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  • Lump in forearm under skin?

    Slightly worried and it was hard to get a doctors appointment pre COVID, no clue what’s going on right now with the process.

    Started about 4 weeks ago. With my job, we have to get heavy equipment from a second floor to a bottom one. When the escalator doesn’t work, we have to carry it. I carried some and after around 3 days, I felt a really bad pain in my arm. Just assumed I pulled something, didn’t check for a lump. A week later, I felt a lump. It’s quite big, but it’s under the skin, feels on my bone. Was really, really painful (along with all my forearm) for about 5 days, and the past week it has been pretty painless. My glands (lymph nodes in neck etc) always seem to be swollen, have been for years. Now they’re small, and they move under the skin. This lump in my arm is much bigger, and I really don’t know if it moves under the skin. When I am laid in bed, feeling the arm, it feels really big. But let’s say I’m at work and I feel for the lump, it feels insignificant, so I honestly don’t know if it has gotten bigger. What’s prompted me to write this is because as I lay in bed, it feels like a golf ball. But in the morning, it’ll probably feel less. 

    Is there less serious causes of a lump like this? I feel like I’ve decided throughout writing this that it doesn’t move under the skin. Bit worried 😬, thanks.

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