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  • Is it safe to take Zantrex 3 while on Hypothyroid meds?

    I am 31 and have Hypothyroidism and am on 50 mcg of meds for low thyroid,also I am on lopid for high triglycerides(339).I really want to start taking Zantrex 3 for my lack of energy but am not sure if this is a good or safe idea.I know that the only way to lose weight and lower cholesterol is to lower fat,carb and caloric intake and be active but I need something to give me the energy needed to do these things.I quit drinking caffeine and I think that on top of the thyroid issue and depression is making me even more lazy.....I have to do something about my energy level.Any suggestions?

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  • Why am I getting an access denied message when trying to install webcam?

    Everytime I try to install something onto my Hp Pavillion a6757c PC I get an access denied message.In the past I tried to install software for my daughters' little digital cameras and now tonight trying to install webcam and the same thing.I am probably choosing the wrong option but I obviously,am computer illiterate.......There is a note in the webcam instructions that states to choose the Driver Only installation but I do not have that option when I attempt to install.

    Any help would be so appreciated.Thanks!!

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  • What kind of containers should be used to test the freezing of different liquids?

    Plastic,paper or glass cups?My son has a science fair project and we are experimenting how long it takes different liquids to freeze.Not sure what material the containers should be made of.Help is very appreciated.

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  • Why does my laundry water turn brown?

    When I am doing a load of whites in the washing machine i use lavender scented Clorox Bleach and then pour in a cup of ALL lavender scented 2x ultra laundry detergent and I noticed that the water turns brownish.

    This,fortunately does not affect my clothes,however.

    What's up with that?

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  • Why does my family and friends from the eastcoast have a totally different(thank god,lol) Thanksgiving dinner?

    We serve slow roasted turkey,

    homemade turkey gravy

    Mashed pot.

    cranberry sauce

    white rolls

    mashed & sweetened sweet pot.

    mashed & sweetened butternut squash

    Some East Coast families serve mashed turnip(not me)

    Giblet stuffing flavored w/ Bell's seasoning

    We do not serve sweet pot. pie,but pumpkin and squash pie.I think sweet pot. pie tastes like baby food but I have also received negative reviews from Southerners on my traditional New England Thanksgiving meal as well.

    What do you guys usually have and what part of the country are you from also,what is the actual reason that holiday feasts vary so much from region to region.

    I obsess over regional differences in cuisine especially w/ chinese food,lol.

    Wherever you are Happy Thanksgiving:)

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  • Difference between two different colors of prescription Prilosec?

    This is probably a stupid question but when I picked up my last refill of Omeprazole (Prilosec EQ) 20MG they were a different color than they normally are.

    They are usually a tannish color and white and now they are two shades of green.

    The only reason this concerns me is because I have benn experiencing gastro and digestive problems over the last week and not sure if related to the pills.


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  • Will a Moxie Girls doll fit in a Barbie dollhouse?

    Product Dimensions(in inches)12.6 x 11.2 x 3.5-Moxie Girls

    Product Dimensions(in inches)12.9 x 5.1 x 2.4-Barbie

    All the description info for the item listing of the Barbie brand dollhouse says is "will fit most 12" dolls".


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  • Ipod shuffle HELP please?

    I don't know what generation it is,it was purchased from Walmart March of this year for app. $50.

    I have never tried to charge it or upload songs onto it from my pc.

    My husband always used his laptop but when I plugged it in to my pc my Itunes did'nt pop up like it usually does when I plug my Ipod 30 gig classic in.I was told that a Shuffle could work w/ any other Itunes or pc.

    Is this true?

    There is no light coming on on the Shuffle either,is there supposed to be?How do I know if it is charging?

    I am,clearly,not very intelligent in the technology department,unfortunately and would really appreciate any input you

    "techies" out there may have to assist me as I wanted to upload some of my 8 year old daughter's choir songs onto it so that she could practice.


