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Years of bikeshop experience under my belt, now a PC technician. I own over 20 bikes. LWB Recumbents, folding bikes, cruisers, MTBs, hybrids, an old Columbus SL Somec, and a couple of Walmart bikes.

  • Has anyone here done headlights tests?

    Alot of companies don't rate their lights or express them in lumens or luminosity. Sometimes not even hours of battery life. Photos are also tough to gauge because of the differences in brightness and the ease to adjust.

    Cateye is consistent to some degree, rating in candlepower, but no one else rates that way.

    Has anyone found a good bright headlight with more than a narrow beam and some reasonable battery life? LEDs are inherently very narrow spotlights by nature.

    Has anyone modded an AA or AAA headlight they liked to take a 6-volt lantern battery to increase life?

    What are your stories and experiences?

    Buying them all to test is a really expensive proposition.

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  • Do you shave down there when you wear bike shorts?

    Hair+sweat is a breeding ground for bacteria. Interested to know, and how you feel about it.

    Like, shaving your legs used to be ridiculed but if you say "oh I'm a bike racer, I do it for aerodynamics/road rash, you get an out.

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