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  • Someone threatened to punch my pregnant belly?

    What would you do if you were in a work place where someone threatened to punch you in the belly and hurt the baby?

    It's happened to me and I want to quit the job. I don't think the situation will be handled appropriately as well. Is there anything I can do legally? What are my rights? Do I tell my Dr and get leave earlier? By the way it's not a staff, it's a client.

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  • when your tummy first starts getting hard?

    when your tummy first starts getting hard when your pregnant where does it normally get hard first.. above the belly, below the belly button, lower tummy or just overall everywhere gets hard? how does it all really work?

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  • wrongful terminiation?

    About a week ago, my boyfriend put in a request to have Jult 7 and 8th off. His boss approved it ver bally no problems. She puts out the schedule a couple days later and puts my boyfriend on the schedule anyways. This whole ordeal has been an issue, his brother who lives like 800 miles away or more is visiting and my boyfriend can finally meet his 2 month old nephew (first time uncle). My boyfriend told his boss if it was absolutely necessary such as big emergency that he would go in but she decides to put him on the schedule anyways. She has made it clear to everyone at this job except for my boyfriend that if he doesnt show up he's fired. Is that right?

    I think its wrong since she approved it and is going against that and if he doesnt follow through hes done automiatically? when the other employees are treated a lot differently.

    A lot of people will quit and come back whenever they feel like. They are breaking a lot of rules as it is and invovling the discrimiation act!

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  • need a job?

    i'll be 24 in a month.. im looking for a new job, i used to work in group homes, 3 years experience with that.. but now i need something different, i've given my time doing services.. i have some customer service in my background bot 3 years as well but im not about doing stupid teenage jobs (fast food service/delivery).. but im not sure where to go from here.. any advice?

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  • 3 year anniversary vacation... where?

    My bf and I will have our 3 year anniv in may of 2008, we're trying to plan a getaway for a week, we're picking anywhere on this planet.. some place thats affordable, but obviously relaxing with a mesh of loads of fun.. beaches, unique, romantic, affordable, and fun.. any advise?

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  • curb your cravings diet patch?

    Does it work? Does it make u sick to ur stomach or anything? Anyone experience it?

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  • what does it take to become a group home manager?

    i've been working at group homes for almost 4 years now.. ive started a new job but im getting iffy with it.. not sure if i'll be able to handle it(outside of human services completely)...

    i have experience working with a mixture of different types of disabilities from completely disabled, MR and autism etc. and an agency where i've been to many group homes in my entire state.. i just want to know what it takes to become a group home manager without a degree.. every place i've gone to work at cuz im just a sub and they always say i should work for them.. hey i do the job right and i get it done.. any experience? any feedback to help me out.. i really wouldnt mind being a group home manager, so what does it take?

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  • am i pregnant or sick?

    ive had cramps for over a month now and yesterday and today i've had a stomach ache and it happens after i've eaten then later on when i try to eat i feel like im gona puke.. so i eat crackers and a small cup of soup. when i went to the ob gyn i think she only ran a pap smear cuz the docs urine test was neg but i had a positive hpt and thats why i went to the docs.. Can anyone relate or help me out here

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  • Daily cramps?

    I really need to know what it means to have cramps everyday, it's just a light cramping and nothing compared to my regular periods. I know I've posted this before but I don't seem to be getting many answers. I've had cramps on and off all day everyday for over a month. I don't have much of an appetite anymore but I only eat once a day and before I eat my stomach aches then its fine but cramping still. My breast are in so much pain, my cat even jumped on me thhere and I almost cried! I had one hpt positive almost a month ago and also got 2 urine negs and 1 blood neg, What does all this mean? Why is this happening...?

    BTW - I need to switch doctors for quite a few reasons but I don't have insurance yet (new job-2 month wait)which is why I need the advice.

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  • Cramps for a month?

    I'm not on any birth control, but what does it mean to have cramps everyday for a month?

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  • People won't talk to me, is it because I'm hard of hearing? "different"?

