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  • Re:Flickr -- will someone know it was me that downloaded their photo?

    I was looking up an exboyfriend who has a somewhat unusual name and found someone had tagged photos of him on their Flickr account. I downloaded two of them, so I could send them on to an old friend, you know, "look how cute he still is!" that kind of thing. This was about three months ago.

    I just got an email from that old boyfriend who said his current girlfriend very oddly asked who "Maureen" was. That would be me. I asked if she read his phone texts, but apparently not. I don't want to tell him about the photos... nothing is going on so she has nothing to be afraid of, but... anyway. If I go to your Flickr account and download one of your photos of Hawaiian waterfalls, can you tell who did it?

    thanks for your answers-- I feel like a huge dork!

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