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  • Dance Tryouts! What to wear?

    ohk so my jazz shoes don't fit anymore, and I have no time to get a pair anytime will track shoes work since their light and not as bulky as my tennis/gym shoes? or should I just go barefoot and I can't barrow a pair of jazz shoes cuz my feet are super small.. (:P)

    and I'm just going to go with shorts and a nice fitting t-shirt ..not like tight but it fits the shape of my body right I that ohk and since I have pretty short hair do I need to tie it up or anything..cuz I can't put it in a ponytail or should I just clip it so it won't look messy? and any tips?? Please help!

    thanks in adv!

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  • The Dark Knight!!! Anyone help?

    Okay so I have a question...what box-office record did The Dark Knight break...I think it was outselling more than the Spiderman 3 movie on it's opening night ..right? and when did it come out? questions like that..if you find like a news article (NOT GOSSIP) could you please provide the link ..please?

    thanks in adv.!

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  • What does this mean?!? Should she see a doctor?

    Okay so my mom has pretty small hands, but not as small as mine, she's about 36 years old, short, and petite. But now it's cold and freezing (Weather) and her hands are short (shorter than mine!!!) and at her finger joints it looks like it got fatter and shrunk..what does it looks more like a dwarfs hand...seriously it's this a condition..should she see a doctor..or do you knwo what it is? Please help...I worry a lot you can see my problem...please please please help!

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  • The Standard Oil Company?

    Okay so I have a question...I know that the Standard Oil Company owned by John D. Rocketfeller was a monopoly ...but what else did he control other than the what companies..? don't bother if your going to say google ..cuz I tried that...and I'm not good at it.

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  • Vocabulary help, please !?

    What does civil service, primary, initiative, referendum, and recal mean? (in industrilization era of the u.s.)... I don't understand any of these words in my reading..please give me some idea of what they mean

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  • Umm..forgot S.S. book, anyone know what this is?

    1)describe three reforms that gave the american people more direct control of the government

    -- seriously i don't even know what reform means

    2)Key terms. use each of these terms in a complete sentence that will help explain its meaning; political, machine, patronage, civil service, trust, muchraker, primary, initiative, referendum, recal

    umm..could just just give me a coupel of words to describe the meaning?

    please help...i need help !!!!! thanks in adv....

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  • Quotation marks! Homework help please?!?!?

    Okay I have a couple questions ...I need to put quotation marks and make it into a correct paragraph for homework...

    ~~ w/o quotation marks ~~

    You can call me Ms. Spider, his host replied, but she made no offer to free the firefly. Did you jut say Call me Ms. Spider? the firefly asked.

    ~~ would this be correct with quotation marks and in each parapgraph? ~~

    "You can call me Ms. Spider," his host replied, but she made no offer to free the firefly.

    "Did you just say "Call me Ms. Spider"?" the firefly asked.( ----> would it be that or "Did you just say Call me Ms. Spider"... or what?)

    ~~ w/o quotation marks ~~

    Kate is such a sweet girl. Ms. Spider replied with a secret little smile, Yes, she is. Oh drat! Ms. Spider yelled before the firefly could respond.

    ~~ would this be correct with quotation marks ~~

    "Kate is such a sweet girl."

    Ms. Spider replied with a secret little smile, "Yes she is. Oh Drat!" Ms. Spider yelled before the firefly could respond.

    ~~ w/o quotation marks ~~

    She undid his wings and snet him on his way, but he heard her yell into the darkness, I must warn you, though, that if you ever come and visit me again, I'll simply insist that you stay for dinner!

    ~~ would this be correct? ~~

    She undid his wings and sent him on his way, but he heard her yell into the darkness, "I must warn you, though, that if you ever come and visit me again, I'll simply insist that you stay for dinner"!

    okay tell me if i need corrections..thanks so much

    peace..and remember to recycle..and save trees bye

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  • Restricted Call?????? What is it?

    Hey, is it possible to check who is calling (caller ID) if it is an restricted if some calls me can I still check the caller if they call restricted (I think it's something like *67) is there a code I can press to check the caller ID?


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  • Linear please ?

    okay so I need to transfer these into standard form I know they are linear equations so here..thanks!

    3x = 5y

    -------> woud this be:

    3x = 5y

    3/5x = y ???? is this right????

    and ...

    7y = 2x + 5x

    ----------------> would this be:

    y = 1x ???????????

    HELP PLEASE>>> if did it wrong please correct me!

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  • Linear please ?

    okay so I need to transfer these into standard form I know they are linear equations so here..thanks!

    3x = 5y

    -------> woud this be:

    3x = 5y

    3/5x = y ???? is this right????

    and ...

    7y = 2x + 5x

    ----------------> would this be:

    y = 1x ???????????

    HELP PLEASE>>> if did it wrong please correct me!

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  • Is this a linear equation?

    Hey is this a linear equation?

    3x - 5y

    I think it is but I'm not postive, but I don't know how to write it in standard form if it is... can someone please help me???

    same with this one

    7y = 2x - 5x

    please there some rules..cuz I don't want to have to keep asking questions..

    please help me. I don't wanna fail math

    peace everyone..and don't forget to save trees!

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  • Functions? Math question!! Please help!?