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  • What type of home heating do we have and why is one filter clean and the other always dirty?

    I live in military housing(wouldn't recommend this to anyone) and we have heating vents throughout the top and bottom levels of our townhouse style living quarters.

    In the lower level the vents are in the ceiling,in the upper level they are in the floor.

    The heat is controlled by a thermostat and we have to pick up heating vent filters from what the housing here calls "self-help" every month.

    There is one in the kitchen and one upstairs in the hallway.

    The one in the kitchen is connected to or in the same area as the furnace which is inside of the wall of the kitchen and laundry room.

    My question is what type of home heating is this considered?

    Is it central heat,forced heat or is there even a difference?

    Secondly,why is the filter in the vent of the kitchen dirty and needing to be replaced every month but the one upstairs is clean like brand new and hasn't been changed in months?!

    Is there something wrong that may need fixing or a logical explanation?

    I know this may sound stupid but,honestly,I am kinda ignorant in the handyman/women area.

    Thanks for any info.

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  • Need pork chop recipes,please.?

    I always make pork chops either coated in Oven Fry and baked in the oven(boneless usually but sometimes bone-in depending on thickness,don't like em' too thick) OR thin cut for scallopini fried in the skillet and topped off with sauteed onions,green peppers and fresh mushrooms.

    I am sick of having them the same way all of the time,I would really like some ideas or recipes from other cooks out there so I can give my family something different for a change in the pork department.

    Also,while we are on the pork topic,any tips or suggestions on keeping pork juicy and tender?

    Thanks all!

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  • 14 week old puppy pooping in the crate at night and all over house?

    My neighbor has a 14 week old female american pit bull terrier puppy that pees and poops all over her house and poops in her crate.

    Please read ALL the info before responding.

    Her crate is a small crate typically used for a cat so that there is not extra room for her to poop and she still does.

    She will NOT yet walk on her leash,she stubbornly sits there and would rather be dragged than walked.Trust me I tried to help my neighbor with this to no avail.So walking her before bed to get things moving right now is not going to work.

    She eats at 4pm and has nothing later than that.

    She puts the pup in the yard for an hour to two before bed.

    As far as discipline,I take the puppy once or twice a week and when she does pee or poop I shout a firm no and place her in the yard immediately.

    Do you think that she may have a behavior problem?

    I was thinking that she may have a food allergy that is causing her to have these issues(it is not always diarrhea,sometimes it's hard) my neighbor feeds her Pedigree dog food,I know that she should be on puppy food but my neighbor does not want to buy 2 foods for her 2 dogs.

    Please don't be rude for it is not my dog and there is nothing I can do as far as forcing my neighbor to change her food.

    She says that she brought her to the vet and they said that she's fine.

    Another thing,whether she's at her owner's house or visiting my home,there is another dog who you would think she would follow the lead from or learn from and she still does not.

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  • New England family in Colorado needs a good clam chowder recipe.?

    I (confidently) consider myself a very good cook,the old man and kids have no complaints:)

    The problem is I am not sure where the heck I might be fortunate enough to find little neck clams in the Colorado Springs area.

    I have seen alot of recipes that call for canned clams,but honestly,I am a little leary of the canned ones for some reason.Any input would be helpful about the canned clams.

    I understand that I am not going to find fresh clams like back home in Massachusetts but are there some type of frozen clams that would be good for a chowder and where would I find them?

    Also,alot of Food Network's chowder recipes call for clam base or clam powder.

    What are these and how difficult would they be to find,also?

    I miss the way the restaurants back home made theirs.

    It was always a nice thin broth,not really thick,no bacon pieces,maybe a little bacon flavor but not strong and they all had that same,nice chalky texture.

    I know the word"chalky" doesn't sound too appetizing but trust me it was sooo good.

    Any help is greatly appreciated....

    thanks so much!

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  • Fiction about reincarnation/lovers/soulmates....HELP?

