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  • Help me with my science homework!!! (density)?

    In my science class, we're studying density. We have to make a flinker (something that neither floats or sinks, but just floats in the middle) (the density would be 1g/cm3). We have to make it out of at least 4 materials and it can't be over 4 in. in diameter. It's due tomorrow. PLEASE HELP!!!

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  • What does this dream mean?

    I was sitting on a window-sill in my house. There was a huge can with green stuff in it on the ground outside the window but it was so big it went up 2 the 2nd floor (I was on the 3rd). My grandpa and some other family members were in it and they were shouting up 2 me "This stuff is Green Death!" So I decided 2 jump in bcause I was lonely and every1 was there so I did a perfect dive (something I've never been able 2 accomplish 4 real) into it and swallowed some of the stuff. Then my grandpa said, "This is poisonous and u will soon die." And I was super sad and stuff and my stomach felt a little weird. Then I woke up. Could it even b a suicide dream?

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  • Who here is totally obsessed with Twilight by Stephanie Meyer?

    Just checking if I'm a weirdo or not...

    And if u are, did u c the trailer? Isn't Edward's crooked smile SO HOT?????????

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  • Please answer these questions about agrucultural production (crops, lifestock, etc.) of Italy?

    1) Where are the farmlands?

    2) How are these farmlands irrigrated (what's irrigrated)?

    3) What are the major agricultural products?

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  • How long does i take to get from Tunsia to Italy via the Mediterranean?

    Also, how much miles is it as the crow flies?

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  • Please answer these questions about Italy/Swizerland?

    1) What are the average summer/winter temperatures (please include all)?

    2) Describe the bodies of water around Italy.

    3)Name and describe two unusual landforms located in the country. I already have Mt. Vesuvius, describe that and give me the other one.

    This is for a school project where we have to create our own country and culture. I have more questions if you search for questions!

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  • Please answer these questions about 'everyday life' in France?

    1) Where would you find a couchette?

    2) What are the colors of the French flag?

    3) What would you do at Les Galeries Lafayette?

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  • Please answer this question about the "Sports/Arts" of France?

    1) What would you do at a patinoire?

    2) What international car race is held southwest of Paris?

    3) Who cut off his ear in an argument and sent it to a prostitute?

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  • Tell me if this is a good idea?

    I have to write a compare and contrast essay. It has to be from 5 to 7 paragraphs long. My topic is Human Brain versus Computer. We chose our own topics but I'm not sure if this is a good idea!

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  • Please answer the following questions?

    1) What is the capital of the Loire valley?

    2) What is now found at La Place de la Concorde?

    3) For what is Carcassonne famous?

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  • Please answer these questions about the history of France?

    1. Which family had the fleur de lis as a symbol?

    2. What happened on May 1968 in Paris?

    3. What did the French Constitution establish for women in 1948?

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  • Why do u get the hiccups?

    Also, any details on why drinking lots of water fast works would be appreciated.

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  • Please answer the following:?

    1) How do u convince a parent 2 get u a dog?

    2) What's ur fav type of hamantashen (if u no what that is)?

    3) What are pros and cons of having a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel?

    4) What r points on Y!A used 4?

    5) How much do DS's cost

    6) How much does the average DS game cost (I no I'm clueless)?

    Just so u no, I will b adding Q's as they come 2 mind.I no that not all of these Q's r about dogs.

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  • I need a topic!?

    I am doing an informative speech. Tomorrow, the teacher is gonna ask each of us what our topic is. Please think of an APPROPRIATE topic.

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  • Will it affect my period and possible future babies?

    I fell down on the ice today and hit my butt really bad. I was supposed to have my period today and I am sure it was happening before the fall, after which it suddenly stopped. It did not hurt @ first. It hurts a ton now.

    I am only 13, but I keep thinking about what my grandma told me a while ago when the same thing happened when I was 8: " Get such a hard fall again, and your baby will be deformed!" Is that true?

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  • What are Fibonacci numbers used for?

    I was just thinking about it. They seem to have absolutely no purpose. Does anyone know?

    10 AnswersMathematics1 decade ago