    My last job I worked in the human services field, caring for people who had disabilities so they pretty much respected the fact I'm hard of hearing, although it was a bigger issue for them then it really is. Now I started a new job in a completely different field, where I make reservations at a call center. Completely unexpected of me to do, but I know I have the ability to do so and the experience (I'm not deaf). Anyways the people at the new job don't really talk to me and I don't really know what to say I'm always nervous about talking in groups, I misunderstand things, cant follow more than 1 person in a convo so I stay back and watch people talk (lipreading). I can hear really well, I'm not deaf so I could be like a hearing person but I dont feel accepted, is it because I'm "different"? Would you talk to someone thats just like a hearing person but not? Would that ruin your "cool" or something stupid? I just want to be accepted.

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  • short hair and nappy crisis!!!!!!?

    ok i used to have really long hair, about a week ago i cut 8 inches off, so my hair is right at my ear lobes pretty much.. ANYWAYS.. my hair is really curly and kinda nappy like.. i do straighten my hair everyday but i dont know how to wear it, it almost looks dumb... just imagine whaat its like when i blow dry it straight POOOOF and i wish it'd be gone.. can anyone relate and have good advice on how to wear short hair when straight but hair is normally curly and pooooffed

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  • what is wrong with me? am i going crazy!?

    i dont know what the heck is going on with me.. or my body for that matter.. i've been thinking i was pregnant, my first results came back positive, 3 negative-1 blood test and 2 urine test at home and doctors. I'm not even thinking or wishing so strongly that I am pregnant, but I feel I have all the symptoms (people are saying im hoping for it so bad im developing my own symptoms, but i dont even think about it!). I usually pee 2-3 times a day, i've been peeing about 8 times or more a day, and no changes in my drink routine.. also my boobs are excruciatingly painful.. on top of that i've been cramping for about 3 weeks now.. light cramping-nothing major and not even close to how i feel before i get a period.. is there something wrong with me or theres a possibility of finding out late of being pregnant? and if any1 ask my period is due in 10 days.. please help me!

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  • Did I take the test too early?

    I'm due for my period around 6/15, I took a hpt today 6/4, did I test too early? It came out negative, but last month around the 15 i took a test and was positive, having symptoms and starting to get veins on my boobs.

    Did I take it too early?

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  • Veins on breast a sign of pregnancy?

    Just today when I went to take a shower I noticed I had a few visible veins on my breast. I've been having light cramping on and off for about 2 weeks. Around May 15, I had taken an hpt and was positive but the doctors urine/blood test were neg. I'm due for my period around the 15th but this is different, I'm getting a test for 4 days before my period but should I care for myself as I'm pregnant or what?

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  • Definitely must be pregnant! Please respond!!?

    I really think I'm pregnant, I've been cramping for about 2 weeks now, sore boobs, feeling naseous on and off everyday, I'm eating like a piglet, I should be getting my period around the 15th, I normally don't feel cramps until 4 days before my period. A few weeks ago I took a hpt and was positive, the next day got blood taken and was negative but that same week got negative urine from doctors visit. What should I think, and I pregnant or not!? Please help me!

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  • If I wrote a book about being hard of hearing would you read it?

    I am writing a book based on my life, what it's like to be hard of hearing, many pro's and con's of being hard of hearing, what I dealt with growing up, how it effected me in many different ways and still writing this book. But I just want to know if anyone would read it or buy it? Hard of hearing and deafness is a culture for sure and it doesn't seem like anyone talks about it here. The population is small yes, but you'd be surprised at how big it is. Well please respond, it'd make me feel better about writing this book and actually publishing it.

    Thank you.

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  • 1 blood/1 urine doc test, positive hpt, having symptoms?

    I have been feeling pretty weird in my stomach lately, cramping, food cravings, headaches, gassy, constipation, heavy boobs and they hurt, not tired but not energetic either. So i tested at home positive and it showed right away, the next day i got my 'period' i had no pain and lasted 2 days, my periods are normally irregular and last 3 days. 2 days later i go for blood test and came back negative, but made an appt with obgyn anyway. The doc gave a urine test and came back negative, she checked inside, no i'm not pregnant, i'm still feeling pregnant definitely and really bloated, i'm not sure if i am that will find out at 3 months. When I went for the blood test the lady said I should at last be 2 weeks then, now it'd be 4 weeks and with the symptoms should be pregnant, she is preg herself. I just need advise as to whether I am pregnant or not. I do want to do this if I am pregant, but this is my first positive ever but I need to know more, can anyone please please help me. Thanks

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