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  • Best baby girl name - we have a short list?

    We're a little under 2 weeks away from welcoming our 2nd baby girl (baby number 3 for us - we also have a little boy) and we're finalising our name choice. Just interested in people's opinions of our shortlisted names!

    We like Grace as the middle name for all of these:

    Mila Grace

    Millicent Grace (called 'Millie')

    Isabella Grace

    Scarlett Grace


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  • Best baby girl name from these?

    We have a daughter already, Ava Charlotte. We are expecting another, and we're a little stumped on names.

    Thoughts on the following?

    Lily Grace

    Poppy Grace




    My husband likes Millicent, but as our surname starts with 'M' I think it's too much of a mouthful.

    Any other sweet girly names you can think of?

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  • Anyone got a BFP at 9DPO?

    So we're trying for our 3rd child. I am pretty sure I ovulated on Friday 13th Jan which was my cycle day 17. Tomorrow (22nd Jan) would then be 9 DPO.

    I'm itching to do a test, and just wondering if anyone has got a positive test at DPO. I got a postivie at 11 DPO with my son and 12 DPO with my daughter (because that's the first day I tested).

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  • Ovulation after the pill - negative OPKs (no second line at all)?

    We want to start trying for our third child. I finished the pill a couple of weeks ago (just before Christmas) and had a period (started 28 December 2011). Since about cycle day 9 I have been doing ovulation predictor tests (same time each day, in the afternoon) and have had NO second line whatsoever. Today would usually be cycle day 15 and I thought I would have seen my LH surge by now.

    My question: has anyone experienced this after going off the pill? Perhaps my cycles just need a few months to get back to normal before I start ovulating again? I'm 34 so expecting that I should still ovulate for a few years yet!

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  • What car will fit 3 car seats across (Australia)?

    We are about to start trying for our 3rd child. Our kids are 3.5 and 16 months old so will be around 4 and 2 when we have another baby (all things going according to plan!). I currently have a Subaru Forester and there is NO WAY I will fit 3 car seats in the back seat.

    We will move our oldest up to a booster seat when she turns 4 (required until age 7 in Australia) and I will probably get a Safe and Sound HiLiner as they are not as wide as the MaxiRider we have now. Our boy will go into the MaxiRider and the baby will go into a capsule to start with, then a Safe n Sound Meridian carseat.

    OK, so my question! What cars available in Australia can you fit 3 carseats across the back seat? We obviously need to change cars and I don't really want a 7 seater (well it would be ok, but I don't want to put one of the kids in the back row).

    Any suggestions/experience would be appreciated!

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  • Has anyone got pregnant while on the pill?

    We have two children already (aged 3 years and 15 months) and we are intending on trying for our third early next year. I have been taking the contraceptive pill since having our 2nd (originally the mini pill but the normal pill since i stopped breastfeeding 8 months ago) which is the only contraception we use. I sometimes forget to take it on the day and take it the next day (sometimes the following night) but I then take that days pill too. We had sex during what would be my "fertile days" if I was not protected.

    I haven't actually missed my period yet (it's due today/tomorrow but hasn't arrived yet) but I noticed a very small amount of pink spotting about 6 days ago (the time implantation spotting would occur - I had it with my 2nd child). I haven't had any 'breakthrough' bleeding or anything since being on the pill so I don't know if it would be this. I'd be happy to be pregnant again, but just hadn't quite planned it yet!

    I guess I'm just wondering, have you ever got pregnant whilst on the pill? Did you miss a pill/take it late?

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  • Recovery after caesarean?

    I am scheduled for a caesarean on Monday as my baby boy is breech (and has been from very early on!). I had a natural birth with my daughter 2 years ago and I am just curious about the recovery/pain after the caesarean. I know I am going to be in pain for a little while, but any ladies who have had a caesarean, can you tell me your experiences??


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  • Breech baby at 33 weeks - likelihood of turning?

    Ok, so I will be 33 weeks pregnant on Saturday and my baby boy is still comfortably in the breech position. He has been that way for quite some time now (every scan or obst. appointment in fact).

    I was just curious as to other people's experiences - was your baby still in the breech position at this stage and turned? Or not? My daughter was born at 36 weeks, so I guess I'm a little concerned that he may come early and still be in the breech position. I am not keen to have a vaginal breech birth.

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  • Likelihood of breech baby at 30 weeks turning by due date?

    My baby boy has been sitting in the breech position for a while now. I saw my obstetrician during the week (i'm 30 weeks today) and he is still breech.

    I just wondered, have you had a baby sitting breech at this stage who has turned around by your due date? I know my obstetrician has said not to worry until 36 weeks and we'll discuss the options then, but my first baby was born at 36 weeks so I'm wondering what the likelihood is of him turning before then...

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  • Please help with some boys names?

    We love the name Jack but I haven't seen any other boys names that I really like except Alexander (which my husband doesn't like). Any suggestions?

    Also, middle names for Jack?

    We're thinking Jack William or Jack Hunter

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  • Chances of another miscarriage after seeing heartbeat?

