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  • What were the jewel/locket transforming toy dolls from the 80s/90s?

    Not sure how else to describe them -- which is probably why my random searches of variations of the above is turning up nothing ;) -- but these were little colored plastic "jewels" that opened like a locket to reveal a doll.

    Not a separate toy, like Polly Pocket, though the concept was similar. Instead, the jewel portion was the body, and her little plastic arms, legs and flat head folded in and stored inside the locket. I think they had strings to wear them as necklaces and came in circles, triangles, squares, etc.? The shapes themselves were maybe 1-2 inches ... not very big.

    Anyone have any clue what those were called?

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  • Bright Future Giraffe baby blanket?

    What store carries Bright Future brand infant items. Specifically, a blanket with giraffes, elephants & lions? I know someone looking for a back-up -- it's her child's security blanket -- and she doesn't know where it was originally purchased.

    Looks a lot like a Carter's print.

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  • Recipe for baby wipe cubes (like Booty Cubes)?

    This seems to be very hush-hush (LOL), but does anyone have a good recipe for making the solid cubes that can be dissolved in water for a homemade baby wipe solution?

    We've run out and I would love to just make my own, rather than looking for a new maker -- can't find the mama that made my last batch! -- and waiting for it to ship. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  • Which nickname do you prefer?

    Just curious. ;) These are all childhood nicknames with similar sound elements ... not the full, given names (of course). Which are your favorites and why? Feel free to rate, rank or pick just one or two. Whatever makes you happy. LOL











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  • Filler Middle Names?

    Does it bother anyone else when someone posts asking for middle name ideas and they get two dozen replies listing basically the same filler middle names over and over? LOL I'm not saying there's anything inherently wrong with them ... just that I'd assume if they wanted a common filler they'd have simply picked one already. ;) Perhaps it would be helpful to list them all in one place, so if someone truly wants "Marie" or "Grace" they can simply peruse the list, rather than wasting their time waiting for the same predictable responses. :)

    Offhand, I can think of ...












    May/Mae (or recently Mai, though that's not technically said May LOL)










    Obviously many are classic (Elizabeth) and others more modern (Starr) -- I'm not debating that LOL -- but all are quite common middle name choices.

    Anyone have any to add?

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  • No negative opinions?

    If you only want positive opinions of names, regardless of what people actually think of them ... why bother posting them at all? I'm curious.

    I received a message from kittykrazii22 saying I was horribly rude and must have children with hideous names! What?! LOL And of course, I cannot even see the names or comments in question! I try to be sure my thoughts come across in a clear, helpful manner -- no matter how terrible I might (secretly) think a name LOL -- and as tactfully as possible. If something is too popular or trendy for my taste, I'll simply say so. If it's misspelled (especially in the case of a unisex name), I'll point out that there's no need to do that, and to simply use the name you love regardless of traditional gender. If it's an unusual but real name, I'll commend the parents for having their own style, whether it's MY style or not. So really, what about that is so rude it would warrant a personal attack?

    So I ask: if you only want smiles and nods, why post?!

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  • Disgruntled (former) iVillage members?

    Any sites you ended up liking better -- and possibly switching to -- and why? Not so much Big Brother policing and hand-slapping. Post siggies at no charge? Better message board format? You get the idea. ;)

    Just curious ... because I know there are many of us out there and I'm wondering where we've all ended up. LOL

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  • Anyone speak French? I was wondering about the pronunciation of names like Morgane and Doriane.?

    I'm assuming they're a bit different than simply Morgan and Dorian, but would it be a long "a" sound (along the lines of Mor-gain and Dor-ee-ain) or perhaps closer to Morgana and Doriana (short "u" sound at the end), or something entirely different? Thanks!

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