    Okay so I have a question about math functions

    these I think are functions: (correct me if I'm wrong)

    y = x+3

    x = 15

    I don't think this is a function:

    y = 3x + 2y


    am I right?

    Well if I'm not please let me know

    by the way is there a rule for this...and If I am can you please explain in some math terms for me...cause If I don't know what I did wrong..I'll probably have a lot more question.. :) trees..thanks again

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  • Okay English Quotation marks! Homework Help?

    So I have an english assignment...and I don't all!

    so we're suppose to put the quotation marks in the right spot along with like the commas, periods...ETC.

    and please make sure I have the right spot for the commas, before the quotation marks or after it or whatever. :)

    so I did it, but i'm not sure if it is right...check over them please, and if i have any mistakes please let me know ..i don't wanna fail...I'm not asking u to do the work for me, i just don't want to fail this, please help..thanks

    1) "I can't wait to visit my cousin in the hospital next week," said Monica.

    2) "The patient," stated Dr. Saito, "has Lyme disease"

    3) The doctor announced, "I plan to treat her infection with antibiotics."

    4) "Did Terryn say." "I'm having my tonsils removed next month"?

    5) "Wait!" cried Hector. "Do I really need to have an operation?"

    6) "Is a throat culture dangerous?" asked Mike.

    7) Shaquille wants to know when his stitches will be removed. -----> I know this on has no quotes and stuff, but my teacher says this sentence is okay as it it?

    8) "Did the patient say." "Don't forget to sign my cast"?

    9) "When will you feel well enough to come back to school?" asked Mr. Gravey.

    10) Lindsey said, "I have to take my medicine every day because I have an ear infection."

    11) "Did you hear?" David said, "Connie broke her leg yesterday in the soccer game."

    12) "How long will she have to be in a cast?" asked Eirc.

    13) "About six weeks," replied David. "The doctor said it was a clean break and should heal quickly".

    14) "Jodie asked, "Can we all sign her cast when she comes back to school tomorrow?"

    15) "Sure," said David. "Maybe we can have a cast-signing party. The should cheer her up!"

    16) "Great!" Eric said. "Then when she gets it off, she can keep it and always remember our last soccer game!"


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  • ugghhh...I hate Math!..haha... a little help please?

    okay so I don't understand this at all!.. I have a problem and I don't know how to solve.. any of them..but i'm only going to ask for one it's not as much as cheating..but still if you show me how to do the work, I might just understand it a bit better..well thanks in advance.:

    my problem:

    a-8 / 12 = 2a-5 / 3

    (in is in a proportion by the way)

    so I need to solve for "a" and if you could please be so kind to show me the work..and I hope i'll get it..

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  • Okay corrections to my last math question?

    (3x + 1 + x) (2) = 3x * 4

    okay sorry my last one i had put x instead of a

    and x is the variable btw

    thanks a lot again

    i really appreciate it


    I have a headach i figured out all but this one

    thanks in adv.

    peace out

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  • A Little Math Trouble!?

    how would you solve the equation: (3a + 1 + a) (2) = 3x * 4

    * means times (multiply)

    okay I know this is sorta cheating ....but I HAVE NO IDEA HOW TO DO THIS!

    pleas help a girl here... thanks!?!?

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  • HUH? Please help... 10 points to BEST answer!?

    okay so I have hw! Math!

    I want to know I don't know how to solve it..but i just plugged in the number 8 to see if it worked..and it did..but I don't know if it is right or how to do the actual equation

    5 - 1/2(w - 6) = 4


    and the other one I can seriously not figure out is

    1/6 (a - 4) = 1/3(2a + 4)

    okay those are the two questions I have..I know that this is my hw..and people don't critize me for asking this..but I really need help..i've geen going at this for more than two HELP!

    thank you so much!

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  • The Debate!! Please help?

    Okay so I'm doing a school project, and can someone please help me get started??

    Okay my teacher asks why it is important to hold vice president debates and what role the moderator plays in the debates and is the role significant, and also which broadcaster has moderated more president debates than anyone else?

    then i can handel the rest from there

    thanks alot!!!!!

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  • Eww gross..what does this mean?

    Okay I'm almost 14 years old and I work at my parents restaurant when they need help like as a there's these 2 guys that come in..idk probably like 25 or so..and one guys says the other guy wants something wet and soggy..and they kept laughing and watching me..and I'm just like...umm..okay...w/e..(sorta looked creeped out)..and they kept saying that to twice..what does that mean?..I mean I'm just wondering cause it keeps bugging me..and I just wanna know what it means... cuz I don't know what it means... please help!

    Thanks everyone!

    oh I'm Chinese idk if that makes a difference..but laters!

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  • Help... Study for test tomorrow!?

    Okay so now I'm in 8th grade Adv. Math (so high school math) it's the 3rd day of school and we have to study for a test tomorrow...I don't quite get some pratice questions can u help?..thanks in advance!

    okay so we're suppose to change each verbal expression into an algebraic expression

    - the difference of 10 and u

    - the quotient of 5 and n

    now difference means subtract but "of" mean to mutiply...and quotient means divide but "of" again..means what is it really?...

    Please help I have a test tomorrow and I NEED TO STUDY! I don't want to bomb it! (i mean fail it)

    Thank You, Thank You, THANK YOU!!

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