    Ok, so I am probably panicking for no reason...but, I had a missed miscarriage last time I was pregnant (October 09) and a d&c. I am now 9.5 weeks pregnant again. I had an early scan at 7.5 weeks and we saw a heartbeat and the baby (embryo/fetus?) was the right size for the dates. I have another appointment tomorrow (with another scan) and I am just scared that we will not see the heartbeat again! i have no reason to be worried. I have continued having nausea on and off (as I have for the last 3 weeks) but no vomiting, but that is the same as when I was pregnant with my daughter. I guess I'm just scared after last time...

    Can anyone give me some reassurance? How common is it to have a miscarriage after seeing a heartbeat at 7.5 weeks?

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  • Cramping on and off. 7wks pregnant after m/c and d&c. Anyone else have this?

    Short story is I am pregnant again (with #2 - i have a daughter already) after having a missed miscarriage and d&c in October. Got pregnant again next cycle (after period). I have been having mild cramps on and off for the last few weeks. They were feeling like mild period cramps and then last night more like the 'stretching' kind of cramps I recall from my first pregnancy. I know I shouldn't be panicking, but I can't help it!

    Can you tell me if you have had any cramping in 1st trimester (some days only a little, other days on and off) and everything has been fine? I can't help but worry after last time (although I had no cramping at all and only very mild symptoms). I have been having waves of nausea on and off throughout the whole day, so at least those symptoms are stronger this time.

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  • light pink bleeding then brown at 12 DPO after positive HPT at 11DPO?

    Ok I am a little concerned, but I am hoping all is ok! I had a miscarriage and d&c in October then we started trying again this cycle and got a positive HPT at 11 DPO (tested early because had been having light cramps and feeling tired and nauseous) and then a blood test the same day which was positive.

    Last night (12DPO) I noticed some light pink bleeding (only light not like a period) and this morning had a little brownish discharge. My period would usually be due in a couple of days (CD 27 today) and I am just a little worried. Has anyone experienced this and gone on to have a healthy pregnancy? Could it be implantation (at 12 DPO)?? I am booked in to have an early scan at 7.5 weeks (because of last miscarriage) but that is over 3 weeks away!!

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  • BFP 1st try after miscarriage & d&c!! 11DPO! Yay!!!!!!?

    Just wanted to share my news for anyone who is trying or is going through the same experience.

    We have been TTC our second child. After 3 months of trying I got pregnant but at 12 week scan found out I'd had a "missed" miscarriage. Obviously I was devastated but I think I knew in the back of my mind that something wasn't quite right. I had to have a d&c and my AF took about 32 days to come back.

    We immediately started trying to conceive again (on advice from my ob/gyn) and just found out this morning that we were successful straight away!! BFP! And only on 11 DPO too!

    I am so happy! Our little bean is back and this one feels like it's here to stay! I am feeling queasy already (that's why I took the test early) so my symptoms are a lot stronger this time.

    Good luck to all those TTC!

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  • Cramping 4 DPO? Symptom of pregnancy?

    We are TTC #2 after a miscarriage and d&c in October. Since I got a + OPK on Thursday I have today (Monday) been having period like cramps all afternoon. I'm not due for AF till 25-28th December. Could this be implantation?

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  • Positive OPK today but EWCM 3 days ago?

    OK this might be a little TMI, but I have been doing OPKs every morning (at the same time) for the last 5 days. I am CD13 today (so started a little early but we're keen to conceive #2 after a missed miscarriage and d&c end of October). I have had negative OPK results every morning except this morning was a definite positive. The thing is, I thought I noticed EWCM 3 days ago on Monday. The last few days I have had creamy/watery. My husband is getting home tonight - do you think it will be too late? We BD'd on Saturday so is it possible what I thought was EWCM on Monday was in fact semen???

    Any help is appreciated!

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  • How soon after d&c did you get your period? Anyone get it earlier than 4 weeks after?

    I had a d&c on 27 October due to a missed miscarriage. I was supposed to be 12 weeks along, but sac was only 6-7 weeks. Anyway, I had about a week of light period like bleeding and spotting. Then today (17 Nov) I have started light brown spotting and feeling like I'm going to get my period. It is only 3 weeks after d&c though.

    How soon after d&c did you get your period? Anyone get it early??

    Thanks ladies.

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  • 11 weeks preg and GP couldn't feel top of uterus? normal?

    Ok, so this is my second baby. I am 11 weeks 2 days pregnant and went to my GP today as I have had awful headaches and low blood pressure over the last few days. He also felt my stomach and said he couldn't feel the top of the uterus but that it was ok because it usually didn't pop out until 12 weeks or so anyway. Do you think I should be worried? I had a friend who had a 'missed miscarriage' last year so I'm terrified!

    I have my OB/GYN appointment next week but I was just wondering when your GP/Practitioner was able to feel your fundus/top of uterus when you were pregnant? Does it just 'pop' out all of a sudden??

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  • How soon did you show when u were pregnant with 2nd baby?

    I'm only 5 weeks pregnant and I feel like my tummy is starting to stick out a little already (my pants are a little tighter and I look a little bloated). I know you show earlier with 2nd pregnancies, and I was just curious to see what others experiences were? How early did you notice your tummy growing/clothes getting tighter the 2nd time around?

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  • BFP!! Thanks everyone!?

    We have been ttc our 2nd for 3 months and this morning got by BFP! I was worried our 2nd would take longer as our baby girl is now nearly 14 months old. Thanks everyone for answering my 'am I pregnant?' questions!

    Baby dust!

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