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  • Does being a paying member to an organization mean you are an employee?

    Ok, this is bit of a legal question, and I'm trying to find out if it feasible to talk to a lawyer and shell out that kind of money.

    I was paying to be part of a gaming group, and during that time, I was given a position of higher status (Character review) and was considered an official of the group until I was removed from the position at the end of December 2012.

    During that time as a paying member, I designed several images and creations that were used in the game and promoting the group.

    Over the last year, they have been setting up to be a national group, and on Jan. 1st of 2013 they got their LLC license. I was removed from the group on the 7th. They are trying to state everything I created belongs to them as I was an 'employee' to the group. I need to know if I am in my legal rights to demand for them to have written consent for them to use anything I created or if they are right and it all belongs to them.

    I never signed any paperwork giving up my rights, I never received any form of payment nor a paycheck from the group, nor was I holding any official position when they finally got their license.

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  • Help! I am having contractions, but my cervix isn't budging!?

    I am 37+ weeks, and have been having contractions 5mins apart for the last 12ish hours. I have been to the hospital already, but they sent me home because, while my contractions are strong and timeable, my cervix isn't opening.

    I have a history of having big kids, (my first one was 9lbs 12oz,) and I had to have a c-section, because my cervix wouldn't open after they tried every drug they safely could.

    I am in pain. I can barely walk, and I am looking for any at home, herbal, or what not, things to do, to try to open my cervix.

    (I know about sex, castor oil (not a chance,) black and blue cohosh tea, and walking, are there any other suggestions?)


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  • Pregnant and needing to find a job?

    I am having a hard time finding a job due to the fact that I am pregnant, (or I am pretty sure that is why.) I have gotten plenty of phone calls and a few interviews for jobs, but they fall through after it is found out that I am going to have a baby in 6ish months.... I always get the same reason to why they didn't hire me: 'We found someone better qualified.' But I will see the same ad online or in the paper for weeks later. Does anyone know any sites that are for helping pregnant women find jobs?

    And please don't tell me to lie about it, If i don't state it on the app, they could fire me for falsely filling out my app.

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  • Did anyone else see that WBC is protesting Comic-Con?

    This nutty church states 'God HATES Nerds.' outside Comic Con. OMGz, What are they thinking? God hates no one. He loves all his children... I kinda, and I mean in a very, very small amount, feel sorry for them when the Cosplay guys see the sign they are hold up.

    What is your thoughts on this? Is it wrong or right?

    And also, would you consider yourself a nerd/geek? Myself: I embrace my Geekdom.

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  • Why do many people, when I tell them I am a Pagan, that:?

    1) I worship the Devil, Satan, or some other Dark, Evil deity, creature, thing, etc.

    2) the magic and spells I cast are flashy showy thing (i.e. a fireball), or I can control/read minds, or... you get my point.

    3) I don't believe in God or Jesus?(I do, I just don't worship them)

    4) they want me to teach them so they can either curse or cast a love spell on their ex?

    5)Think I can predict the future?

    6) think I like Charmed.

    I am wondering if any other pagans have this happen to them? Or any other stupid or funny experiences? Or if anyone can explain why people believe this stuff, though there is proof otherwise.

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  • I was a Foster Child in Indiana and was told I would get a Scholarship to any state collage?

    How would I go about finding more information on these scholarships, or even sign up for them? The foster care system kinda left me hanging when the emancipated me. I would really like to go to school again to try and better myself in this world. And working at K-mart as a cashier for the rest of my working life is not something I want to do.

    Thanks everyone for any information.

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  • What do you do to try and lift the dreaded Writer's Block?

    I love to write stories and I have a ton of 'muses', but I can never finish a story. Never. I have been suffering from the block for almost a year now, and can't get it to lift. Help, please, anyone.

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  • Has anyone heard anything about Joanne Bertin?

    She is the author of The Last Dragonlord and Dragon and Phoenix. About 10 years ago she said she was writing a 3rd book, Bard's Oath, but I have heard nothing since, and can't find anything on the internet. Has anyone heard anything?

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  • I would like to know about a miracle in your life?

    Serious answers PLEASE!

    I want to know some uplifting, life changing, make you joyful miracles.

    And what religion are you, if you wish to tell.

    I.E. I was told I could never have a child because of a disorder I have. I found out a year ago, while using condoms, (They protect against other things besides babies,) and BC, (I had to take it to control the disorder that I have,) I found that I was pregnant. I have a healthy son, and his father married me instead of walking out, like some (not all) men would do.

    BTW: I am a ground pounding, dirt worshiping, tree hugging Pagan. I believed the Mother blessed me with my son. How has your Deity(ies) blessed you?

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  • What is with the "War on Religion"? Why can't we get along?

    There have been wars on religion, for religion, and by religions, for millions of years.

    200 years ago, I would be burn at the stake by christians cause I know herb lore.

    Jews were slaughters because a mentally ill man that could make great speeches said it was ok.

    Catholics killed christians because they didn't believe the way they did.

    Government groups refuse to put a solder's religious symbol on their grave because it wasn't mainstream, or it conflicted with their own religion.

    I am sick and tired of the "my God is better than you God" bulls***! I am tired that we just can't get along and accept that we all are different and we think differently.

    There shouldn't be a 'war on religion'. We should just get over our petty a** beliefs that we are better than someone else, for whatever reason.

    Sorry for the rant. But does anyone else agree with me, or am I alone in the world.

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  • What should I do if an art judge accuses my child of plagiarism without proof?

    My child entered an art contest with an anime style drawing and was accused of plagiarism as the judges were looking over the art. They have not produced the 'original' artwork they say my child copied and refuse to retract their statement of plagiarism.

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