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  • I want to move but i need help.?

    I live in canada right now studying to be an LAA (Legal Amin Assistant) and i would love to move back to portland oregon once im done. But what will i need? How much money should i bring? Should i take my car with me should i fly? Where will i live? How can i find a job? What if i lose all of my money and find no way back to canada?I need a very detailed step by step plan to do this and my parents are fobs and wont teach or telk me anything because they feel " school teaches me everything " so please help me.

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  • How do you save money?!?

    i really want to save money but its just so hard, i impulsively shop. I make about 400 every 2 weeks minue my car payment and insurance and phone bill i habe about 300 left over. How can i save this without spending it?

    5 AnswersPersonal Finance8 years ago
  • Help on cigarette brands?!?

    i used to smoke these when i was younger but i forgot the name, its a cigarette but it had brown paper kind of spotted dark and light brown, and it tasted like cinammon, well it was some kind of spice but my friend owned a cigar shop and shed get it from there any names would help thank you :)

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    Ive been unable to go to bed until 8 in the morning for the past week and i have school at 1pm so i get about 3 hours of sleep before i have to get ready and leave. ive tried everything except sleeping pills i have a fear of my house catching on fire and i cant wake up. any advice?

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