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'The Tachi Kaze of my Katana is laced with the requiting essence of my very soul' I return from the depths of... well, my bedroom, i guess... you may or may not remember me as ŞũρєѓĈђѓỉş... my previous avatar was myself, with a knife... i've simply had a change of name and image... i'm now a fully fledged ninja, sword 'n' all... i'm here for fun, yes, i'm sarcastic and pedantic, but it's all in relatively good humour so don't take offence... old contacts (if you remember me) feel free to re-add me new people, level 2 and above please with at least a yahoo avatar or you're not staying on my fan list very long the road wasn't nearly as long as i thought it would be, level 6 in 3 months, only someone with absolutely no life could do that, maybe that means i'm a zombie ninja... do they exist? ... hmm... ________ תּᶓϯђᶔѓטᵴ - ƿɼɵᶂᶓᶊᶊᶖɵɳαζ ŋĭŋĵɑ™©

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