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  • I can't reply to comments on my questions? ?

    Anyone know why or what's causing this? I used to be able to :(

    10 AnswersYahoo Answers2 months ago
  • Pain during deep sex?

    Hi guys, so I've been with my partner nearly 5 years and we've always had great sex. But recently, it's not that sex is necessarily painful or unenjoyable but it's just that we cannot have deep sex anymore. It almost feels as though my canal has shrunk?! No idea how to explain it but right now as soon as my legs are resting on his shoulders I can no longer take it, but I always could before. Any ideas?! Thanks and sorry if this makes anyone uncomfortable but I'm genuinely concerned. 

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  • Star sign accuracy?

    Just a general question related to star signs. I personally am not religious, but to me star signs are almost like my own way of figuring out what's right for me. I have a weird intuition when I first meet somebody and I know if I get on with them straight away that they're either one of 4 star signs, and I've never been wrong. I can even guess some people's straight away. This also works the opposite way, if I don't get on with somebody then I know they must be either one of 3 signs, and I'm never wrong. Does anyone else have this and feel like star signs are a very real and intuitive thing? 

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  • Does he like me or am I his best friend? ?

    So.. I have a boyfriend of 5 years. All of his mates are super funny and comfortable to be around. They've all become my mates too and we're one big group of boys and girls now. There's one lad in the group that I can't work out whether he likes me or whether he just really values my friendship and sees me as a best mate. Obviously men and women are totally different, so I'm looking for a guys perspective on this, does he like me or am I his best friend?

    Things I've noticed he does 

    -when we greet each other, he hugs everyone else's girlfriend but fist bumps me 

    -he has loads of pet names for me that come from inside jokes (he doesn't call anyone else in the group by a nickname) 

    -I seem to make him laugh all the time and vice versa 

    -he calls me around once a week and we have a long chat 

    -he banters me constantly and winds me up

    --in the past he has compared my relationship with my bf to his girlfriend and says things like "why can't you be how Zara is with ****" 

    Please let me know your thoughts on this. Does this guy just feel he has a best mate or soul mate in me, or do you think he likes me in a different way? If so, should I confront him? 

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  • Why are women so offended by traditional gender roles?

    Our society has a set of ideas about how we expect men and women to behave and present themselves. And I don't think this is a bad thing (my opinion, I'm allowed to have one) because it provides a good family dynamic. Everyone has there place in a family, if we're all cooking, cleaning, nurturing and "mothering" then what makes you the mother? I have so many friends that try so hard to go against their natural instincts just to prove a point that they can. I understand that not all women are nurturing and maternal, and that is OK. But for the ones that are, what is so bad about being feminine and embracing those things as strong attributes to a partner or family? Keeping a clean home isn't a weakness, cooking good food isn't a weakness and being emotionally available for people isn't a weakness. To me these all seem like pretty strong and admirable traits. There's nothing weak about doing less hours to bring up your children, or taking home less money to make sure that the house and children are looked after. I personally feel it's an honour to be needed in that way.

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