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  • Failure to yeild: right of way, should we fight it?

    The other day my husband was backing out of our driveway (which is across from a side street stop sign). He got all the way into the road and a lady blew through the stop sign and tried to squeeze behind him to turn into the road. He backed into the passengers side of her car. We had one witness who the cop didnt even really speak to. He did not see the accident and said my husband was at fault because he was backing out of a driveway and she was on an "actual" road. After the police officer left, my neighbor came out and said that he saw the entire thing and it was not our fault. He said he would testify in court if we decided to fight the ticket. My question is... should we try to fight it? (my husband has about 6 points on his license from over 4 years ago and this is a 2 point ticket. Which means he will have to pay for a $200 drivers responsibility fees.) Would it be more cost efficient to just pay the ticket and the fees? And if I do decide to fight it, will the be court costs? I live in Michigan. Thanks.

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  • Car accident in somebody elses car in Michigan?

    Okay so my husband was driving our room mates car and got hit. There was only damage to the bumper on our car (Which we are paying with cash for and have somebody to install it) , but the lady that hit us had damage to both doors on the passengers side. We were at fault for the accident according to the police officer. My question is...Will we have to pay out of pocket for the second party in the accidents deductible or will my room mates full coverage insurance cover it? in Michigan.

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  • I am trying to find the perfect mother/son song for my wedding?

    Okay so my fiance and I are getting married in September and I am trying to get our songs together. His mother has not been there for him pretty much his whole life, she is now. So I am trying to find a good mother/son song for their dance that isnt pretty much saying "i watched you grow up blah blah blah" because she didnt (he was put into foster care so it is a sensitive subject). And I dont want his feelings to be hurt...I dont know what to dooo!!! HELP!

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  • Is it possible for a cat to act like a dog if they were raised in a house with only dogs?

    I got a new kitten about a month ago and she follows my dogs around and does everything they do. It is so cute. I was just wondering. :D

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  • Can roundworms go away by themselves in dogs?

    My dog pooped the other day and I thought I saw roundworms. I have been checking his poop for the last couple days and haven't seen any since. So can they go away? Or should I treat him anyway?

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  • Something is wrong with my kitten?!?

    I found a kitten about a week and a half ago in the engine of my husbands work truck. She was doing great until this morning when she woke up and her meow was very faint almost as if she is becoming weak. She also has a little bit of blood around her anus and wont really eat much. I have been feeding her KMR. I dont know what is wrong. PLEASE DO NOT TELL ME TO TAKE HER TO THE VET! I KNOW THIS. I AM JUST WONDERING IF ANYBODY ELSE HAS EXPERIENCED THIS AND WHAT IT IS/WAS. THANKS.

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  • Are the following medications okay to take together?

    As followed by the dosage on the bottle, I have been taking Mucinex, Ibuprofen, Simply Sleep sleeping pills, Folic Acid, and Zinc. Are these okay to take with each other?

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