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  • Where can I get free nurses aide training in the Boston area?

    I am a university student and ALL of my money goes to school. I have done some research and made some calls but a lot of it is coming up empty.

    I know some nursing homes offer free training or pay for training elsewhere all in exchange for work. I'm okay with either arrangement.

    In order for me to participate during the semester, I am looking for either evening classes during the week or Saturday classes anytime. I am willing to drive up to 30 minutes during the week or an hour on Saturdays. If there aren't any courses meeting this criteria during the semester I am open to course suggestions for this coming summer.

    If you know of any nursing homes offering courses or institutions (nursing home or other) willing to pay for the expenses I would be so very grateful if you would share them.

    If you want to keep it top secret just email me.

    Thanks in advance! Fingers crossed for some helpful info.

  • Specialty Cake versus Cupcake Tower.?

    We are planning my Sweet 16 and I need some guidance. Relatively, which is more friendly to the wallet? and As a guest which would you perfer?

    Anticipating around 80-100 guest. Thanks!

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  • What is a reasonable price for baby sitting?

    I've been asked by a family friend to be the family babysitter. They have two children: a 7 year old and a 4 year old. I was thinking $5 an hour. Input please?

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  • Ideas for possible middle names for these girl first names? ?

    I am trying to help a friend out:




    Do you have any ideas for middles name of those three names? Thanks for your help!

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  • Do you have any suggestions for a girl's 14th birthday party?

    My birthday is in May (10th). I chose to post this question now because I'm not sure how quickly people will respond. I have several of my friends (all female) on my mental guest list but I have no idea what to do? Any Ideas? Thanks!

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