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  • Personal responsibility?

    I've answered a lot of questions related to drugs and pharmacology because I am a pharmacist. I've also tried to be pollite and answer questions related to drug use to help steer people away from drug abuse.

    However, and possibly because of my knowledge of medications, I am becoming more and more frustrated with people who abuse drugs for recreation.

    This not only has the potential to harm their body, but it propagates the illegal drug trade which further damages our society.

    I'd like to know how others feel I should answer questions about drug abuse.

    Should I:

    1. Answer non-judgementally in hopes I help them get through a bad time;

    2. Offer advise on changing their lifestyle

    3. Enocurage them to die

    I am serious. I hope to gain some insights. I believe drug abuse in America is destroying out society, and living in Arizona, I see the harm drug traffic does to people first hand.

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  • Is Americo a reputable company?

    My wife received a letter from Americo claiming a pay-out from a deceased woman who probably had little reason to leave her money.

    Before we send them any information, I hoped to find out if anyone knew anything about them outside of their website. I learned they had some issues with 403b retirement plans, but that's a separate issue from life insurance.

    If you know of them: are they reputable?

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  • I am trying to determine the manufacturer of this older Side by Side Double Barrel?

    My father passed down a 12 gauge double barrel (side by side) shotgun, and I am having a difficult time identifying it.

    The right barrel is stamped 'Holland Arms' DIVN, the left barrel is stamped 12 gauge 3" M&F Made in Spain

    There is a marking of Z H on the bottom of the pistol style grip.

    Can you tell me who made this shotgun (It is not a Holland and Holland - they were made in the UK)?

    4 AnswersHunting1 decade ago