    The year that I read it was 1999 or 2000,not exactly sure but I do know that it was not written in the 2000s.

    I really want to know the name of the book and the author but naturally I will take either or.

    If I could at least know of any authors who write or have written books similar to this,that would also be very appreciated because very seldom am I pulled in by a book the way I was this one.

    I know it was a passionate story ,based around a woman,I am almost certain.

    It had to do with reincarnation and/or soul mates or something along those lines.Romance type story.

    I think it was an erotic story and had some suspense in it or maybe even a tinge of suspense/thriller???

    I know how vague my description is and without the whole reincarnation thing about a million books would fall into these categories but really any help is soooo appreciated.

    If I could find out who wrote it I would at least maybe enjoy his/her other books like I did this one.

    thank you all so much:)

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  • Still really need pet food advise!!?

    I can't find an ingredient listing anywhere on the internet for Iam's dog food.My 3 y/o APBT is currently on the Weight control one but I store my kibble in a bin and toss the bag so I don't know if I should keep her on it or switch.

    I have recently started researching pet foods and now am a little more knowledgeable of what ingredients are good and what ones are bad.

    Any advise in this area would be great.

    Also,I have a 4 y/o Himalayan cat that is currently on Purina One hairball and it has been brought to my attention that this brand is really bad.Suggestions would be great!


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  • How can I melt cheddar to make roast beef and cheddar sandwiches like Arby's?

    I usually buy either a bag of Kraft shredded cheddar or an 8 oz. block of Kraft cheddar,spray a non-stick pan and slowly melt it.But this turns out almost like a cross between rubber and plastic!

    Does anyone have any suggestions or know what Arby's uses on theirs?

    I've heard cheese whiz is good but honestly,I'm a little apprehensive....doesn't sound too appetizing.

    Your help is much needed and appreciated,thanks!

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  • Light affecting fishtank?

    I have a 45 gallon fish tank that has been established for one year,it contains 1 channel cat,1 african cat(both app.10 inches long) and 1 small pleco.We had done everything to clear the tank of cloudiness(water changes,frequent cleaning of gravel,even those clearing drops you can buy) and nothing worked.Then a friend told me to turn the light off for a few days and to my suprise I've had a clear and beautiful TANK EVER SINCE.iNSTEAD OF PUTTING THE LIGHT ON IN THE MORNING WHEN i GET UP AND LEAVING IT ON ALL DAY,i PUT IT ON AT DUSK,WHEN IT GETS DARK IN THE EVENING AND LEAVE IT ON ONLY A FEW HOURS EACH NIGHT UNTIL WE GO TO BED.(Sorry about caps)

    Does anyone know why this is,I mean,how can the light being on too often cause a tank to be cloudy.

    I am very curious.

    Thanks so much!

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  • Need to find a healthier food for my pets?

    I have a 3yo apbt named Asia and a 4yo Himalayan cat named Azrael.

    My dog has a weight problem and I have just recently switched her to Iams weight control,she likes it,it's reasonably priced and from what I've researched....contains quality ingredients(the original bag is gone because I store kibble in a bin).The problem is that I have been made aware of animal experimentation by the Iams company which causes me to not want to remain a customer.

    My kitty just recently got switched to Purina One hairball solution and I have learned that it contains ash,by-product meal and not the appropriate amount of protein.

    I have been researching on the internet with little info and was hoping that maybe some Yahoo members would be able to shine some light on the suject......

    Quick run down of what I would prefer

    No ash

    First ingredient should always be a protein

    No by-products


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  • bacalao(I think it is codfish)Puerto Rican rice w/ Gandules(hope that's spelled right)?

    I am from the East Coast where my uncle's girlfriend and several other people I knew who were of Puerto Rican descent made this delicious rice.It was a yellow rice and had codfish and Gandules in it.It had a perfectly salty taste to it and I would love to be able to attempt making it!!I am unfortunately having a difficult time finding a recipe....Can anyone help?

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