring on my finger by the end of the year and be married next year.

    We have split up and because of the way he treated me, there is no way I want him back. How can someone be so accurate and yet so wrong?

    And if all you are going to say is that physics are all frauds then please don't answer unless you can explain how she could have predicted the very specific things which did occur.

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  • Moving on with a new man?

    I have recently split with my bf. We have a 9 month history of splitting up and getting back together. It normally follows the pattern of he hurts me or lets me down, I get cross and then he retreats into silence. We split for a month last Oct but got back together in Dec only to split just before New Year.

    I met someone else today and had great fun. He is very keen on me but I know in my heart that I am still in love with the man I have just split with. If I go out with the new man I feel like I am using him to get over the old one... but on the other hand, as I get over the old one I may fall for the new one anyway...

    I am really confused and don't know what to do - please help...

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  • What is this guy playing at?

    I have been dating someone for about 9 months but during that time we have broken up and got back together several times. In October he badly let me down and we split for 4 weeks during which time I didn't communicate with him at all.

    We finally spoke and he said he loved me and that I was his soulmate so I let him back into my life. During the whole of December I have only seen him 3 times - he says he is too busy with work (he runs his own company and yes it has been manic) but he has found the time to go out drinking several times, buy furniture, look for a new flat etc.

    He promised to spend last Sunday night with me but then said he couldn't stay cos he had to move some vans in the morning. We had a big row and I ended up not seeing him at all. We spoke that evening and he would make no commitment to seeing me again so I ended it.

    He then texted me on New Year's Eve and I replied and we ended up communicating again. Then on Friday I told him that I needed some sign that he actually cared about me (cos I have had none) but I got nothing so I said that I assumed he had no feelings for me, in which case it was over. He replied "fine then".

    Since then I discovered he is back on which is where we met. I know he was out last night and I got 2 texts the first saying "Have you calmed down yet" and the second saying "Oy" cos I didn't reply. Why is he behaving like this?

    I am really trying to move on although I still love him deeply (thought he was my soulmate too) but this constant contact is really not helping...

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  • Anyone know a good place to have a 4x4 driving experience?

    I am based in Solihull and am looking for value for money. Alternatively if you can recommend a UK wide company that would also be helpful. Thanks

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  • Why would he treat me so bad after saying he loves me and that I am his soulmate?

    Complicated situation: I started dating a man who told me he was splitting with his wife. We dated for 6 months and both said we loved each other. He then took his wife away for the weekend without telling me and I ended our relationship.

    He persisted in maintaining contact and after 3-4 weeks I had some contact with him and he told me he loved me, that I was his soulmate, that he wanted to be with me and he regretted the way he treated me and was very apologetic. He has also agreed to split with his wife and is looking for a place to rent.

    But now he says he is too busy with work to see me yet he has time to meet his brother for coffee every day and go out drinking with his friends. Last Sunday he was supposed to spend the night with me (we haven't spent an evening or night together since August) but he then said he couldn't because he had to move some vans early in the morning.

    I was really upset and hit the roof. He then stopped talking to me and we have split again. I don't mind that we have split because he has always blown hot and cold and I am fed up with it now. But why would he say that I was his soulmate and then turn down the chance to spend the night with me? I would move Heaven and Earth to be with someone I loved.. and would have just got up early to move the vans....

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  • How old does a child have to be to decide whether they visit their dad?

    I am divorced and have 2 children. They visit their Dad for the whole weekend every other weekend but generally moan about it when they get home. I think it is important for them to keep in touch with their father and would encourage them to do so, but how old do they have to be before they can make their own choices about whether they see him and how long for?

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  • I used to think Facebook was fun, but now it's boring....?

    I used to enjoy all the quizzes and stupid games like petrol head.... but now if you want to do anything, you have to invite 20 friends to do it too..... I don't like doing that to my friends....

    I think the only point to it now is sharing photos and having group conversations.... what do you think?

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  • Trekker Pro Endurance Treeless saddle experience?

    Does anyone have experience of this particular treeless saddle? My friend is considering buying one and wants to know the opinions of people who have tried it.

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  • Experiences of bedding for a horse with dust/spore allergy please?

    I may have to change my horse's bedding to something other than straw (vet's advice). What are your experiences of bedding such as shavings and paper for horses with similar conditions?

    I have used shavings in the past for a previous horse but they seemed to go dusty over the summer months when ours live out 24/7.

    If you could give me an idea of how much you use per week and the cost, it would be really helpful. Thanks

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  • Do you leave your outdoor Christmas lights on overnight?

    Or do you turn them off when you go to bed? Also do you leave them on during the day?

    I usually turn them on in the evening when I get home & switch them off when I go to bed but I am curious as to what other people do.

    24 AnswersChristmas1 decade ago
  • Defrosting windscreens with water?

    Do you defrost your windscreen with water or do you scrape it? If you use water, what temperature is it? Has anyone cracked a windscreen by defrosting it this way?

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  • Daughter wants ears pierced. I say yes, ex-husband says no?

    My daughter is 11 and wants her ears pierced. I think she's old enough but my ex-husband (her father) would like her to wait until she's 16 or 14 at the earliest. She has every other weekend at his house but lives with me the rest of the time. Shall I just get it done? He is Mr Angry and will probably shout lots which is one of the reasons we have split.

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  • Should John McCririck be banned from television?

    Angus Deaton lost his job on television for his private life but John McCririck has been vile, insulting and rude to Chris Tarrent's ex-wife. I know he's always been disgustingly sexist but I don't think he should ever be given the opportunity to insult someone like that. What do others think?

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  • Louis Walsh to get the young category?

    Do you think Louis will get the young category so that he has to mentor that really cocky confident guy that got through? The one he couldn't stand but Dannii and Simon put through!!

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